The Strongest Protest is Noncompliance

The square between Uranus and Pluto between 2012 and 2015 brought about the widespread upheaval that we find ourselves in the midst of today. Uranus rules technology and Pluto rules the masses. With these two planets in conflict, some form of social unrest coupled with hidden manipulation can be expected. Unbeknownst to us, deals were being made behind the Eurasian scenes that only in the past couple of years have come to our attention. Plans for a more “green economy” in the West, with less carbon emissions was already underway and taking root.

All things considered, the controlled opposition on social media is off the charts right now but then again it always has been. The internet casts a sticky web of fascination over the minds of millions of so-called normies and seekers alike, in a nonstop flow of the propaganda that diverts them further and further away from the truth, rendering them helpless against repeated attacks. If you’ve followed my posts for awhile you’ve seen what a skeptic I am of mainstream media, as well as what the “alt media” has become.

Examples of what I’m referring to are the countless social media pages and channels devoted to the extrapolation of world events. Many of them contain 90% true information. What’s wrong with being 10% wrong you might ask? That 10% of what’s wrong is not by mistake. It’s intentional. It’s always that one piece in the whole story that makes you either question the entire narrative altogether or the integrity person explaining it. Or, humorously, it’s that number 33 you keep seeing repeatedly in the person’s work. Usually, that doesn’t happen when the speaker is supposedly there to share factual information with an audience. The info shouldn’t be about the person who is speaking but all too often, it is. Sadly, many people have lost their ability to identify infiltration when they stumble upon it. The reasons for infiltration and lying are as myriad as are the personalities on earth, but the point here is that there is a huge difference between occasionally being inaccurate in one’s assessment about a situation and in purposely muddying the waters with libel.

The narratives surrounding the plandemic and all that has led up to the Ukraine crisis is part of a long drawn-out continuum. It’s not as new and sudden as people think. This is the public’s introduction to the Fourth Industrial Revolution so proudly propped up by World Economic Forum’s founder Klaus Schwab. It is the result of the insidious process of communism rearing its ugly head into civilization as it has successfully done before in the past, but not to this degree. It has people screaming, rioting, trolling, virtue signaling and arguing about some of the stupidest things imaginable. It has people turning on each other and using each other like grotesque self-serving beasts with no regard for anything or anyone but themselves. The Great Reset really is dehumanizing, in every way.

Neptune began its transit through Pisces in April 2011 and will be finished moving through this sign in January 2026. The veil of confusion, deceit, and intrigue that Neptune has cast over society has not been this impactful since Neptune entered Pisces in February of 1848, when Karl Marx’s “Communist Manifesto” was published. Here’s a great article with references:

Let’s keep in mind that Neptune and Pisces both rule the gas and oil industries too.

The strongest form of protest against tyranny is noncompliance. It is to disobey, rather than to obey rules and health mandates that are not in accordance with one’s personal values and ethics. For example, refusing to wear a mask and refusing to get an experimental shot will always be more powerful forms of protest than marching the streets with signs. History is just repeating itself, unless we learn about the true history – not a “version” of it.

Neptune in Pisces – Invisible Wars and Spiritual Lessons

One of the major themes of Neptune’s transit through its native sign Pisces is a dissolution of boundaries, which in today’s world is occurring via politics and technology. From April 5, 2011 until January 26, 2026, this transit began during the time when many of the ancient prophecies suggested the world would end in some way, and it is indeed ending in the ways that we have previously identified with.

Neptune obviously rules water and the oceans, and one of the things that has affected planet earth since its entrance into Pisces is the aftermath of the Japanese tsunami and Fukushima nuclear disaster on March 11, 2011. The results of toxic radiation have affected sea-life, wildlife and humans ever since that day, despite how much the information regarding it is denied.

As civil war in the form of protests and riots continue worldwide, law enforcement is undergoing a terrifying transformation so huge that we can scarcely imagine what this could lead to if it continues in the direction it’s heading toward. The law formerly issued only through specific human officials has slowly been granted to the general public, a sea full of disgruntled people micromanaging each other primarily through digital means. The collectivized policing also occurs through advertisements and mass production of clothing and other objects stamped with popular slogans meant to “school others” on what’s politically correct and what’s not.

Neptune rules photography and cinema, and although it does not specifically relate to technology as does Uranus, it does have much to do with the modified imagery that is so prevalent on the internet. Neptune is the great astrological influence behind all that cannot be fully pinned down in a material sense. It is ethereal in nature. It can be inspiring or hellish, depending on unforeseen factors. It can be seductive, like the fake beauty plastered on billboards and flashing on glowing T.V. screens.

