Full Moon in Aries 2021: Be as RELENTLESS as the fake media

As we all now know, the psychos behind mainstream media are relentless in their daily streams of b.s. They’re always twisting the truth around and trying to gas-light everyone who goes against the grain of their demented indoctrinations. They deny that anyone has been victimized by atrocities of the Big Pharma and Big Tech giants. They laugh in the face of murder and mock those who represent truth and righteousness. It’s our time to laugh – at them, knowing full well what these criminals are up to, and knowing, as the saying goes that “evil carries within it the seeds of its own destruction.”

Between the 18thand 20thof October:

Jupiter and Mercury both go Direct

Mars trines Jupiter

The Full Moon in Aries forms a t-square with the Sun, Mars, and Pluto

So, go ahead…be as RELENTLESS as the fake media

Reclaim Joy, Passion, and Purpose

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Isis conjunct Mercury Direct

Mercury stations direct today October 9th 2015 at zero degrees Libra in a conjunction with the asteroid Isis. The sun god asteroid Osiris is 15 degrees of Libra in conjunction with the Sun. As though the goddess has finally found a piece of her lost lover after weeks of frantic searching, a part of us may breathe a deep sigh of relief, fall to our knees and savor a small miracle. There is more to be found but we can rest for just a moment before resuming our quest.

Isis and Osiris by Susan Boulet

Isis and Osiris by Susan Boulet

We are poised or becoming open to deeper contemplations of the Divine Feminine as we assimilate many of the recent lessons and experiences in our interpersonal relationships.

There is hope and regeneration after being emotionally ripped and torn asunder. The presence of these two asteroids, Isis and Osiris in the sign of balancing, also in tight conjunction with personal planets indicate that we are indeed in a period of integrating the male and female polarities within us.

The greater sense of renewal may follow the New Moon in Libra on the 12th as Isis more closely conjoins a now direct Mercury and the North Node in Libra, forming a sextile with Saturn in Sagittarius. After that time, recent lessons will become much easier to accept and understand. Then, we will be able to move forward without dragging so many entanglements of the past behind us…

points of view

There’s a time to stand back and take a look at the bigger picture and a time to get down to the nitty gritty, honing in on the details. There’s a time to tell it like it is and a time to accept what someone says as their own personal truth even if we don’t agree with it. There’s a time to search and a time to sift through what has been found. There are many points of view constantly circulating…how to know which ones are wrong and which ones right? What if they are both, simultaneously?

Let’s not jump the gun, assuming we have all the answers right now. After all, we each experience life through our own filters pretty much all of the time. Whatever we believe or perceive comes from a point of view that is either innate or acquired, whether limited or expansive.

Mercury is slowing down to station Direct in Libra this week. Maybe we can figure out a way slow down a bit too with our thinking and breathing. Easier said than done in an air sign.


Fierce Struggles and Strange Fancies, October 7 – 11

We have a quite a full astral menu this week, with a multitude of opportunities to overcome some of our worst obstacles and as well as options as to how to respond to whatever life tosses our way.

As I type Mars in Virgo moves closer into an exact opposition with Neptune in Pisces, an aspect of crazy or hazy making which has been building for several days and will be in effect for a few more. We’ve had some rude awakenings lately, and the myriad ways we have been lied to or have lied to ourselves is being spelled out for us, literally or symbolically. Desires are also changing radically for many people. What once was desperately wanted is now nothing more than a fleeting fancy of the past. Things that we once grasped onto for dear life are now just passing through. Now there is suddenly something more pressing, more important to focus on, and it might even seem a bit foreign or strange to us. Perhaps for certain folks there is something or someone more attractive to pursue than what was previously sought after.

We were energetically hit earlier this morning (October 6, 2015) with the Sun square to Pluto, and some who were knocked out physically might not yet have been able to stand fully upright and figure out what just happened there. The Sun in Libra squaring the god of the underworld indicates that many close relationships are in boot camp right now. This is no joke – it’s about shaping up or shipping out, with or without whoever is pushing those dreaded buttons. The keyword is Impact. Did something or someone have a profound impact on you, or did you have an impact on something, or someone?

On a more benevolent note, we have been pushed whether from a source that seems to be outside of us or from within to better ourselves in some way. That is, to see a problem as it is and face it head on, and to tackle it both ruthlessly and lovingly at the same time. Yes this is possible and doesn’t have to be such a struggle but it usually feels that way. Sometimes, good old fashioned “tough love” is exactly what we need to give or receive. It doesn’t mean being forced to do something against our will, but it often does mean that we need to work for something we want and not expect for it to be handed to us on a golden platter.

