Hexagon hits the streets!

Happy to announce that I helped “birth” Hexagon astrology magazine into the world on August 19th 2015 at exactly 11:59 AM in Sebastopol, California!

Two articles by me have been included in the premier issue – 7 Ways to Defend Yourself Against Psychic Vampires (title featured on the front cover) and Saturn in Sagittarius & the Search for Truth

The magazine pages contain a great deal of helpful and heartfelt information bound to push buttons and get people thinking and speaking in new ways.

“This is one smoking hot publication…”

“Cages are going to be rattled”- Willow’s Web Astrology

You can order a copy of this magazine here

New Astrology Magazine

Sharp. Smart. Subversive. Hexagon Astrology Magazine is coming out this August!

There hasn’t been a new astrology-based print publication on the market in North America in 30 years, and this one is sure to blow some minds and resonate with seekers of truth. Astrologer Matt Savinar of North Bay Astrology is the founder and editor of this high quality, thought-provoking, and potent magazine. I’m very happy to have my writing included in it!

If you can support this mag with a pre-order of $10 and spread the word it will help get copies out and widely accessible by August 19th. If you contribute a larger amount your name could be listed in the magazine’s acknowledgment section, along with a a steel “Founding Supporter/Patron/Financier” card, a possible advertisement in the magazine, and being invited to the official launch party.

Hexagon Kickstarter Campaign

Having read numerous forecasts and flipped through umpteen astrological books, I can say with confidence that this magazine is both bold and original, containing a wealth of material that has not been easy to come by. Contributing writers from various walks of life share uncommon knowledge in addition to astrological insights…cheers to Hexagon! Let’s bring it on!