In a digital yet nebulous realm of so-called knowledge and imagery that bleeds and morphs into many strange things, people have come to assume that the information, ideas, and even personal photos of others are their own personal property (aside from global icons and famous models). Worse yet, the very ideas of privacy and personal property are on the verge of collectively being viewed as a sin. Democratic ideals have been morphing into a kind of tyranny. True to the domain of Neptune, a world that is unseen to most of us is wreaking havoc on ordinary lives. It is driving people further away from nature and divinity and deeper into a dependency on the trappings of modern conveniences.

Neptune rules fantasy and the imagination. It is easy to get lost in it, like a maze that leads further and further into the middle of nowhere. Nightmares can become so convincing, to the point where the mind gives way to insanity. Similarly, the internet makes it all too easy to plagiarize, slander and censor others whenever egos are being bruised or somebody has something somebody else wants. Just as in “Real Life” (a lost art these days) nobody from the outside ever knows the inside story behind the drivel that is being circulated. Instead they repeat what they hear as if factual. Rumors of all kinds, from the trivial to those of massive importance whet the collective appetite for gossip, fueling a voyeurism that seems as vast as a bottomless pit. In the old days more people got that kind of satisfaction from sensational tabloids. Nowadays, thanks to social media, a kind of service that grew rapidly during Neptune’s previous transit through Aquarius between 1998-2012, it has become all too easy for billions to bypass the personal responsibility of their own lives because they’ve handed it over to power figures of all stripes, from info “gurus” to political leaders.

Neptune is associated with spirituality, as well as the flawed human ideas around it. This whole idea of sharing everything as if all aspects of one’s life should be as transparent as an open diary has grown out of a far left ideology. Even some of those who are right-leaning have forgotten this, as their own hypocrisy has revealed in recent years, with Neptune spilling it out all over the table. Some of these people may be public figures who pride themselves on their supposed conservatism while they engage in an equal amount of criticisms and censorship against anything or anyone who seems to even mildly disagree with their strongly upheld belief system.

Neptune rules hidden poisons and in Pisces this has begun to manifest in a worldwide push for “experimental” vaccines that some scientists claim have the potential to permanently alter one’s DNA. In 2020, Neptune was activated by a sextile from its sibling planet Jupiter three times: February 20, July 27, and October 12. Jupiter’s close involvement with Saturn and Pluto made this an extra volatile set of transits. Contagion, infection, and fears of disease (ruled by both Neptune and Pisces) were amplified by Jupiter and intensified by the stern presence of Saturn and the ruthlessness of Pluto in Capricorn. The next time this transit hits will be on May 23, 2024. Hopefully we will have learned much from our most recent experiences so that they do not need to be repeated then.

The Millennial generation (most born during Pluto’s transit through Scorpio between 1983-1995 and Neptune in Capricorn 1984-1998) is one that overall heavily leans on technology for their livelihoods, education and entertainment. Some have become extremely successful and contributed much good to humanity, so I’ll make that clear right away that this is not a criticism of everyone born during that time period. It’s already been noticed by many that a large portion of them have exhibited what may be termed a sort of collective, intellectual “superiority complex”. Think Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook co-founder for example. They act not only as if the world owes them privileges, information and things, but as if they already have it all, simply because of certain things they have read online. What so often occurs is that the ideas of other people are adopted as if they are their own (Neptune in Capricorn borrowing credits from those who came before). There is not much original about what these types speak or do, and that refers to those who steal from others. Because they grew up when the internet was rapidly growing in accessibility, much of their early learning came through absorbing what they read online or copied through others. Many of them grow into these early-life “experts” that encourage those around them to remain plugged into the digital network, where all can be monitored, cataloged and tracked. This is part of where the increased societal desire for security stems from. But…security is nonexistent within Neptune’s net, which is kind of where most of us dwell currently.

The fact remains that nothing – for anyone of any age, can substitute actual life experience in any field other than the field of the internet and technology itself. In addition, whether someone identifies themselves as left or right leaning they seldom have a true understanding of where their true values lie because many of them don’t even have a genuine sense of self unless and until they have lived life as it is, raw and real, without a complete reliance on technology. Those who do fully rely on the world of technology are in a way, selfless, in the worst possible way. To be selfless is to be soulless, and that is the image many strive so hard to attain. This also does happen in the guise of charity, which has become a perversion of previously pure spiritual aims.

One of the important things that Neptune’s latest transit in Pisces has accomplished is a tearing down of the veil of glamour from Hollywood, which has exposed the corruption behind the scenes of so many pop icons. Although Hollywood only physically occupies a small section of Southern California, its psychic influence has spanned the entire globe for several decades. The child abuse, occult rituals and exploitation of many star icons has been revealed through internet “leaks” and whistle-blowers. These leaks were especially prevalent in the years 2015-2016, while Jupiter opposed Neptune and Uranus was still in a square with Pluto.

There is an aspect of the Neptunian force that can be easily merged with, which means to take the path of least resistance, or it can be rejected. This takes discipline, because Neptune’s glittering jewels are extremely tempting, addicting, and very hard to turn away from.

