Nature Spirits

The Sabian symbol for the full moon eclipse that occurred this morning 15-16 degrees of Aries is:

“Nature spirits seen at work in the light at sunset”


This symbol represents attunement to the potency of invisible forces of nature. It is also about reconnecting us with our innocence and childlike sense of wonder. Can you remember what it was like to make believe that anything was possible? When everything in nature was alive, each flower with its own personality, each water droplet, each rock and each blade of grass its own story to tell? We are reminded now to take a pause in the adult, rather dry hustle and bustle of our routines to connect with the soul of nature. Isn’t it also so that we try too hard sometimes to consciously control and direct our lives without accessing our deeper, subconscious and superconscious wisdom? The more immersed we are in nature, the easier it become to access the so-called invisible forces within and around us…those forces in operation that we cannot normally see because we are too intent on doing this or that, becoming quite embittered when things don’t pan out the way we want.

The sunset symbolizes a sense of personal fulfillment that is realized when our defenses have dropped, and we can surrender to the closing chapters of a long day or week. It’s easier for most people to express their natural selves when they’re less charged up and more relaxed. Perhaps this is a opportune moment to relax your tight shoulders, heavy mind or heart, and to simply breathe, and be. If you live close to a stream, some trees or other greenery you might seek refuge there, and otherwise imagination will do just fine. In these sacred moments of quietude, your vision may become heightened. Inspiration may come. The rustling of the leaves in the breeze or the patterns formed in clouds can be the nature spirits’ ways of communicating with us, if we but stop to pay attention.

At this time of year leading up to Samhain (October 31st) the invisible world is increasingly being made visible, and the visible phenomena we are accustomed may become invisible. Everything animate and inanimate has its own invisible aura, its own “forcefield” around it that we brush against or interact with both while awake and while we sleep. Now, in this moment, you may wish to reflect on what it is that you’d like to become more consciously aligned with. Is there a particular aspect of nature that you would like to connect with, manifest, or heighten within yourself? There is a being, a devic consciousness of that aspect of nature that is available whenever you decide to make the connection.

Cocreation with the Intelligences of Nature

In the season of increasing light, people tend to connect more easily with the nature spirits, partially because the Sun brings them more outdoors where they are enjoying nature’s splendor. Another reason for this is that many of the beings in nature are intrinsically connected with the growth of so much of the vegetation, trees, and flowers that make Summer so colorful and plentiful for us.

PanEvery indigenous culture is conscious of their relationship with the intelligences within nature, by whatever titles fit the attributes and locations of these beings. Known as fairies, devas, nagas, devils, apsaras, and sprites to name a few, the spirits of nature are as much a part of our environment and evolutionary process as are we. In an astrological sense I personally think of these beings as particularly resonant and strong with the signs Capricorn and Pisces, and with the planets Earth, the Moon, and Neptune. Solstice is when the Sun enters the sign of Cancer which is ruled by the Moon, while we upon the Earth are currently in Capricorn – represented by Pan, who is known to oversee the realm of the fairies, nymphs and other beings.

I’d like to share just a few excerpts from my forthcoming book on this subject:

“Fairies, faeries, or whatever you’d like to call them, are part of a plane of existence running parallel to our own. This realm includes other beings such as unicorns, satyrs, and dragons. Nearly every culture makes some mention of these types of beings in their lore and mythology. They have varying degrees of consciousness just as humans and other animals do. Faeries can have personalities, shapes and sizes as diverse as humans, and some are actually quite larger than humans. Although they have various degrees of intelligence, they are a world apart as far as how they express themselves…

Let us, for here and for now, suppose that Faery is undoubtedly real, or at least as real as your own flesh and the ground that you stand upon. Faery as a realm and its beings typically cannot thrive in sterile plots of land devoid of color and vitality. It cannot bear the long stretches of rubber and cement man has implanted, constant exposure to EMF, toxic fumes, choked up and stale airs of petrochemicals, vulgarity and monotony. Can you? Due to neglect and abuse, the Faery within us withers, as reflected by many symptoms of deteriorating health and lack of conscious connection to the Body Deva that each of us eventually comes to evolve with. If this is true, then no wonder that far fewer humans actually benefit from the Sight of Faeries in this day and age. Now, we must go out of our way to interact, see, and befriend them. We must give back to the earth and ourselves, for we have collectively taken so much.

Within its seeming borders, Faery has no boundaries, nor tolerance for any sort of segregation, patriarchy and defilement of the Divine Feminine. It automatically deflects and refutes human flaws such as sexism, racism, classism, narcissism, and other isms that cause pain and suffering to sentient beings, by dissolving our sense of separation and superiority, and reminding us that we are all but reflections within the same giant pond. When this hurts, we demonize the beings in nature that may not be as evolved as ourselves – we project onto them just as we do upon each other as humans. By doing this, we create hell on Earth.

Contrary to popular ideas, the world of Faery does not promise happiness or cupcakes that taste as pink and delicious as they may appear. It may be pleasant or not, yet its seductions, sorrows, and both its silly and sinister games often reflect those of the human world. What many people do not realize is that there are various levels of consciousness within this realm, some trustworthy and others not, some of great stature, wielding great power and others small or seemingly subordinate.

Due to modern civilization, many children in today’s world are discouraged from developing their imaginations and telepathic links with Nature and the beings within it. They’re placed for countless hours in front of television sets to babysit, entertain, educate, and sedate them. In other words, electric boxes are programmed and permitted to raise our young. Unfortunately as a result, it takes a lot more for people to penetrate the veils than in ancient times…

The realm of Faery does survive in the hearts of the young, and curious, and in those whose hearts remain pure and open, eager to explore life and its myriad treasures. Faery beings tend to be very attracted to artistic types. Almost anyone can relate to and connect with the Faeries by caring for the environment that is shared with them, including the body temple itself.”

A question we may like to ask today is, what can we give to show our appreciation of the Earth and her unconditional love for us – no matter how sloppy we can be? It might be planting seeds, taking a stroll in the woods, picking up trash from the beach, or simply meditating in silence upon a hillside, in a glen, cave or other undisturbed section of nature.

Basically, when we attune to nature’s intelligences we can create a healthier and more harmonious experience of and for life on Earth. When we seek to cooperate with Nature’s intelligences our lives can become more meaningful as well as magical. Nature may not always seem like our “friend” in its actions but it always has a specific function and a purpose to what it does. When we connect with that inner function and purpose, we connect also to our own inner functioning and purpose. By becoming aware of our relationship with nature spirits with the intention to treat them with respect, even if we cannot see them with our physical eyes, we are saying to Nature  “Yes, I see you, and thank you for all that you do”. Oftentimes, Nature will acknowledge and thank us back for this in many surprising ways 😀