The Divine Feminine in her various forms such as Kali Ma, Sekhmet, and Freyja has been unleashing her pent up fury since mid-September, activated by Venus in Leo’s fire trine to Uranus and Pallas Athene, and the Lunar Eclipse in Aries on the 27th which highlighted the polarities and battles between male and female. There has been a balancing out of affairs but not necessarily in easy-going ways.

The Rape of Proserpina by Nicolas Mignard

The Rape of Proserpina by Nicolas Mignard

The asteroid Persephone named after the goddess of the underworld is conjunct Uranus in Aries which still in a trine with Pallas Athene, so the wild and wide-eyed goddess partially covered in blood still wields her sword, ready for anything…almost.  Her own, ultimately meaning our own internal revelations may finally take the cake. These are the ones we just did not see coming.

Venus, goddess of love enters tidy Virgo and exits her retrograde (July 25 – September 6) post-shadow on October 9th, just as Mercury stations to Direct motion after being retrograde since September 17th. It often takes a few weeks for Venus to express herself freely again after going through the ordeal of backtracking. With Venus in Leo down memory lane old flames reappeared, buried emotions rose up and out like a volcano, creative projects took unexpected turns, some people regressed to childhood and certain children rose hell. There were beautiful manifestations too. Some of us revisited and enjoyed epic arts and music of the past.

It doesn’t take as many days for Mercury’s shifting of gears to help get us back into the swing of things according to our preferences. On the 9th, Mercury stations at 1 degree Libra conjunct the North Node. This brings up the importance of speaking our truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. There may not be a judge before us, but we are hard pressed to show up for something that demands our attention.

With Libra’s ruling planet Venus instantly moving into a square with Saturn after entering Virgo and exiting her post-shadow, the weekend might be a bit chilly, whether that relates to actual weather or emotional exchanges. It may also simply mean that we are ready to get serious in a relationship to our self or someone else. Due to Venus’s upcoming transit, getting serious could very well indicate the use of vacuum cleaners, dish towels and desk amenities.

Last but not least, we have help from the eternal optimist Jupiter, forming a trine to Pluto on the 11th. Not sure yet if that will be something for us to jump up and down with glee about, but at least it won’t be boring 🙂 The Sun opposes Uranus, right before the New Moon on the 12th. More on that coming up soon!

Mercury Direct, Neptune Retrograde


Alchemical Marriage – Emily Balivet

Mercury is slowing down to go Direct at 5 degrees Gemini on June 11th, having been Retrograde since May 18th. Meanwhile, Neptune slows down to go Retrograde at 10 degrees Pisces on the 12th. While Mercury Retrograde has been said to befuddle the mind, Neptune Retrograde has the opposite effect, since it normally represents areas where we are easily fooled. Have you gained any clarity during the past few weeks – any insights into the nature of your mental capacities, education, upbringing, group consensus or your relationships with others? Have you cracked open any codes within your existing philosophical or religious background or consciousness in general? Some people have struggled less with mental issues and more with electronic devices.

Since the Full Moon of May 3rd Mercury has been opposing Retrograde Saturn in Sagittarius. The stifling conditions of the past have been under review and the pieces of many old puzzles have finally been solved. Buried historical truths have been uncovered. Perhaps you’ve been disputing with certain authority figures, whether they happen to be government agents, employers, or older family members.

It is possible that the your solution or resolution has appeared. It is almost time to move forward again with renewed energy and ideas…but first, some acknowledgements must be made. We have just gone through a major rite of a passage.

We know Mercury as trickster and messenger but few recognize him as the cosmic psychopomp – the somewhat crazy seer, shaman, or off-his-rocker usher that guides spirits through the underworld, to the “other side” wherever that may be. In this case, we have seen the death and even crushing of many old, outdated ideas about ourselves and life itself. This is no small thing. It can take time to assimilate both the endings of and beginnings of what we perceive as knowledge.

Be patient with yourself and the smoothing out of your affairs this week and next, as Mercury does not exit the post-shadow phase until June 27th. Mercury remains in Gemini until July 8th, continuing its emphasis on communications, thought processes and a heightening of all the senses. Can you come to at least one basic agreement while still disagreeing with someone or something? Mercury in Gemini picks up so much information that it’s sometimes challenging to act on any of it. Neptune Retrograde shatters illusions and interrupts dissonance patterns in our psyches, initiating a process of elimination and clarification that should help us to prioritize in the weeks to come. Allow the truth the unfold and the dust to settle. Then, move onward with faith and determination.