There is no single person who can stop what’s happening. There is no president, no ascended master, no savior who has enough integrity to battle this spiritual monster alone, which has grown the size of all of humanity itself. The monster is comprised of all of the subconscious fears of our past, present and future selves combined. Like the dragon stories of old, only one who is both strong and clever enough can defeat the dragon and in this case that dragon would be his or her own participation in feeding the collective dragon. It would mean the ability to tame oneself and consciously choose one’s own actions, instead of being manipulated by outside forces. Then one becomes free to explore the friendlier dimensions of Neptune’s domain, where true understanding is gained and compassion may be developed through introspection and wisdom. Ultimately, Neptune can be the planet that liberates us from earthly woes by increasing our spiritual perception instead of wasting us away in our cherished illusions.

Neptune Stations Direct 2019 – Water Sword of Purification and Truth

Neptune went Retrograde on June 21st and is slowing down for a Direct station on November 27th at 15 degrees of Pisces. It makes a conjunction to the fixed star Achernar, also known as the Mouth of the River. This signals a surge of previously unrecognized or unvoiced emotions and truths rising to the surface of consciousness.

Neptune is the planet of dreams and the realms of imagination. Often Neptune’s influence can lead to denial, obsession, or addiction but when Retrograde it tends to reveal many things that are not pleasant to look at or hear. As it stations Direct the impact of what is understood, seen, or experienced may be amplified. As it goes forward again, so are myriad buried, stifled and confused ideas emerging from their murky depths to be aired out, voiced, reconciled, and reckoned with.

The qualities and influences of the star Achernar resemble those of Jupiter and are known to bestow great benevolence and success, as well as to heighten inspiration. Combined with Neptune however there can be difficulty in maintaining physical equilibrium. The energy coursing throughout our bodies or the environment can lead to feelings of spaciness, nausea or otherwise mean suffering from some kind of virus is possible during this time. It could be that what has been realized during Neptune’s Retrograde period has been overwhelming to assimilate and the time has come to process and take action on what was learned.

Mercury in Scorpio forms an exact trine to Jupiter, further assisting in the access of information from the subconscious mind as well as from external yet hidden sources. What comes up now may come to some as a relief. Yet for others there are a lot of icky vibes and a desire to expel toxicity from the mind, body and/or relationships with others. The truth involving communications will no longer be suppressed. It’s said that the truth hurts but it also liberates. Some of the things that people need to say to another or others may be shocking or even hurtful for the other to hear. The time has come for truth to prevail. By speaking truth with authority, a dam of stuck, nearly rotten energy is finally released. The knowledge attained over time and hardships must eventually be put into action and transformed into wisdom.

The New Moon in Sagittarius on November 26th is the launching pad for new and freer expressions of the truth. The Moon in Sagittarius squares Neptune at the moment of its direct motion on the 27th, indicating the friction between intuition and habitual responses. There could be some degree of “diving board fear” here, meaning a hesitation to truly heed the call of intuition, to make necessary changes or take the dive into something that seems so formidable and is yet simultaneously is the key to success.

With Neptune’s extra strong presence we are drawn to various forms of Neptunian outlets such as music, poetry, painting or meditation. Dreams may be extra vivid and seek to be interpreted by the dreamer, to effect powerful changes in waking life. Finally Neptune is no longer being squared by Jupiter this year. Jupiter has been conjunct the Galactic Center since mid-November, also heightening dreams, aspirations and synchronistic encounters. Both Jupiter and Neptune are now in positions to do anything but confuse and befuddle. Both are showing and telling it like it is.

This Neptune Direct is like a fierce Sword of Water penetrating into the most muddy crack of our lives to rid us of parasites, germs and a host of invisible adversaries. One by one, it is piercing through the metaphorical rivers, lakes and oceans of erroneous ideas, pseudo-spiritual bullshit and insidious psychic garbage that we have been saturated by for months, years, or even our entire lives. It is bringing clarity to the so-called Big Picture and allowing for a greater sense of appreciation for it all without getting lost in petty details. The Piscean element of compassion may also grow stronger as a result of seeing things more clearly.

Aftermath of the Saturn-Neptune Square: Delayed Reactions

“And so castles made of sand, fall in the sea, eventually” – Jimi Hendrix

Having stolen both material and immaterial goods, Saturn’s square to Neptune has come and gone like a thief in the night…a very long and dark night stretched over the time span of one year. The exact dates of its three major peaks were November 26, 2015, June 18, 2016, and September 10, 2016.

Saturn, the builder of form has been transiting truth-seeking Sagittarius since December 23 2014 until December 19th of 2017. Neptune, the bringer of dreams has been in the sign of its own domain, Pisces since February 2012 until 2025. While Saturn’s attention is placed in structure, Neptune’s is upon its dissolution.Optimized by JPEGmini 0xa2b342cf

Saturn rules sticks and stones, bricks and bones, the tables we dine upon. Neptune rules rivers, tears, imaginary monsters and Immaculate Conception. Saturn may lengthen but Neptune will spread. If Saturn has found truth in Sagittarius, Neptune in Pisces may have easily distorted it.

