Libra Equinox – The Power of Relationship

The New Moon on September 23rd of 2014 has a tone of potency and almost urgency about it. At just over 1 degree of Libra it forms a conjunction to the Super Galactic Center (SGC) – a voracious black hole that gravitationally organizes over thirty galaxies, our own included, as Philip Sedgwick has stated “at the cost of cannibalizing all of them”. This Autumn Equinox New Moon so close to the SGC indicates that we are being triggered toward a deeper understanding of our interrelatedness, as our relationships on Earth encompass so much more than mundane friendships and marriages, but include our extended family tree in all of life in this universe and even beyond. What does the word relationship mean to you and what sensations does it bring up? Right now we are evolving into both the question itself and the ever widening permeable answer.

There is a lot going on in the sign of Libra over the next few weeks and even months (you can tune in to my radio show on Tuesday morning the of the 23rd between 9:00 – 10:00 am PST for more info on the equinox, autumn season, and Libra/Aries polarity on KOWS radio), in addition to the Autumn Equinox with the Sun moving into this sign. Mercury has been in Libra since September first and Venus will enter on the 29th.

Libra, one of the most misunderstood signs is about relationship, and all that it entails. It indicates a duality between self and other, with emphasis on the give-and-take, the cause-and-effect, the positive and negative polarities within each relationship. In a word, we can say this sign is about Karma, particularly the growing sense of awareness or consciousness about karma and how it operates in our lives.


Ma’at, Egyptian goddess of Truth, Balance, and Justice

We have relationships to each other and also to seemingly inanimate objects that we use and abuse. We share relationships with the rocks, plants, trees, the homes we live in, with money, our neighbors, our audiences, our mail deliverers and internet servers, our perceived enemies, the planets and constellations and to this mysterious being some of us call God that we are all but extensions and reflections of.

We are shifting into the darker seasons with greater self-awareness than some of us have ever had before as well as the incentive to utilize and maximize both our latent and already manifest skills and abilities – and to do so in the spirit of cooperation. As lovely as it sounds this line of work is not for the faint of heart. We are achieving levels of success we didn’t know were possible before, that may even seem intimidating, disconcerting to our discontent. It is also exhilarating for those of us who have done the work to get where we are, and/or those willing to take up the challenge that life offers us now to create anew, driven by heart and soul. This is also the season of harvest, in which we will most certainly reap what we have sown.

Mercury has slowed down in Libra since the 14th for going Retrograde from October 4th to the 26th. Mercury enters Scorpio on September 27th, back-tracking into Libra on October 10th and completing its transit in this sign by November 8th.  Already you may have noticed quite a few miscommunications or irritating encounters with others that perhaps got under your skin or caused you to wonder “What’s in the air – did I – or did that girl get up on the wrong side of the bed or something?” Be careful about signing contracts or taking on new projects and agreements until the first week of November unless you don’t mind complications and delays. Ironically, Mercury is not necessarily at its kindest or most charming in the sign of Libra but can come across as simultaneously touchy and tough. There is also an underlying seriousness in our communications right now that thankfully can’t get too out of hand with Mars ablaze in fun-loving Sagittarius. Mars squaring Neptune during the past few days has added some colorful and bizarre additions to the mix.

With many hardships recently having passed and many blessings pouring in, we do not want to lose ourselves in either sorrow or ecstasy, anger or apathy, but to maintain a sort of non-attachment to objects and outcomes. We have gone from asking “Who am I” to now asking “Where do we go from here?” In Libra we need to keep it real and find a way to express our humanity, our truth, and our sense of justice without losing our cool. That’s all easier said than done, even though many with planets in this sign make it look like a piece of cake.

Libra is a sign that in its highest expression operates on the vibrational level of Ho’Oponopono, which is a Hawaiian practice for taking inner responsibility for whatever imbalances are both outwardly and inwardly perceived. The practice can awaken profound insights about our interconnectedness as well as lead to healing and transformation. The outer reflects the inner here quite quickly – thus indicating that the consciousness of the Law of Cause and Effect has become significantly heightened. We can either try to run and hide from that, blame others, or practice our own form of Ho’Oponopono. Here are a few relevant phrases to live by: “I’m sorry. Thank you. Please forgive me. I love you”

Pluto stations Direct after its annual six months of Retrogradation just before the New Moon occurs and approaches a square to it, and a T-square to rebellious Uranus in Aries. The collective creative impulse is greatly magnified as we seek to know and grow more fully aware of and into our purpose, as individuals and as a whole. We want to become more conscious and and on target with what kind of impact we have on those around us, as well as how we allow others to effect us.

