New Moon of the Goddess Within

This is truly a New Moon of the dark moon of the great goddess within! It is shining a light on the darkest corners of the psyche, and enticing us to mentally dance our way out of madness and back into the wholeness of ourselves, before we were conditioned to think in terms of our limitations.

To quote my latest post on my Mercury Retrograde Redemption page on Facebook:

“With Mercury in Cancer Retrograde our subconscious & feelings are extra influenced by past memories, family dynamics and any related insecurities. We have collectively been cast into an ocean of emotion, forced to become aware of the rawness of both our inner and outer states. This is our chance to become more compassionate with those who have disappointed or hurt us in some way, as well as with our own shortcomings. If we can be fully present and authentic in the heat of the moment as it arises, neither ignoring or wallowing in our deep emotions we can make major breakthroughs that can set us free on many levels. The choice is ours to sink or swim…”

The Moon is at 16 degrees of Cancer, and along with Mercury forms a grand trine with Chiron in Pisces and the South Node in Scorpio. Right beside this continues another grand trine that has been active since June, between Saturn in Scorpio, Neptune in Pisces, Jupiter and the deeply mysterious Black Moon Lilith in Cancer. We have certainly been swimming in a Cancerian sea of mysteries these past couple of weeks. The Black Moon Lilith is seen as the “dark side of the Moon”, and is regarded as hypothetical second moon of the Earth…

LilithThe goddess archetype of Lilith operates similarly to that of the demonized aspect of Eve in the Garden of Eden myth. She is seductive, powerful, and is known to have the ability to draw us into a “black hole”, should we bite into the forbidden apple. Being so close to Jupiter in Cancer we’ve been put in touch with deep family ties, to both connect and reconnect with our Earth, spirit, and off-planet ancestry and memories of origin. Also the presence of Jupiter has increased the desire nature of this goddess force within us, so that we can no longer ignore the truth within our hearts, the call of the wilds, or the voice of Spirit that speaks loud and clear.

Lilith represents the reemerging goddess within our culture and consciousness and so the Black Moon Lilith has come to be a symbol for feminists of both genders. With her occupying the most feminine sign of the zodiac ruled by the Moon itself we are sensitized to the power, wisdom, creativity and sexuality that both stirs desire and elicits fear in the masses.

The plane crash from Korea at the SFO airport on July 6th coincided with Saturn’s stationing Direct, activating the grand trine with Neptune, Jupiter, Black Moon Lilith and Mercury Retrograde in Cancer. I can see how these planets relative to travel and expansion could have taken an off turn or landing, since their current formation is wildly unpredictable. In addition the screech of Saturn’s brakes over the past couple of days have stopped many in their tracks, both physically and emotionally.

The approaching opposition of Jupiter with Pluto builds in July and reaches a peak in August. What this opposition might be bringing to the fore is a growing awareness not only of who we are in any given situation or location but what we are known for on a large scale. We are pushed toward reclaiming access to the resources to better ourselves and our planet. Our approach to this makes all the difference in the mapping of either failure or success. When we fret and obsess, or act in miserly ways, the abundance of the Universe seems to evade us. When we see the bigger picture and are willing to give the best of ourselves to the best of the causes near and dear to our hearts, we expand in our perceptions, opportunities and ability to receive. We literally widen, as a container may be opened or widened to fit more inside of it. When we tap into the abundance of this Universe, we become as wells that never run dry, constantly filling up as we continue to nourish those around us. Over time this becomes second nature, almost effortless, although in the beginning it requires quite a bit of concentrated effort to set into motion.

Mercury’s closeness with this New Moon may bring a heightening of moods and memories, accentuated by this planet’s current Retrograde motion. We would do well to remember that whatever we focus on now is what will follow us into tomorrow. This is a great time to rekindle some project or goal that has been on the back-burner for awhile.

An exact trine between Venus and Uranus add enough physical stimulation that will feed the flames of passion, electricity and eccentricity in exchanges with others. Uranus, however forms a square with the New Moon so watch out for heated arguments and possible unexpected resistance to plans. Pluto’s involvement also suggests that reflection and especially inner work can be especially potent at this time.

The Sabian symbol for the New Moon 16-17 degrees of Cancer is:

“The Unfoldment Of Multilevel Potentialities Issuing From An Original Germ”

This symbol is about the urge to actualize one’s birth potential. What are you waiting for?