The struggle that has been faced with these two planets in a metaphorical arm wrestling match is the struggle that each of us have faced or will face at some point in life. It is the struggle against forces much greater than ourselves, or of being forced into a battle we know that we will lose but must fight nonetheless. It is the thankless job that must be done. It is the helpless dying who must be fed and administered medicine, even as they decline. It is the gray blur between black and white, right and wrong, moral and immoral. It is, for Americans, the humiliating social collapse marked by Democratic and Republican parties both having apparently gone off the deep end. It is the fear of losing everything, but waking up each day with everything still seemingly intact. It is the kind of torture that is inflicted with one of the worst tools in existence – that of threat.

What just happened?

When one is busy trying to evade the attack of something, they often overlook or under-look what is coming at them from a different direction. Their blind spot makes them vulnerable prey. They are suddenly caught unawares, but have to spend considerable time extricating themselves from what has become a complex trap.

As a child or at any time in life, did you ever experience a delayed reaction to an injustice done to you? If someone suddenly punched you from behind on a sunny afternoon at the playground, were you too stunned to respond? Later, your hurt and shock turned to anger, but it was too late. Your attacker was nowhere in sight. This did happen to me. The delayed fear experienced from this kind of attack can potentially sabotage future relationships and put a person constantly on guard.

Others may have encountered the misfortune of being robbed, or even raped, physically or psychically. At the time it occurred one might have been unable to respond. By the time one figured out how to defend oneself, the damage was done. If something like this happened to you, when the feeling of vengefulness finally arose, most likely you found your powerless yet again, without an outlet for your rage, feeling as though you had nobody to blame but yourself.

The battle between the two forces of Saturn and Neptune doesn’t involve fair play. Nobody gets to prepare. They only get to recover, if they survive. That means those who are the perpetrators of threats and violence don’t get off scot-free, no matter how things temporarily appear on the surface.

Kronos and Poseidon

In Greek mythology, Kronos (Saturn) swallowed his son Poseidon (Neptune) but Zeus (Jupiter) came to  Poseidon’s aid by making Kronus drink an elixir that caused him to regurgitate his son. Here I will take a moment to say thank you, Jupiter in Libra which entered on September 9, the day before Saturn’s last square this year with Neptune. I’m sure Kronos had some perfectly rational (in his mind) reasons for swallowing his son, mainly the fear that he should become more powerful than himself. This story in itself offers us much food for thought. Who is having the last laugh in all of this? Fire burns, earth disintegrates, air disperses, but water,  that mystery element overcomes all.

A deeply afflicted Saturn might want all the power, all the money, all the results of others’ hard labor for himself. An afflicted Neptune, ruling poisonous liquid injections has been reflected back to us in the form of forced vaccines that destroy immunity, crops saturated by Roundup (glyphosate) that cause mutilations, and continued Fukushima radiation-contaminated seas and shores.


The aftermath of the Saturn-Neptune square is somewhat like the mess we have to clean up after frantically looking for something, or after there has been a raid. Objects, furniture, papers, cloth, treasures, words and their meanings have been strewn about like heaps of indecipherable trash.

Neptune often does not seem to discriminate in which boundaries it dissolves. When going along with the flow, we can pretend that our intentions are noble or compassionate, but underlying motives will eventually be revealed. Some of the walls we built around each other in the past were unhealthy and needed to come down during 2015. Only after the walls came down did we realize how inhibiting they were. Who or what was difficult to understand, trust or relate to may have become as close as family. Or, the opposite. Some discovered they were literally sleeping with the enemy.

Delayed reactions may have come in relation to having been deceived and violated. The psyche of the human collective has indeed been violated repeatedly through the centuries. In today’s world, increased manipulation through the media has replaced much of the overt violence of previous wars. The lies are so twisted that people believe they need to remain safely locked into the victimhood that they find themselves in. They fight for, rather than against crimes that keep them enslaved.

And so, this is what it’s come to. Now we sit/stand/or lie in the aftermath of things we did and didn’t have any control over, all mixed together as one. The thought could be sickening enough to make one vomit. It could also be just the wakeup call that is needed in order for genuine, voluntary change to occur.

Find an Outlet

One of the worst things to live with is constant fear, and second to that is all of the toxic build up that occurs around it. The clutter. The stuckness. The sickness. The hate. When our fears are faced one by one, many of the toxins have a way of dissipating or exiting our bodies, minds and spirits. Sometimes we need to find and utilize an outlet for our fear, our anger, and our deep hurt. That outlet could be a punching bag, an isolated mountain, a pillow, a letter that is written, or some form of art that expresses what cannot otherwise be expressed.

