The Moon, Saturn and Major Life Cycles

The Moon and Saturn have both been astrological highlights this past year and the interplay between them will continue to be prominent influences into the new year of 2020. Regarding Saturn, I recently did a long presentation about the build-up of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction on YouTube.

The Moon is fast-moving so when it comes to transits it is less relevant in both personal and widespread social matters, except for New and Full Moons. The year began with a Solar Eclipse in Capricorn and will also come to an end with a Solar Eclipse in Capricorn…and eclipses are big deals with respect to the signs and decans involved. Another reason I emphasize the Moon’s influence now is due to the North Node’s passage through Cancer which is ruled by the Moon. The South Node in Capricorn is equally important and strong aspects have been made to it. In July there was a Solar Eclipse in Cancer and a Lunar Eclipse involving the Sun in Cancer and the Moon and Saturn in Saturn-ruled Capricorn. The effects of these eclipses are still rolling and Mercury Retrograde in Cancer is also heightening them all.

What the Moon and Saturn both relate to is the concept of time and cycles. The Moon has a 28 day cycle which gives us frequent glimpses into how we are progressing. Saturn takes 28 years to circle the Sun and specifically has a 7 year cycle, each of which carries the influence of a different planet and indicates a particular theme coming into focus. Both the Moon and Saturn point to ancestral weight and collective limitations. Both relate to traditions that bind and lock people into predictable patterns. The Moon is often known as a feminine archetype and Saturn as a cold dictator. The Moon influences petty bureaucracy and public outrage while Saturn oversees and upholds the massive undertakings of government. The Moon’s movements strongly influence people’s moods. The astrological influence of Saturn can also heavily affect moods and energy levels. The Moon represents family and home life. Saturn represents old traditions and the building of reliable structures, as well as inevitable endings.

Because the Moon and Saturn have both been featured so strongly in the past year many have experienced great challenges regarding the stability of their home lives, careers and foundations overall. The need for establishing security in finances, relationships, work, health and other areas have also been a widespread focus. In a broad sense this is a time for making home adjustments and improvements. The home includes not only the personal dwelling place but the family of origin, the country of birth and spiritually, it is the heart as the sanctuary of the soul.

Moon and Saturn Aspects

As an addendum to the ebook published earlier this month, Moon Signs and Family Dynamics – (you can purchase the book by clicking here), I wanted to place more focus specifically on the aspects between the Moon and Saturn. Here are some of the key features of these interactions.

Moon/Saturn Natal Aspects

Natal aspects between the Moon and Saturn, particularly the conjunction indicates a heavy emotional outlook and a rather serious orientation to work and relationships. There is often a huge emotional weight that combines the feelings of guilt, abandonment and isolation. In some cases there is also financial lack or strain. Issues of insecurity and responsibility are constant themes. One may have been born into a situation where they have taken on much of the emotional conflicts or patterns of their parents and other caretakers. Usually it would be the mother who has the most influence. As a result of internalizing her pain or aloofness, the person may develop a cold and distant method of relating to others over time.

In other situations it was the father who either left the mother or was cold toward them both. The native feels the absence of his warmth and presence very acutely in their younger years. They may not realize the impact that this has throughout their lives as it lingers within their subconscious mind and they continue to repel and attract similar relationships.

In harmonious aspects there is a pronounced ability to handle large tasks and focus on the matters at hand. A tendency to depression is common in those with hard aspects between the Moon and Saturn. Sometimes there is more of a struggle with fear than depression and many inhibitions and delays to personal enjoyment. There are often family obligations that take a large toll on the energy levels of the native. Children may be a source of difficulty, sadness or more than the usual amount of stress.

The most obvious trait of those with Moon/Saturn aspects is the mental cut-off that they tend to have with their own emotions and those of others. It can be awkward for them to express how they feel. Some are conscious of it and others really don’t have a clue until others point it out to them. Any of the major aspects may indicate strong business abilities. The mind is often disciplined and able to direct much energy toward the actualization of goals. It is also possible that as one grows and matures they discover how to lighten up and they find joy in doing things that others often take for granted.

Saturn/Moon Transits

When Saturn contacts the Moon by conjunction or any other major aspect in transit, there may seem to be burdens or blessings revolving around the home life, children, females and mother figures. The type of aspect would generally indicate the type of ease or difficulty with such issues. There is need for restructuring relative to the house or houses affected by this transit. For example Saturn transiting the Moon in the fourth house indicates that a lot of shifting would occur in one’s home life. Any major event such as a the loss of home or family members, the rebuilding of a home or a relocation is possible. In the seventh house either a marriage or divorce is possible, as would be a reorientation in one’s public relations.

