Full Moon in Sagittarius

The Full Moon falls at 22 degrees of Sagittarius on the eve of June 12th. It forms a trine with Uranus, coinciding with this year’s culmination of the Grand Cardinal Cross. The only exact aspect to this Full Moon is a quincunx to its own ruling planet, Jupiter. As is, Jupiter is all about going over the top, and this occasion will be no exception. As Sagittarius represents the strength our core belief systems for better or worse, it can raise our ideals and expand our awareness of the life that exists beyond our small selves and joins us together as One. Just because we may temporarily be distracted by pop media, ego mania, and a plethora of trivialities while the world around us writhes in agony, we must not fool ourselves into simply believing what we see before us. We live in a beautiful, dangerous, and illusory realm. Sagittarius calls not only for faith in a higher power, but an ongoing search for truth, very much likened to the search for the Holy Grail.

The attainment of glory, wisdom , and power will ultimately be defined by the individual. In that pursuit, all philosophic and religious ideologies aside, and before any given action or situation we must ask ourselves “Will I be able to live with myself, or against myself  after choosing this?” The question is less effective after the choice has already been made, when the results are already in motion. And yet even this is open to interpretation. Paradoxically, Sagittarius could either be the one to proclaim “This is the only way!” or the one to  ask “Why limit yourself in that way?”

The Full Moon falls on fixed star Ras Alhague, “a sapphire on the head of the Snake Charmer”, Ophiuchus. The Celestial Medicine Man has cures not only for wounds but for ignorance. This is an area in the consellation of Saggitarius that sees us reaching for higher, loftier, more worthwhile goals than before. In our shifting aspirations and soul’s evolution, we are given inklings that even

“The sky is no longer the limit…” – Richard Nixon

knights-templar-holy-grailThe tension of this year’s Cross has stretched just about each of us in some way, shape, or form, whether this has been perceived as positive or negative. The influence of Mars in Libra has brought many injustices to our attention, as even those normally docile have begun to fight for their cause. Many relationship explosions and reversals took place February, March and April. Uranus in Aries continues to shock our status quo, supporting myriad expressions of revolutionary and creative rebellion. Pluto in Capricorn is not an influence that will be letting up anytime soon, but its force has been particularly strong this year in creating systemic breakdowns and political upheaval (What this influence really means is that now it’s coming out in the OPEN – those corrupt in their wielding of power have less room to hide). Those who are seekers and defenders of truth are experiencing their own personal revolution. Our current battles are far more ancient in origin than most realize, but many are being awakened by both natural and human-generated disasters. Jupiter, Sagittarius’ ruling planet in Cancer has perhaps our most softening influence in all of this chaos. In the comfort of Cancer at least our emotional intelligence and perceptive faculties are nurtured and encouraged. Between life’s fierce battles Jupiter in this sign has provided many of us with a home or a cave to recuperate in.

During this Full Moon and this month, going away for a change of scenery could possibly resemble a pleasant vacation or more likely a wake-up call to what other things are going on in our world that we had no idea is having an impact on our own familiar environments and vice versa. Venus and Saturn are facing off, so pleasure and duty cannot exclude each other at this time.  It is apparent now that whatever we most desire must be worked for, earned in some way. Thankfully, Sagittarius is just the kind of cheerleader or mentor we need to get us going and to take ourselves far less seriously in the process.

Earth Day?

Today the Sun enters the earth sign of Taurus, so our focus begins to shift more to the corporeal, solid, and sensual aspects of existence for the next few weeks. Meanwhile, people are preparing for yet another seasonal pagan holiday distorted by religious leaders who called it Easter in place of the spring fertility goddess Ostara (see comment below for more info). More plastic wrapped candies and fake eggs are sold each year around this time to accommodate an ever widening sphere of influence as the human population grows and its resources dwindle, just in time for a “celebration” of the blue green globe we call our home.

Earth Eastern HemisphereForgive me for not jumping up and down for joy. We have a serious collective situation in our midst, that if we choose to ignore could haunt us for the rest of our lives. I’m sure that most who read this are already aware of earth climate changes and pollution and are doing whatever is so far known in order to lessen the earth’s toxic overload. It is perhaps no coincidence that this year’s Earth Day on April 22nd coincides with the last quarter moon between two eclipses and the Grand Cardinal Cross between Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter, and Mars which has recently had a close brush up with the Earth itself. This much emphasis in cardinal signs means action must be taken – consciously and purposefully, otherwise action will be taken in ways we do not enjoy.