If this calls to you, find that outlet and make it a priority. What’s amazing is just how much energy becomes available to the one who has become free of the baggage of irrational and even a few rational, yet excess fears. Don’t ever let yourself be diminished by toxic fear and threats ever again. You are meant to shine!

Anxiety and Awareness

In case anyone wonders why the past few days have been so emotionally intense, mind bending, and unbelievable, it might help to note that with such strong Neptunian energies present, next to nothing’s been what it seems (but is it really ever?)…

Neptune was opposite the New Moon in Virgo on August 25th, conjunct the Full Moon in Pisces on the 8th, and Venus has been opposing  Neptune since September 5th until the 10th.

Pisces, ruled by Neptune brings the following qualities to light every year while the sun transits this sign during March, but with Neptune Retrograde in its own sign and activated in so many ways these qualities are amplified seemingly a thousandfold: The Power of Neptune 

For some of us, things have been as sweet as surreal, but for the majority, the heartache of being faced with more than can be reasonably dealt with has prevailed. With subjects such as ebola running as viral as the virus itself, threats of further war, banking and money scams causing people to lose their homes, along with Hollywood’s dramas and distractions it’s no wonder that so many civilized people suffer from an anxiety so deeply embedded that it begins to rule every facet of their lives.

As we move closer into the sign of Libra with Mercury leading the way, we are exploring ways of achieving balance with both the dark and light aspects our of psyches as well as forces of the Universe. This is especially pertinent as Mercury is squaring Pluto (corruption, scandal, and combustion) in Capricorn and approaching a T-square with Uranus (explosive change, rebellion, and reversals – as well as intuition and freedom) in Aries. The missing point of this edgy cardinal aspect can be found in the nurturing, self-preserving sign of Cancer – a sign that never leaps before it looks. Before we can truly find our ways out of the sticky webs we’ve been stuck inside of in a corporately dominated society, we must come to grips with where we are and then utilize the “superpowers” of our higher, perhaps Neptunian mind to free us. After all, it is this same kind of power that got us there in the first place. That means that awareness is a major key to breaking anxiety. This anxiety refers to a highly charged emotional state mixed with myriad feelings of confusion, depression, fear, and overstimulation.

The more awareness we have, the less we are capable of being lied to, manipulated and made anxious, even by our own erroneous thoughts.

Whether life crippling or free-floating, anxiety can be produced by, masked by and eventually released by the powers that Neptune represents.

Take what you wish from this viewpoint and if it produces anxiety just dismiss…


Healing Power of Water

“Empty your mind be formless shapeless – like water. Now you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup, you put water into a bottle, it becomes the bottle, you put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now water can flow or it can crash.  Be water, my friend.” – Bruce Lee

- © image ysy

Although the year of the Black Water Dragon, last year we also had a lot of “air” to contend with, reviewing the mental and communication based aspects of our relationships signaled by Neptune’s exit from Aquarius, Venus’s extra long transit through Gemini, Jupiter through Gemini, and Saturn’s passage through Libra. Talking, planning, arguing, and second guessing were all amplified, and in a positive light, we may have also been graced with brilliant ideas and new friends. The abundance of new options made available to us could have been either expansive in happy, liberating ways or downright stressful!

We have many potent astrological configurations within the water element this year, including the year of the Water Snake, Saturn’s transit through Scorpio, Jupiter entering Cancer, Neptune in Pisces, and Chiron’s continued passage through Pisces. Mid-July will be especially potent for Cancerians (those with the Sun, Moon, or Rising sign in Cancer) when the Sun and Mercury make their way through this sign, Mars joins Jupiter in Cancer, forming a trine to Neptune in Pisces, and to Saturn in Scorpio, as well as interacting with Saturn’s mutual reception with Pluto in Cancer’s opposite sign Capricorn. Mercury and Saturn will both be coming out of Retrograde that month, which will create a heightening effect in the realm of emotions.

It may be that Neptune’s very long transit through Pisces will be a central theme this year, along with the aspects it makes. This is not surprising since we are lately being challenged to figure out who we are and how we fit into both our mundane relationships and the vast scheme of things. What do we reach for when we’re at the edges of the thresholds of either agony or ecstasy, or when we’ve hit rock bottom? If available, many would reach for a sedating or numbing pill or drink. Neptune is both the seducer and the dissolver of our illusions, delusions, and fantasies. A great movie that recently came out that illustrates the energy of Neptune very well was the Life of Pi. Is the tiger (or fear) that threatens to eat us actually our best friend, as we navigate the stormy seas of adversity in our life? We may need to become both flexible and alert – like water, in order to realize the potential gifts we are being given this year and for the duration of Neptune’s transit through Pisces. Some other highlights are less intense and will be more pleasurable, such as artistic expansion, elevation, new forms of photography, music, and dance.