The conjunction, square, inconjunct and opposition are especially difficult to work through. It can feel like a very lonely time in one’s life, and in some cases one may literally be alienated by their family or community. In other cases the separation is by choice, because one feels less and less connected to certain people for various reasons. The mother or some matriarchal figure may be the cause of upset but there would also be distancing from her. One may feel obligated to care for someone special in their life and the fear of abandoning them is equally dreadful for them.

(Those with the Moon in Cancer or Capricorn have been experiencing some of the most difficult challenges in their home lives since Saturn’s entry into Capricorn in December 19 of 2017. The same could be said for those with emphasis in any of the cardinal signs – Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn. Saturn leaves Capricorn on December 17 of 2020.)

Moon/Saturn Progression

The Moon making an aspect to Saturn by progression, especially the conjunction may indicate a growing focus on building one’s career and public image. One may be drawn to certain teachers and people who are older than oneself who serve as role models of some kind or who represent the direction that one is taking in their life toward building greater structure and security. It is also possible that one becomes a teacher or their role as a teacher and leader becomes highlighted. The house and sign involved would indicate whether the focus of learning and teaching is material, emotional, spiritual or a combination thereof.

There may be a heavier work load than usual but it tends to be voluntary work rather than enforced by the outside. Projects or endeavors are taken on that require a lot of discipline to maintain. One may feel hemmed in and limited by certain conditions in the home life or relationships and be forced to reconcile with the choices they have made that contributed to their current situation. They may have to come to grips with what has caused their stifled emotions and they may choose to distance themselves with certain family members or other loved ones. The conjunction can be a very enlightening aspect by progression although it is usually not fun.

Moon/Saturn Synastry

The Moon in aspect to Saturn by synastry indicates a very strong but challenging bond. Various factors would determine whether the challenges stem from personal clashes or forces outside of a couple’s control. In most cases there is a very strong sense of commitment that each person feels for the other. Much that has already been written about Moon/Saturn connections leans toward the negative, but from my observation there are also positive possibilities.

It is true that those with these interactions may have to face issues related to loneliness and separation but there could be various reasons for this. From the very beginning there was something that challenged this relationship, and it may have had nothing to do with how well the two get along. It could have been due to outside forces that separated them or perhaps a personal handicap that one was experiencing which made it difficult to get things off the ground. Also in many instances there was an immediate sense of familiarity, and if not actual family members these two have faced similar family dynamics in their upbringings. Because of their troubled backgrounds they face the danger of replaying certain family patterns or rehashing past issues with each other, that is unless they are both very conscious individuals who are seeking to break such patterns.

In particular there is a parental role play that tends to occur, usually from the Saturn to the Moon person but with some it goes both ways. The Moon person may either be younger in age or feel somehow subordinate to the Saturn person. They may look up to the Saturn person or feel either supported or overshadowed by them. In some cases the Moon person feels that the Saturn person is being condescending toward them and if this happens too often it will eventually cause them to leave. The Saturn person feels a great deal of responsibility for the Moon person but simultaneously their old wounds seem to be frequently triggered by them. Their frustration lies in their perception that they have no place to process this.

These two are very much suited for marriage because of the deep levels of loyalty and commitment that they have toward each other. However they would have to watch out for the tendency to become overly dependent upon each other and make sure that they have their own activities and social life outside of the marriage or relationship. It is too easy for them to shut out the rest of the world.

The best case scenario for this connection is that the two greatly assist each other in growing in emotional maturity, healing from psychological wounds, and becoming more focused and productive overall, both as a couple and as individuals. They may actually have a special mission to fulfill together.

Transforming Greed

As I type this the Moon is in Capricorn having just conjoined Pluto, and I’m noticing how the topic of money, survival, and the concept of greed seem very intertwined in a paradigm shift that is currently taking place in the world. As much as I have an innate faith in the human race despite all odds, there are moments when like most of us, just find our state of affairs almost impossible to bear.

Greed, one of the so-called seven deadly sins, infects all of us at some point in our lives, whether we are the perpetrator or perpetrated ones, where the best or most goods have been stuffed away at the expense of another or others’ benefit and wellbeing. We don’t like to look at or talk about this, because it makes us itch, and is all too easy to point the finger at another than to honestly contemplate how greed may reside within us.

