Lunar Eclipse in Leo!

A Lunar Eclipse at the first degree of Leo is fast approaching this Sunday the 20th. There is lots of change and lots of anxiety in the air, and no wonder with all of the current planetary squares! Uranus in Aries squares the eclipse and Mercury in Capricorn just opposite of it. Mars is also forming a square to Saturn. People and animals may seem edgy, argumentative or irritable, or they may be saying something that is difficult to decipher. There may be strange occurrences, surprising news, or misunderstandings over the next few days so breathe deep and perhaps move more mindfully than you normally would. There is a touch of good luck from Venus and Jupiter in Sagittarius but they form a square to Neptune in Pisces. Don’t jump to conclusions right now because there are lots of crossed wires and other things confusing certain matters. It is a great time to express your uniqueness or your love for someone special. You might just roll with your inner muse, enjoy spontaneous flights of fancy or some long overdue adventure in your life. This is the state of being “poised between this world and the next”…between one state of consciousness or conditions and another. Anything can happen!

Massive Upgrades – pre and post eclipse

Massive upgrades! Up to you. Downgrades are also possible. That’s what’s happening now, pre-Lunar Eclipse in Leo (January 31st) and post-Solar Eclipse in Aquarius (February 15th). Some of these upgrades may feel painful as hell and others may seem blissful. Some are just looong overdue…

Ideas for ushering in upgrades with ease:

Accept contradictions, paradoxes and ironies because they’re like Time – you can’t beat them. Keep an eye out for synchronicities.  Have some fun. Go ahead and break your own outmoded rules like a boss.