While 2013 may be another twisty, windy, roller coaster of a year emotionally for many, it will be progressive, rewarding, and hopefully hydrating in many ways. Therapies relating to the water element may be especially helpful, such as sauna/sweat lodge, flower & vibrational essences, watsu massage, and other aquatic activities. In Chinese medicine water is seen as passive, relating to Kidneys – the warehouse of our vital energy and all yin qualities.

Pure drinking water has become a precious commodity in our overpopulated world, so finding and acquiring access to this may become important this year as well. There is a book well worth the read called “Your Body’s Many Cries for Water – You’re Not Sick, You’re Thirsty! Don’t treat thirst with medications!” by F. Batmanghelidj.

Even Bruce Lee acknowledged water as the most powerful of the elements, which can destroy through hurricanes, tsunamis and floods. On this planet we as well as plants and other animals also need water in order to survive, and to purify. Much has come to pass for many us in these past couple of years, so let tears flow if they must, and find ways to release pent up emotions so that they don’t become stuck and toxic on cellular levels. Remember the discoveries in Dr. Masaro Emoto’s water molecule experiments, revealing that our words, thoughts, and emotions do indeed effect the energy and structure of not only the water we drink but the water that comprises up to 70% of our human bodies, and the water that makes up 75% of the surface of the Earth. If our words, thoughts, and emotions affect water, then it would make sense to assume that they affect just about everything else that surrounds us!

Neptune and Earth Changes

My sense is that there is no coincidence between the much anticipated “end of the world” in 2012 and the entry of Neptune into the sign of Pisces. Although Neptune dipped into Pisces briefly on April 4th of 2011, it won’t fully enter Pisces for the long haul until February 3rd of 2012, a 14 year transit that will last until the August 4th 2025. This astrological happening represents such a powerful shift in consciousness in and of itself that it would behoove us to observe the meaning of this in our own personal as well as collective lives (also see Neptune in Pisces & the Age of Aquarius)

One such relevant observance was pointed out in a group event that I took part in during the Full Moon yesterday. During a Dharma talk, a dear woman friend read from the book “Wake Up to Your Life” by Ken McLeod, presenting us with a question that we were encouraged to ponder within ourselves, without any concern for a wrong or right answer. That question was

“Are you willing to let the image of yourself be shattered?”

(The image of yourself can be taken as the Buddhist concept of what is called the “innate view”, which is basically a formation of all the different illusions, delusions, past hurts and accomplishments, accumulations, and so on that make up what one believes and holds on to as their identity)

It is this question that Neptune often presents us with. This question is often particularly pronounced when Neptune is in relation to Pisces, the Moon, or the 12th house, collectively or within one’s personal chart. Neptune is an influence that comes unbidden to each of us at some point in our lives, whether young or old, without any preferences or prejudices for who we are, what we have done, or what we have attained. To the degree we are attached to our ideas of who we think we are or whatever we think we have, this influence can either be shattering or can come as a wave of deliverance.

Neptune in Pisces History

Neptune, along with Jupiter – the original ruler of Pisces before Neptune was discovered on September 23, 1846 has some governance over religions, idealogies, and philosophies, which is why many times in history when Neptune exited from Aquarius and entered into Pisces, there were great shifts from sensational and fast-paced media to a focus on inner values, religious practices, and cultural differences. It’s not that our precious Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other online methods of communication will suddenly vanish or fade into the vast blue sea, but the sense of just how vast the sea is will become more obvious and attention-grabbing. To some this will be experienced as disorientation and loss, and to others a great sense of expansion, freedom, and limitlessness. Although there is much more to cover on the subject, here are just a few brief examples of what occurred at some different points in history when Neptune entered Pisces.

  • The beginning of Communism occurred when Neptune entered Pisces in 1848 – the year of the Communist Manifesto.
  • At the end of January in 1357 when Neptune entered Pisces, there was a revolt in Paris led by Etienne Marcel. The economy of Europe changed as a result, centering more on trades and cities than land and property.
  • In 1193 the Aztec civilization started and Saladin, leader of the troops against the Crusaders died.
  • When Neptune entered Pisces in 702 there was a great Armenian rebellion against the Muslim laws.

Neptune and the Divine Feminine

Since Uranus entered Pisces in March of 2003 (now in Aries) female teachers and messengers have already been on the rise. As with teachers from any background, gender, or race, some of them fell into the category of “trendy female gurus” and a small portion of them have been legitimate. Especially with Neptune so prominent, we need to be careful of what and with whom we give credibility to. With Neptune in the mutable/feminine/water sign of Pisces there will be a great resurgence of the Divine Feminine on planet Earth. Due to the natural receptivity, emotional responsiveness, intuition, and compassion that is attributed to female energy we shall see many woman leaders take new and empowered roles in society.