In order to transform greed we must first come to a better understanding of what it even means. The thing about this is, I don’t believe in what theorists call the “greed gene” and that greed is a necessarily a natural occurrence for us. Just like the seven deadly sins, greed is a result of a very deeply rooted fear – the fear of loss, being left out, and of not having enough. Greed causes one to steal for fear that if they do not they themselves may be robbed. It is completely irrational and insane. This is the way that our very government functions.

In understanding the origins of greed, we must also consider the impact that trauma has upon us and the habits that ensue from the holding pattern of an unreleased trauma. If one did experience a traumatic loss through famine, war, or some other disaster it should not be surprising if later in life that person subconsciously tried to compensate for an earlier period of shock and lack, when they felt they had no defense, no resources in order to support themselves in the face of opposition.

Right now we need to look at greed without fear and take a look at what it is doing to our planet. The Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on the 23rd of October will be like the bright open eye in the sky that illuminates many dark corners and shows us what we must let go of in order to have what we truly want. If we don’t use this opportunity wisely it may haunt us into the year 2015, with explosive results in an economic crash between the eclipses of March and September.

It is commonly said that there is a financial crisis every seven years, and our last major one was in 2008, with a record of over 3 million foreclosure filings. Supposedly, our negative financial information such as late or unpaid bills, foreclosures, and bankruptcies generally disappear from credit reports after seven years. Interestingly, the planet Saturn associated with limitations, tests, and delays also has a cycle of seven and a half years. Saturn, Capricorn’s ruler is the keeper and voracious eater of time, and in Scorpio where he currently transits, we are indeed pressured for time and all the resources we can muster until December 23rd. Please, let’s not spend all of our money on Christmas presents that we’ll be in debt over for the next seven years of our lives.

Banks say that they will only lend to people with good credit but those are just the same people they lent to before, seven years later (the number Seven is relevant to the current Time frame we are operating from). Not only do banks make money out of thin air – a topic that anyone who can read can research on the internet these days, but we can no longer afford to place our faith in a monetary system that leaves us high and dry any more than an atheist can give his or her heart to Jesus.

Not that I’m a fan, but Austrailian philsopher and skeptic David Stove said, in obvious criticism, “If Darwin’s theory of evolution is true, no species can ever escape from the process of natural selection.” We need and are indeed being presented with new, upgraded theories to permeate our Collective Mind. Greed need not be factored in if we realize that we’re all in this together, and that each person does make a difference and contributes to the whole.

Here’s a bit of Libran insight since we’re in its sign and the Aries/Libra axis of Full Moons until September of 2015: If we don’t want to see the massive “bubble” form in commodities that result in economic collapse, we have to stop supporting the greed-driven companies and their products that we share co-dependent relationships with. We have to go cold turkey in some cases on what we’re used to. That sounds terrifying to some people because how else would we survive? My answer would be by getting back to basics. Thanksgiving, coming right up, is one of the most sickening money-maker holidays of the USA to date, reminding Native Americans of the greed of white men who destroyed their villages. Just as in religious crusades, people should not be so sinful as to announce such deeds in the name of God, but more accurately, in the name of greed.

What makes more money than almost anything else in the world? War. Yes it does “take” money – our money, to make money, and war is a perfect example of the nightmare carousel that perpetuates disease, destruction and the desire for more, round and round on our planet with seemingly no end. These are just a few tidbits to mull over at anyone’s convenience, for whatever they’re worth, or not as the case may be.

We are not ready to stop using money, because it is still the most widely accepted means for our survival as a species. However, we can begin to shift our values toward what makes life truly meaningful, and raise our vibrational frequencies in the process so that we more easily attract everything that we need and want. For those who find it impossible to envision a life without money, inspiration may be found in this documentary about Heidemarie in Germany:

If we want to enjoy warm festivities with a clear conscious this year and in the future we actually have to use our sense of reasoning, creativity and intuition combined. We must’nt let fear, money or greed be the guiding light in deciding what to make, buy, or share.

Perhaps our new strategies and choices will seem strange to family and friends, and we may feel a temporary sense of alienation and shame. Many great ideas are scoffed at initially, and later come to be respected. Sooner or later, more of humanity will join the dance for true freedom and self expression for all.