The concept of the movie Idiocracy hits on some truths about what people have been doing to themselves and the planet, and was so painful for me to watch when it came out a few years ago that rather than laugh as it was designed to it made me sick to my stomach.

To quote Machaelle Small Wright in her recent post on her Perelandra website:

“Yes, the fallout of the Industrial Revolution and poor decisions on the part of industry and governments play a role in this. However, I believe they are responsible for only 50% of the problem. We individuals are responsible for the other 50%. All the issues resulting from that which shall not be named boil down to one thing: What scientific and industrial developments do we want to include in our lives and how much do we want to use them? Industry and governments may look big and out of control but, in actuality, we individuals are the ones who are in control. You know how to change an industry’s crappy, problem-producing product? Stop buying it. If a company’s sales suddenly drop, you will be shocked at how fast that company will change the product in order to regain those lost sales. “

I have long appreciated Machelle’s unique approaches to living peaceably with the environment and its innate intelligences. Her methods seem only natural and about as down-to-earth as we can possibly get, especially in comparison with the way so many of us have been trained to see ourselves as separate from the rest of nature. Like Machaelle, I would like to propose that without beating ourselves up over anything that we’ve so far failed to do, we simply take inventory over what products and habits we may be using that conflict with the ecosystem and begin to replace them as much as we are able to.

Life is a process rather than some static thing, and so long as we are moving progressively rather than regressively – evolving rather than devolving then we are on track. Static areas of life are where pain, sickness, and disease develop because energy has become stuck or blocked. When we notice stuck energy within ourselves and the Earth we can start with whatever we know and are capable of doing to get that energy flowing again.

On a relative note, astronomers have very recently discovered a new Earth Cousin, which very likely may support similar forms of life. This comes as no real surprise to me, because it always seemed quite silly to think that we on Earth contain the only intelligent life forms in this vast Universe. It also wouldn’t surprise me if about twenty years down the line life on Earth begins to migrate to some other sustainable planet that is discovered. Let us hope and pray that whatever happens we live with grace on this Earth while we are here, treading lightly and not leaving a bigger mess than we are capable of clearing up.

Remember, just as in dysfunctional relationships we never escape their dysfunctional patterns by running away from a person who reflects them to us and jumping into the arms of another. If we haven’t faced the real culprit of our relational issues we will continually meet up with the same resistance and obstacles as before. We break abusive patterns within us and our own responses to stress. Only then will the chains of pain and vicious cycles of death and rebirth shift into a liberated state of awareness that we can so far barely fathom.

May we celebrate Earth Day with humility, gratitude, and reverence, offering her any token or action that says “I see you, feel you, appreciate you”.

Blood Moon, Holy Days, and Purification

There is a lot of hype about tonight’s Lunar Eclipse in Libra just after midnight Pacific Time on April 15th, many believing it to signal the “End of Times”. I’d like to propose a slightly different perspective…

Yes, there is much that is coming to an end, but this is not altogether a bad thing. Pluto turns Retrograde today, right before the Eclipse occurs, which indeed hints at some major situations that have reached their culmination. Some endings have come through suffering and others through relief. The current Libran theme is relationship to other beings, and under the influence of such an eclipse no doubt that a combination of relationships have collectively been undergoing upheaval, purification, and in some cases refinement.

In ancient times Eclipses were believed to bring up a surge of powerful energies within the earth, which could either be of an evil or benevolent nature. All thoughts, energies, and words take on greater impact during eclipses, which tend to occur in pairs (a Solar Eclipse in Taurus occurs this month on April 28th). Many portals open, and the veils between the worlds become thin, allowing energies to pass through more easily, either for  better or worse. Therefore, it makes sense to the majority of spiritual seekers and practitioners that this should be a time of greater spiritual dedication, prayer, and purification.

total eclipseThis so called Blood Moon, red in color due to reddish color it takes on as the moon passes completely into the Earth’s shadow is the first of a Tetrad series of Total Eclipses, that curiously coincide with Jewish holy days. The red tint of the Blood Moon occurs due to filtered sunlight shining through the earth’s atmosphere as it passes through the sun and moon. Space Weather is a great resource for latest cosmic happenings from the scientific point of view.

The following Total Eclipses are due October 8th of 2014, April 4th 2015, and Sep 28th 2015, with the following Jewish connections:

Passover begins with the current Eclipse of April 15th, to continue for seven days until Monday the 21st – exactly when the Cosmic Cardinal Cross between Pluto, Jupiter, Uranus and Mars becomes activated.

Passover in 2015 will begin on the April 4th and will continue for seven days until Friday, the 10th of April.

