Mercury Retrograde in Taurus

Well that dreaded tri-annual, month-long period known as Mercury Retrograde is here again: April 28th – May 22nd.

I’ve said it so many times before and many of us have heard it from countless sources by now, thanks to the ever-expanding internet. It’s that time of year when things and communications just seem to break down, go berserk, lose their juice, get mismatched, befuddled, and the list of woeful occurrences just goes on. But why is that? There is always a reason for the things that happen in life, and too few are willing to plunge into what those reasons are, because it would inevitably entail taking on a deeper level of responsibility and consciousness in how to respond to life’s curve balls.


by NASA’s “messenger” spacecraft

What if we recognized Mercury Retrograde as an opportunity to improve and release things and patterns that are no longer useful – if we broke out of these mindsets of doom, skepticism, and egotism and create a new paradigm of what Mercury (and anything else for that matter) means to us? That’s the point. We make it more and more of what it is with our repetitive thoughts and actions.

Mercury appears to be going backward the sign of Taurus, emphasizing a review of our finances, assets, and self-worth. This is not an ideal time to spend big, gamble, or stand in the way of conflicts. Insecurity in all of its myriad shades could be at an all-time peak. Debts may either be incurred or paid off. We’ll thank ourselves later if we cultivate the gifts we already have rather than seek to acquire a bunch of new things and skills.

If you know your time of birth and have a natal chart to refer to, check the house that Mercury will be transiting to better understand what specific area of your own life is undergoing release, reconstruction, and reconnection during the next few weeks.

Tips on how to cope with and make optimal use of the cycle of Mercury Retrograde:

  • Simplify wherever possible – cut down on excess emails, outings, junk or whatever drains you
  • Resume an old project that is particularly meaningful and currently relevant to you
  • Call an old friend or visit a family member you haven’t seen in ages
  • Take care of your health and especially your nervous system – meditation helps
  • Back up any important digital data on an external hard drive
  • Double-check travel tickets, contracts, bank statements and other docs – are they accurate?
  • If a comment sounds ridiculous, callous or cruel let it roll off like water off a duck’s back
  • Laugh that stuff off…don’t take minor problems too seriously – this too shall pass!