Saturn’s continued mutual reception with Pluto and conjunction with Ceres in Scorpio during the New Moon emphasizes a need for many of us to reparent ourselves in regards to to emotional security, money, and the Mother Earth. Just as a black hole such as the SGC devours everything in sight, many of us in civilization have been born into a reality that bases its entire existence on consumerism and wastefulness of resources to the point of creating poverty on an otherwise rich and fertile planet.

The Sabian symbol for the New Moon of the 23rd is:


“The transmutation of the fruits of the past experiences into the seed-realizations of the forever creative spirit; a repolarization of inner energies leading to a creative centralization of consciousness”

Creative centralization assists us in Manifestation, which is what we achieve more readily when we collaborate, cooperate and relate compassionately with others.

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio

Mercury stationed retrograde today (October 21st) in Scorpio where it will appear to tread backward until November 11th. It almost goes without saying that around this time it is best to be a bit cautious and extra patient around appointments, computers and electronic devices, and general communications. There are often breakdowns, delays, and miscommunications of all sorts with MR. These mixed messages are the Universe’s way of trying to get us to slow down, listen or pay closer to attention to something in our lives or environment. These Retrogrades do not favor new beginnings but rather the reparations and completions of what has already begun or has been done unsuccessfully. They are our naturally provided chances to bring the balance in those areas.

Scorpio is a feminine, fixed water sign ruled by Mars and Pluto. Its nature is deeply perceptive, passionate, emotional, and powerful, with the potential to either do great harm (when disturbed) or to heal (when aware). Scorpio gets us in touch with taboo topics, and stirs us in ways that we may have tried to hide or deny. It shows us where we need to clear and release whatever has become stuck in body, mind, and spirit. Since it will be in Scorpio the whole time, one of the sole themes of this particular Mercury Retrograde cycle is to release stubborn patterns that have affected our lives in so many ways. It will assist us in clearing our minds of excess baggage and old stories that fill us with hopelessness, apathy, indecision, worry, and falsity.

This Mercury Retro cycle offers us some precious opportunities to:

  • Forgive – others who have hurt us as well as ourselves for any shortcomings we have perceived or judged harshly in ourselves
  • Release  – whatever is taking up the space of what would actually benefit us, whether this means objects, relationships, habits or all of the above. How can we attract or even accept what we want when there is no room for it?
  • Reclaim – our passion in life, our sense of purpose and/or power
  • Just say no – I loved what Ilona Mialik had to say about this in her latest blog post It’s Your Job

This could be a time when physically we are nudged to clean our dietary intake or just make time for deeper rest and rejuvenation. We need to focus on the exhale just as much as the inhale, and recognize where we are holding stress in our bodies so that we can release it consciously, rather than through more complicated illnesses. The water element is especially healing now, both externally and internally…drinking plenty of pure water can be very helpful and important in releasing toxins.

To quote from the October Forecast post:

“This Retrograde is an emotionally charged and transformative one and will have transited Saturn three times during its course. This may be the point when we actually let go, walk away, cast out, say no, or simply know that the past is over, the future is now. What is it that you’re so over and ready to be done with, whether it’s a job, physical condition, a mental, relational or other one?”

The flower essence that sprang to my mind for Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio this time around is Mimulus, otherwise known as Monkeyflower ~ in all of its different colors and forms. There is a Bach brand of Mimulus flower essence generally administered for releasing and working through fears, and I think of the title Monkeyflower as literally relating to the quieting of the “monkey mind” that causes so many types of mental afflictions and fears. Even connecting with the energy of this flower spirit through visualization or meditation may help to allay some of the fears that are coming up for release during the next three weeks.

A saving grace of this Mercury Retrograde transit with be its trine to Jupiter in Cancer, bringing nurturing and optimism in moments and areas where we may least expect it. This also helps even out the heaviness of the Saturn influence with some lighter feel-good vibes.This could well be the insightful period that we’ve been hoping or praying for for months. As much as we often dread the MR process, it can bring some great things, solutions, and reunions that we wouldn’t have otherwise thought to ask for or consciously pursue. My sense is that we will make huge progress during this time and if we are seeking for the positive within it we are sure to find it.