Sukkot in 2014 will start October 8th, during the Feast of Tabernacle Lunar Eclipse and will continue for seven days until 15th of October.

Sukkot in 2015 will start September 28th during another Feast of Tabernacle Lunar Eclipse and will continue for seven days until the October 4th.

This “coincidental” alignment of the Eclipses with Jewish holy days has already occurred twice in the 20th century. The first set occurred in 1948 – 1950, the year after Israel had become a state. The second between 1967 – 1968, the year Israel liberated Jerusalem. Going further back, in 1493 this occurred the year after Columbus sailed the seas and Spain had destroyed the Jews.

It is said that the current eclipse of April 15th Jewish Passover and Sukot Lunar Eclipse to occur October 8th are taking place on the exact same dates as did the Jewish Passover and Sukot celebrations of 70 AD – the Feast of Tabernacles Lunar Eclipses (although those were Partial, not Total Eclipses). They occurred when the Roman Army destroyed the 2nd Jewish Temple and Masada Military Fortress, ending over 1,000 yeas of Jewish rule in Israel.

The Bible is brimming with references to celestial shifts, and this one describes such an occurrence as we are experiencing in symbolic terms:

“The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the LORD come.”  – Joel 2:31, KJV

So what does any of this mean to us today? Not to be irreverent, but I think of a comical pagan bumper sticker I saw several years ago that read “GOD is coming, and She is Pissed.” God is not really necessarily pissed, but in our ordinary human attempts to understand deity and nature we often project our own shortcomings onto God and the Cosmos, as we are but microcosms of the macrocosm.

When we experience the wrath of God, it is because we have long ignored the signs that have been given to us in nature and within our own bodies and psyches. For this reason, at the end of the day or this seemingly endless topic, the simpler approaches to these rather complicated cosmic matters appeal to me most. These simple approaches include gratitude, reverence, and kindness. Without them, we are bound to face our doom.

Purification of body, mind, and spirit, and making offerings to those beings who are in need or those beings in nature and the cosmos that make life sweeter is a wonderful way to spend the duration of an Eclipse period. This is a day when many Tibetan Buddhists will adhere to a practice dedicated to White Tara, goddess of Compassion.


Lunar Eclipse in Libra 4-15-14

 April Full Moon Eclipse in Libra 25 degrees 4-15-14

The coming Lunar Eclipse in Libra may agitate things, people and the Earth to the pinnacles of polarity as opposites alternate between major attraction and aversion. Clashes like the ones we may be experiencing now are ironically rare and hard to come by, in that they are so compelling and intense they actually may draw us into greater awareness of our flaws in objective ways – that we may improve. This could assist us in seeing more clearly than ever before what we’ve previously missed in our misguided attempts to either control or avoid our fate. Like loud gongs sounding the beginning, the end, or the acknowledgment of a sacred ceremony, we hear the thunder rolling in our minds or from those around us who will no longer be contained. We must act. Not doing so would mean stasis and death in the current mode of existence. Fortunately many conflicts and events come to conclusions during Lunar Eclipses, so there are many instances where we are going to breathe a big sigh of relief.

The infrequent stellar alignment of Mars, Earth, and the Sun on April 8th will have primed us for this wave of even more intensified energy, which is actually similar to what happens every time a month contains a set of eclipses. Foundations are tested; those tried and true remain and possibly strengthen while those outworn or have lived their purpose are often kicked mercilessly to the curb.

Libra by KagayaThe beauty and potency of this Mars Retrograde activated Lunar Eclipse in Libra is that we get to choose. Whether we like it or not, we must choose. Default button here would not be fun. We get to choose our words, allies, opponents, positions, and our tools. Essentially we get to choose our battles. Later in the month we also get to choose a new set of values or redefine and polish our old ones, highlighted by the Solar Eclipse in Taurus on the 28th. Some may wonder how is it that two eclipses in signs ruled by Venus the goddess of Love could stir up so much hate and aggression in people…quite simply the extra long Mars in Libra transit is not one to inspire anybody to turn the other cheek on what rubs the wrong way. While Libra is the sign of marriage it is equally (in relationship the scales come into play) the sign of divorce. The greatest challenge here is really a conquering of the ego, which Mars tends to arouse. From December 7th of 2013 to July 25th 2014 we have been facing our dragons, or whatever roadblocks have been in the way of our progress in life coming both from inside and outer events and adversaries.