Although fire can devour entire forests and destroy villages, the waves of the sea wear down the sand with repetition, and as we have seen, can devour entire cities. It is the soft, receptive, and compassionate nature of the watery Feminine that enables us to pass through certain challenges in life unscathed or alive, and it is this same energy that can overcome greed, hatred, and war.


Music is one of the expressions of Neptune, and indeed of Nature, whether made, heard, or seen in form of swirling hues and colorful patterns. Music can recorded but it cannot be contained, as it pulsates in all living things, and streams forth from those who consciously direct it, forever mutating itself in the seas of change. Different variations and tones of the same songs and rhythms have been recycled for thousands of years, perhaps as long as music itself has existed. This is one of the great mysteries of music.

Here at the end of Neptune’s transit through Aquarius, within the past couple of years there has been an enormous trend among young people with the electronic music known as Dupstep. This music may pave the way for yet deeper, even more surreal, danceable, tranceable tunes to tease our ears in the years to come.

When Neptune is in Pisces music shall reign in ways we have never seen in our current lifetime. Within the first year it may seem like the opposite, with mainstream music taking an even deeper “dive” into nonsensical lyrics and generic melodies devoid of soul – as if we haven’t heard enough already. Gimmicks, both fashion related and musical may quicken and heighten, reaching an all-time peak until they taper off and “die”.

Then…it will be time for those old psalteries and Spanish guitars to be dusted off, retuned, and played. Water drums, whistles, brass, bass and vox will come together forming symphonies and sounds that may make what’s considered “New Age” and World Music today more widespread, only combined with elements that we cannot yet fathom. Music theatres and shows with 3-D effects, somewhat like the Pink Floyd shows that used to be popular in S.F. may become popular yet again, with even new dimensions of interaction and sensory stimulation. 3-D glasses are already becoming a fad with movies…why not with music? I’m suddenly thinking of the band Tool’s latest album, 10,000 days with the attached 3D glasses by which to view the CD’s artistic “moving” imagery – the perfect example of a Neptunian expression.

Neptune  & Personal Aspects

Anyone who was either born under the sign of Pisces, has Pisces Ascendant, or Pisces Moon may be very sensitive to Neptune’s transit through Pisces, particularly when Neptune makes the actual transiting aspect to any of their personal planets. Neptune transits that make aspects to anyone’s Ascendant, Midheaven, and personal planets may be confusing, confrontational, or confounding in relation to beliefs, dreams, visions, and spirituality. They can also turn out to be creatively inspired and completely liberating. Below are a few very brief examples of what may come up when Neptune aspects any of your following planets, whether by birth or transit:

Sun – Identity crisis, general inspiration or spirituality, strange encounters with men

Moon – Emotional sensitivity, challenges with mother, escapism, musical inspiration

Mercury – Confusion or miscommunication, intense dreams, creative inspiration

Venus – Artistic inspiration, sacrifice or illusions, romance, higher values

Mars – Great restlessness, power struggles, disillusionment, spiritual work & progress

Jupiter – Heightened imagination, tendency to indulge, spiritual compassion

Saturn – Moodiness, spiritual initiation, spiritual potential but work to be done

Uranus – Strong psychic abilities and awakenings, sudden revelations

NeptuneEither comes as complete demise or complete liberation, spiritual opening

Nagivating the Realms of Neptune in Pisces

Although born under the air sign of Libra, I have quite a few aspects to Neptune in my birth chart, challenging to say the least. They are enough to make me ponder the meaning of this planet in my own life and in relation to life itself. I think of all of the difficulties that we must endure while living in human bodies on the Earth, and of all of the big “Uh-oh – not that transit!” transits that we painfully anticipate and struggle to cope with in life – Saturn returns, Mercury Retrogrades, Plutonian conjunctions, to name a few. If it seems like constant change is happening, it IS! That thing that we dread the most is constantly happening, but it’s not doing this against us. We only see it that way because as creatures of habit we resist yet more changes and the adjustments that are required of us in the face of change. We want to relax, not work.

Now we have this great big Neptune in Pisces thing about to happen, and although most of us haven’t made the connection, we are calling it the end-of-the-world, sensing that some great shift is about to occur in relation to what we hold and believe to be reality.

When clients come to me with various complaints and certain questions, I do my best to take into consideration their personal experience of their own version of reality, and rather than conflict with their version of reality, and without cementing any of the negativity that they identify with, I simply like to offer an expanded view of reality – one that they can add on to their own if they choose. In highly persistent cases, when all else has failed, I’ve often prescribed the same remedy for different maladies. That is – to take oneself lightly. Tread lightly, take oneself lightly, let go of “stuff”, and even laugh, for Heaven’s sake, or for one’s own sake. It doesn’t always make sense – this life, our challenges, and our perceptions of it. Sometimes it’s all just squiggly lines and jumbled verbs, distractions, tragicomedies and trajectories that continue to occupy the giant stage that we each perform upon. Sometimes, like when Neptune enters Pisces, it’s about surrendering to the great unknown. If we are willing to let go of a precious image that we have of reality, then anything will be possible for us, including liberation from suffering. If we go into this period of change with fear and attachment, we will only be creating more suffering for ourselves in the future. If we can truly be open to new ways of perceiving and living, we can collectively become and en-lightened race.

