Full Moon in Sagittarius

The Full Moon falls at 22 degrees of Sagittarius on the eve of June 12th. It forms a trine with Uranus, coinciding with this year’s culmination of the Grand Cardinal Cross. The only exact aspect to this Full Moon is a quincunx to its own ruling planet, Jupiter. As is, Jupiter is all about going over the top, and this occasion will be no exception. As Sagittarius represents the strength our core belief systems for better or worse, it can raise our ideals and expand our awareness of the life that exists beyond our small selves and joins us together as One. Just because we may temporarily be distracted by pop media, ego mania, and a plethora of trivialities while the world around us writhes in agony, we must not fool ourselves into simply believing what we see before us. We live in a beautiful, dangerous, and illusory realm. Sagittarius calls not only for faith in a higher power, but an ongoing search for truth, very much likened to the search for the Holy Grail.

The attainment of glory, wisdom , and power will ultimately be defined by the individual. In that pursuit, all philosophic and religious ideologies aside, and before any given action or situation we must ask ourselves “Will I be able to live with myself, or against myself  after choosing this?” The question is less effective after the choice has already been made, when the results are already in motion. And yet even this is open to interpretation. Paradoxically, Sagittarius could either be the one to proclaim “This is the only way!” or the one to  ask “Why limit yourself in that way?”

The Full Moon falls on fixed star Ras Alhague, “a sapphire on the head of the Snake Charmer”, Ophiuchus. The Celestial Medicine Man has cures not only for wounds but for ignorance. This is an area in the consellation of Saggitarius that sees us reaching for higher, loftier, more worthwhile goals than before. In our shifting aspirations and soul’s evolution, we are given inklings that even

“The sky is no longer the limit…” – Richard Nixon

knights-templar-holy-grailThe tension of this year’s Cross has stretched just about each of us in some way, shape, or form, whether this has been perceived as positive or negative. The influence of Mars in Libra has brought many injustices to our attention, as even those normally docile have begun to fight for their cause. Many relationship explosions and reversals took place February, March and April. Uranus in Aries continues to shock our status quo, supporting myriad expressions of revolutionary and creative rebellion. Pluto in Capricorn is not an influence that will be letting up anytime soon, but its force has been particularly strong this year in creating systemic breakdowns and political upheaval (What this influence really means is that now it’s coming out in the OPEN – those corrupt in their wielding of power have less room to hide). Those who are seekers and defenders of truth are experiencing their own personal revolution. Our current battles are far more ancient in origin than most realize, but many are being awakened by both natural and human-generated disasters. Jupiter, Sagittarius’ ruling planet in Cancer has perhaps our most softening influence in all of this chaos. In the comfort of Cancer at least our emotional intelligence and perceptive faculties are nurtured and encouraged. Between life’s fierce battles Jupiter in this sign has provided many of us with a home or a cave to recuperate in.

During this Full Moon and this month, going away for a change of scenery could possibly resemble a pleasant vacation or more likely a wake-up call to what other things are going on in our world that we had no idea is having an impact on our own familiar environments and vice versa. Venus and Saturn are facing off, so pleasure and duty cannot exclude each other at this time.  It is apparent now that whatever we most desire must be worked for, earned in some way. Thankfully, Sagittarius is just the kind of cheerleader or mentor we need to get us going and to take ourselves far less seriously in the process.