CeresCeres, the asteroid goddess connected with nurturing, food, and the Mother archetype’s shadow is in exact conjunction to the Lunar Eclipse in Libra. The need for deep and meaningful exchange with others and the Earth herself here override pride, aloofness, and in some cases prejudice. This includes a reorientation in our relationship to terra firma, whether this occurs through nature’s disruptions to our plans or our ability to ride the waves of change with grace. Positively, we may find or come across someone with whom we have a lot more in common than we previously thought or would have imagined based on their appearance. We may find new uses for what we once considered weeds while certain pests become precious. Vesta close behind enhances our ability to respond with emotional warmth in situations where we may otherwise have held back. The energy of Juno conjunct the Sun opposite of this cluster is further reflecting back to us a profound sense of oneness with those we share a connection to.

The fixed star Arcturus is conjunct this eclipse, believed astrologically to bestow riches and honor. Combined with the moon it is said to bring new friends, business success, and domestic harmony. It may be worth mentioning that Spica joins in with an even sweeter known benevolence which not only potentially brings or enhances fame and fortune but raises spiritual awareness, inspiration, or virtues. However, with Arcturus in the tighter conjunction having been in opposition with Mars we shouldn’t push our luck. Anything is possible now if we remain open and grateful for what we have going right.

The building energy of seven exact squares to Uranus and Pluto between 2012 – 2015 make this Eclipse even more incredible and far-reaching as the fifth square and cardinal Grand Cross between Uranus, Pluto, Jupiter and Mars rounds off between April 21st through the 23rd. Many wonder if they are coming or going and the answer is both. Old particles of energy that we once claimed as the sum total our identity are dissolving or showing us where we need to revise and restructure with areas such as work, career, health, relationships and creative endeavors. Our political and justice system goes without saying, but with Uranus involved rebellion is reaching a peak. Breakdowns are showing us what we can no longer ignore or accept as truth. New opportunities being presented to us may be long ago prayers finally being answered and long time efforts now bearing fruits.

The North Node is closely aligned with the Lunar Eclipse, attuning us to subtle and not-so-subtle currents within our environment, heightening intuitive faculties particularly in response to the moods and nuances of those we are in close relationship or proximity to. Whatever we ourselves are processing or putting out to others, we need to “own it” and not be afraid of emotions which otherwise remain stuck and toxic to us. This doesn’t mean to indulge in projection but simply to allow feelings to be what they are and pass through, rather than trying to resist them.

Last but not least the Sabian symbol for this Eclipse is quite beautiful…

“An Eagle and a Large White Dove Change Into Each Other; the Interaction of the Love Principle When Critical Needs Arise”

(Libra scales by Kagaya, Ceres artist unknown)

2014 – Year of the Chariot

We are soon stepping into something entirely new…a way of life we may not even be familiar with and have yet to define. 2014 rounds out to the number seven in numerology, indicating this to be a highly spiritually charged year. Seven is the number that represents the bridge between the realms of the mundane and mystical. There are seven days in week, seven major traditional planets, seven main musical notes, and seven colors of the rainbow, just to name a few “sacred sevens”.

Until now we have been purging, preparing, learning and unlearning so many things so that we would be ready for what is yet to come. Some have been recognizing where their true values lie, whether of the material and/or subtle planes of existence.

2013 being a six year has been about partnership and balancing the scales karmically and monetarily, whereas the coming seven year will highlight the progress made along our paths, potentially actualizing ideas into physical manifestation. It’s time to wrap it up with important contacts, which has been sweet in some ways, highly uncomfortable in others. The Tarot card of 2013 is the Lovers, so we’ve been looking intensely at relationships that reflect us, drain us, nurture us, and elude us. We’ve been doing some deep soul work to make amends not only with others but within ourselves. This work isn’t over, but it will be raised to a whole new level.

The Tarot card that corresponds with the number seven is the Chariot. The Chariot symbolizes new beginnings within our careers and within our consciousness. It relates to the sign of Cancer and the time period between the Summer Solstice of June and the end of July.  The charioteer is depicted being pulled either by two Sphinxes or two horses, symbolizing movement that is liberating. However there is also a very masculine and defensive energy associated with the card, and hints that there are both battles and bad habits to overcome. The worst battles we fight are within ourselves, and the inner beast is what must be tamed before our dreams and goals will be fully attained.

All year and especially during this time period we may seek for and expect the following themes to show up prominently:

  • Goals are being attained
  • Heightened spiritual awareness
  • Greater self control or loss of control
  • New work and career opportunities
  • Relocation
  • A long or significant journey
  • Strong messages from the Universe

As the Grand Cardinal Crosses continue to exert their pressures into the year 2014, those who are Cancer or any of the cardinal signs (Aries/Libra, Cancer/Capricorn) might feel that this an especially key year for both transformation and actualization on many levels, especially during the Summer. Jupiter in Cancer bestows his blessings along the way.