June Forecast 2013

There are cycles in both the macrocosmos and in the microcosmos….times when a new portal opens for any one or all of us, and all of the old familiar rules no longer apply. The trick is knowing just what and when, or just the daring to pass through the portal. June holds much welcome change for us as a whole, and will offer a nice breather before the next great wave of change that requires many adjustments. Already many of us are finding ourselves in need of adjusting some aspect of our health regimens, since the past three eclipses revealed to us much that was in need of repair.

Notable astrological events this month include Neptune going Retrograde today – the 7th which may be a potent day in many respects, Summer Solstice on the 20th, and Jupiter’s entry into Cancer on the 25th for a year’s time, and Mercury turning for a rather long Retrograde in Cancer on the 26th until the 21st of July.

While this past May was of a month of barely surviving in any sense of the word for many, June is bringing us many blessings. We have emerged from the dark tunnel, the birth canal, the deep night of the soul and into the Light! There is a very dreamy, surreal quality to the energy of this month, where many may wonder to themselves if what they are experiencing is real, and if they are awake. Simultaneously, there will be opportunities presenting themselves that don’t come around very often, which indicate that it is an optimal time to act, rather than just sit around and dream.

6-8-13 New Moon in Gemini

At 18 degrees of Gemini this New Moon breathes some vitality into our relationships. Mars and asteroid Pallas Athene follow the Moon adding confidence to our stride and voice. Jupiter is close enough to the Moon to dose us with optimism and general feel-good energy. This New Moon is about lightening up as we get serious in pursuing what is truly meaningful to us both on inner and outer levels. It is showing us a way to become less attached to the outcome and more involved in the moment of what is, which is what will help formulate and attract the sorts of outcomes that we would actually enjoy.

Another thing we have going on this day as well as throughout the month is a grand water trine between Venus, Neptune, and Saturn, which brings an interesting blend of emotion, intuition, and intensity to our exchanges with others. The spreading oceanic vastness of feeling, need, and focus on restructuring may cause our environments to appear less solid, and more superfluous in some way. There could be a lot of remodeling going on, whether physically, materially, in the garden, home, or in the deep psyche. Mercury, Chiron, and the North Node also play a close part in this grand trine, further heightening the awareness of the activity levels around and within us, yet perhaps making it a little difficult to tell whether where our sensations are even coming from. Many people who don’t even consider themselves to be psychic may feel particularly sensitized this month, and those already in tune with their gifts will likely be extra super heightened in the way of dreams, hunches and premonitions. Pay attention to these – don’t discredit anything. The way to tell if something is true or false is often how invested emotionally we are in it from jump street. If the emotional reaction comes first – it’s probably a projection. If the intuitive hit comes first – it’s probably right. Some will feel tempted and seduced to use their expanded awareness of things and people in self-serving ways. The way that we project onto to others and are projected onto by them will be confronted in some way, whether it involves others being present or us being present with ourselves in a new way.

This month keep in mind that Grand Water Trines are very creative in nature, and water is in many ways the most powerful of the four basic elements in the way that it can influence, purify, and merge us. Water has the ability to reflect to us that which we both love and hate about ourselves, as well as to dissolve our attachments, aversion, illusions, and delusions about any of that. There will be less boundaries between that which we seek and that which we may reach or find within reach. Pressing on with trust and faith in ourselves, and in our Oneness will help dissolve the resistance that we have to change as well as joy.

The Sabian symbol for this moon is:

“A Large, Archaic Volume Reveals A Traditional Wisdom”

There are many ancient and sacred texts that exist in the world and Universe in which man has sought to explain the origins of existence itself. We know some of these as the Bible, the Bhagavad Gita, the Secret Doctrine, and the Emerald Tablets. Much of what has been written in these texts was not meant to be taken literally but to be translated as much through cognizance of mental concepts as through the word. We are often meant to “read between the lines” and utilize these seed ideas to trigger a much deeper understanding that we may glean when we do the work of contemplating our own existence as it relates to the Whole. In this way, we stretch our capacity to both understand and take a part in creating that which we are coming to understand. There will always be certain holes and gaps in our translation of these ancient texts, just as there will never been a one hundred percent perfect docu-drama on the Law of Attraction. Still, movies like The Secret contain some timeless truths that can be applied successfully when a person is able to take responsibility for their own level or lack of understanding, and continues to seek and grow. The Gemini moon is helping us to regard our work toward manifesting as more of an experiment or a game, reminding us to have a bit of fun even as we apply discipline to our lives.


More soon to come on the Full Moon this June!