Neptune in Pisces – Invisible Wars and Spiritual Lessons

One of the major themes of Neptune’s transit through its native sign Pisces is a dissolution of boundaries, which in today’s world is occurring via politics and technology. From April 5, 2011 until January 26, 2026, this transit began during the time when many of the ancient prophecies suggested the world would end in some way, and it is indeed ending in the ways that we have previously identified with.

Neptune obviously rules water and the oceans, and one of the things that has affected planet earth since its entrance into Pisces is the aftermath of the Japanese tsunami and Fukushima nuclear disaster on March 11, 2011. The results of toxic radiation have affected sea-life, wildlife and humans ever since that day, despite how much the information regarding it is denied.

As civil war in the form of protests and riots continue worldwide, law enforcement is undergoing a terrifying transformation so huge that we can scarcely imagine what this could lead to if it continues in the direction it’s heading toward. The law formerly issued only through specific human officials has slowly been granted to the general public, a sea full of disgruntled people micromanaging each other primarily through digital means. The collectivized policing also occurs through advertisements and mass production of clothing and other objects stamped with popular slogans meant to “school others” on what’s politically correct and what’s not.

Neptune rules photography and cinema, and although it does not specifically relate to technology as does Uranus, it does have much to do with the modified imagery that is so prevalent on the internet. Neptune is the great astrological influence behind all that cannot be fully pinned down in a material sense. It is ethereal in nature. It can be inspiring or hellish, depending on unforeseen factors. It can be seductive, like the fake beauty plastered on billboards and flashing on glowing T.V. screens.

In a digital yet nebulous realm of so-called knowledge and imagery that bleeds and morphs into many strange things, people have come to assume that the information, ideas, and even personal photos of others are their own personal property (aside from global icons and famous models). Worse yet, the very ideas of privacy and personal property are on the verge of collectively being viewed as a sin. Democratic ideals have been morphing into a kind of tyranny. True to the domain of Neptune, a world that is unseen to most of us is wreaking havoc on ordinary lives. It is driving people further away from nature and divinity and deeper into a dependency on the trappings of modern conveniences.

Neptune rules fantasy and the imagination. It is easy to get lost in it, like a maze that leads further and further into the middle of nowhere. Nightmares can become so convincing, to the point where the mind gives way to insanity. Similarly, the internet makes it all too easy to plagiarize, slander and censor others whenever egos are being bruised or somebody has something somebody else wants. Just as in “Real Life” (a lost art these days) nobody from the outside ever knows the inside story behind the drivel that is being circulated. Instead they repeat what they hear as if factual. Rumors of all kinds, from the trivial to those of massive importance whet the collective appetite for gossip, fueling a voyeurism that seems as vast as a bottomless pit. In the old days more people got that kind of satisfaction from sensational tabloids. Nowadays, thanks to social media, a kind of service that grew rapidly during Neptune’s previous transit through Aquarius between 1998-2012, it has become all too easy for billions to bypass the personal responsibility of their own lives because they’ve handed it over to power figures of all stripes, from info “gurus” to political leaders.

Neptune is associated with spirituality, as well as the flawed human ideas around it. This whole idea of sharing everything as if all aspects of one’s life should be as transparent as an open diary has grown out of a far left ideology. Even some of those who are right-leaning have forgotten this, as their own hypocrisy has revealed in recent years, with Neptune spilling it out all over the table. Some of these people may be public figures who pride themselves on their supposed conservatism while they engage in an equal amount of criticisms and censorship against anything or anyone who seems to even mildly disagree with their strongly upheld belief system.

Neptune rules hidden poisons and in Pisces this has begun to manifest in a worldwide push for “experimental” vaccines that some scientists claim have the potential to permanently alter one’s DNA. In 2020, Neptune was activated by a sextile from its sibling planet Jupiter three times: February 20, July 27, and October 12. Jupiter’s close involvement with Saturn and Pluto made this an extra volatile set of transits. Contagion, infection, and fears of disease (ruled by both Neptune and Pisces) were amplified by Jupiter and intensified by the stern presence of Saturn and the ruthlessness of Pluto in Capricorn. The next time this transit hits will be on May 23, 2024. Hopefully we will have learned much from our most recent experiences so that they do not need to be repeated then.

The Millennial generation (most born during Pluto’s transit through Scorpio between 1983-1995 and Neptune in Capricorn 1984-1998) is one that overall heavily leans on technology for their livelihoods, education and entertainment. Some have become extremely successful and contributed much good to humanity, so I’ll make that clear right away that this is not a criticism of everyone born during that time period. It’s already been noticed by many that a large portion of them have exhibited what may be termed a sort of collective, intellectual “superiority complex”. Think Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook co-founder for example. They act not only as if the world owes them privileges, information and things, but as if they already have it all, simply because of certain things they have read online. What so often occurs is that the ideas of other people are adopted as if they are their own (Neptune in Capricorn borrowing credits from those who came before). There is not much original about what these types speak or do, and that refers to those who steal from others. Because they grew up when the internet was rapidly growing in accessibility, much of their early learning came through absorbing what they read online or copied through others. Many of them grow into these early-life “experts” that encourage those around them to remain plugged into the digital network, where all can be monitored, cataloged and tracked. This is part of where the increased societal desire for security stems from. But…security is nonexistent within Neptune’s net, which is kind of where most of us dwell currently.

The fact remains that nothing – for anyone of any age, can substitute actual life experience in any field other than the field of the internet and technology itself. In addition, whether someone identifies themselves as left or right leaning they seldom have a true understanding of where their true values lie because many of them don’t even have a genuine sense of self unless and until they have lived life as it is, raw and real, without a complete reliance on technology. Those who do fully rely on the world of technology are in a way, selfless, in the worst possible way. To be selfless is to be soulless, and that is the image many strive so hard to attain. This also does happen in the guise of charity, which has become a perversion of previously pure spiritual aims.

One of the important things that Neptune’s latest transit in Pisces has accomplished is a tearing down of the veil of glamour from Hollywood, which has exposed the corruption behind the scenes of so many pop icons. Although Hollywood only physically occupies a small section of Southern California, its psychic influence has spanned the entire globe for several decades. The child abuse, occult rituals and exploitation of many star icons has been revealed through internet “leaks” and whistle-blowers. These leaks were especially prevalent in the years 2015-2016, while Jupiter opposed Neptune and Uranus was still in a square with Pluto.

There is an aspect of the Neptunian force that can be easily merged with, which means to take the path of least resistance, or it can be rejected. This takes discipline, because Neptune’s glittering jewels are extremely tempting, addicting, and very hard to turn away from.

There is no single person who can stop what’s happening. There is no president, no ascended master, no savior who has enough integrity to battle this spiritual monster alone, which has grown the size of all of humanity itself. The monster is comprised of all of the subconscious fears of our past, present and future selves combined. Like the dragon stories of old, only one who is both strong and clever enough can defeat the dragon and in this case that dragon would be his or her own participation in feeding the collective dragon. It would mean the ability to tame oneself and consciously choose one’s own actions, instead of being manipulated by outside forces. Then one becomes free to explore the friendlier dimensions of Neptune’s domain, where true understanding is gained and compassion may be developed through introspection and wisdom. Ultimately, Neptune can be the planet that liberates us from earthly woes by increasing our spiritual perception instead of wasting us away in our cherished illusions.