This year is going to be so potent that it may look unlike what many of us have experienced before in our current lifetimes, bringing in many unique situations, people, and opportunities. This may partially be due to advancements in technology, combined with further natural disasters, and a heightened awareness of the processes of evolution, involution and devolution. Like animals whose cages have just been flung open we at first may move slowly, with some hesitation. From here, we get to choose our directions. If we don’t act with appropriate assertion, then we risk being dominated by those around us who claim greater control. The year 2014 will require courage, and it will require focus. With determination and applied effort, victory and celebration will be ours. These are the gifts of a seven year.

Oh my stars! More grand stuff in the sky…

If life, your mind and perceptions seem to be stretching almost beyond your control lately and either problems and/or their corresponding solutions seem colossal and in some cases unbelievable, you’re not going crazy. There’s an astrological answer for many of those feelings and experiences. From watery Grand Trines to a cardinal, kick-ass Grand Cross post-Full Moon in Aquarius, what we’ve been working with are no small things, as reflected in all the current grand alignments in the heavens. The trines that occurred in July and peaked on the 29th with the Grand Sextile were offering us a strong dose of ease and compassion, which for some may have been so subtle that it went unnoticed. This month there has been a niggling T-square between:

Pluto in Capricorn urging us to discard old outdated patterns within our existing hierarchies, establishments, and patriarchies, as well as stories and tools that no longer serve us or others. Uncomfortable as this can be at times, opposing Jupiter is currently helping us to laugh some of it off.

Uranus in Aries egging us on toward new horizons and encouraging us to think and act outside the box – freedom of expression is the battle cry.

Jupiter in Cancer heightening all of the above to the nth degree in a way that gets us to feel rather than intellectualize our emotions around change. There is no escape from the emotional tides here, no matter how smart, cute, or funny you are, no matter what your IQ, or how well you keep it together in the office. It’s kind of like a dam broke loose, and your subconscious just gushed toward the ocean with you in it. Maybe a few of your nutty relatives too. We’re swimming with both sharks and mermaids. Get acquainted with this vibe for about a year.

On August 21st Venus in Libra steps into the picture, shifting the T-square to a Grand Square, adding diplomacy to heated situations and consideration toward loved ones and community. In this sign she helps us take the needs of others into consideration before jumping where angels fear to tread. Venus actually intervenes now as though an angel ~ the voice of reason in a storm of disagreements or confusion.

By the way, it is just about near exact on the Full Moon as I type this on the 20th…happy Full Moon in Aquarius! In these late degrees of the sign we’re in the midst of many blessed endings with many exciting opportunities before us. The Sabian symbol for the Moon at this time is “A butterfly emerging from a chrysalis”, while the symbol for its polar opposite the Sun between 28-29 degrees Leo is “A mermaid emerges from the Ocean waves ready for rebirth in human form”. Any way we look at it, there is much emerging from the depths within us, around and before us. If we allow ourselves the inspiration to move forward from one beautiful and well-lived state of being to another, great miracles may take place. Our gratitude propels us forward. The Full Moon is very close to Neptune and Chiron, helping to dissolve the harmful boundaries that separate us from each other and helping us to communicate beyond mere vocabulary and more from the heart and soul. Dreams and visions are heightened and may reveal to us what we need in order to heal long-standing injuries or illnesses.

Friendships are importaNeptune's Weddingnt to Aquarius, so this is not a time or a week to go at things alone but with our friends, family and loved ones, even if those friends are not physically visible to us. It has been noticed from my perspective at least that Pleaidian and Faerie energies are both heightened this week, enabling us to attune to them with greater ease, as well as with each other as Earth community.

Love is also a keynote at this Full Moon, but not necessarily in its ordinary, or commonly perceived ways. As the inner depths, lost hopes, dreams and wishes of our souls are stirred a deeper kind of love is also aroused – for the Self that is reflected in all of life. It is an unconditional love and infinite love that reaches beyond appearances or circumstances but embraces the totality of what already is. The power of this love can awaken, uplift and heal us on so many levels if we allow ourselves to be submersed in it. This can feel or be perceived as a baptism or benediction of sorts, as we dunk our whole bodies, minds, and spirits into a pool of luminosity that holds and knows us as already Whole.

Wishing you all the blessings and Divine Love from which your Infinite Self has emerged, and to which it shall return! May we celebrate the magic and mystery of our existence even as we rise above its illusory nature.

(image Neptune’s Wedding by Josephine Wall)