Things in relation to Neptune:

What all of things below share in common is that their root meanings, causes and effects stem from that which has no real shape and concrete definitions are difficult to pin down. This is the way that Neptune functions. This is what we may need to keep in mind as we witness the transition from Neptune in Aquarius to Neptune in Pisces:

  • Art
  • Poetry
  • Music
  • Television
  • Telescopes (Neptune was invisible to us on Earth before telescopes improved –tele means “far”)
  • Movies
  • Photography
  • Illusions
  • Chemicals
  • Poisons
  • Gases
  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Psychedelics
  • Dissolution & dissolving
  • Oceans
  • Religion
  • Dreams
  • Nightmares
  • Fantasy
  • Paranoia
  • Mist
  • Mysticism
  • Psychic phenomena
  • The Void

Neptune in Pisces & the Age of Aquarius

Whatever our personal views on creation happen to be, and whether or not we believe in what we cannot see,  it’s clear as day that our precious Earth is changing in her accommodations, as so must we also. However we choose to describe or view what is happening, these times we are living in have been predicted for thousands of years, by many cultures in this world.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, is ruled by the planet Neptune, and is a water sign that represents the final stages of development that may lead to karmic liberation and transcendence. Although we have moved into the Age of Aquarius we still have some Piscean lessons to learn, lest we repeat the mistakes of our ancestors in the face of great change, revolution, and evolution.

Pisces, by Josephine Wall

Transitions now require more courage and intestinal fortitude from the human race than perhaps ever before since the time of the great Flood of biblical times. In April 2010 while shocking Uranus was preparing to exit from the last degrees of watery Pisces, the Gulf of Mexico experienced a traumatic BP oil spill. The planet entered Aries in May, and then went Retrograde in July, moving back into Pisces for a several months. On April 20th of 2010, the day when the oil rig explosion occurred, the comet Chiron had just entered Pisces where it will travel until February of 2019. On March 10th 2011, Uranus was again at the tip of the very last degree of Pisces, and a huge tsunami devastated the entire coast of Japan. Uranus went out with a bang. Since entering Aries, Uranus has been in a stressful square with Pluto in Capricorn that will last for the next six years, indicating yet more social upheaval. Both of these slow moving planets can create far-reaching and long-lasting results by bringing up all of the hidden sludge and slime that have choked up life on many levels. The bright side of this is that Uranus in Aries gives us the incentive and energy to do something about it, and to meet our challenges with integrity.

On April 4th of 2011, Neptune  – another slow moving, deeply impactful planet  entered Pisces where it will pass through until 2025, a phenomenon which occurs every 256 years. In June however, Neptune went Retrograde for five months, retracing its course back into Aquarius on August 4th, and back into Direct motion on December 9th. Many of us are already sensing the coming reentry of Neptune into Pisces which will occur on February 4th 2012.

In Pisces, Neptune is in its own domain, correlating not only with the ocean, but the sense of Oneness that the ocean represents. It is a planetary archetype that can easily align itself with the most devoted servants of the Divine, or the most delusional addicts, escapists and con artists. Selflessness and compassion are two of Neptune’s highlight features. Deception and undermining of the self and values are its darker manifestations. We have nowhere left to hide from the Truth, and yet with strong Neptunian energies present people are so tempted to fool themselves, to mask their pain, and to pretend everything is normal or acceptable when and where it isn’t. We will need to go beyond martyring and deeper into genuine cooperation – what the Age of Aquarius represents.

There is no such thing as “back to business as usual” anymore. War as a strategy won’t even work anymore, in the ways that it used to. It won’t work because Nature’s forces are becoming louder than any of humankind’s creations. Meanwhile Neptune functions in subtlety, by its own nature creating transparency of the ego, which makes the energy that this planet represents  a formidable aspect of the Universe to be reckoned with. This is becoming a New Earth, and we are but babies being born into it, seemingly helpless as we roll upon the waves of uncertainty.

The question is now for many of us – how do we manage? Furthermore, if we survive in a physical sense, how may we serve? We must first alert ourselves to what is going on, within and without, and without any judgments that blur our ability to be fully present. Cliché as it may sound, kindness is our key to navigating through this storm. Neptune in Pisces will assist us in this. Although we cannot control the elements nor any forces greater than ourselves, Love truly is the answer to what riddles us most. Closed hearts contracted by fear are what created most of our catastrophes and obviously our wars. Love and kindness makes life run more harmoniously. History has shown us that humankind’s downfall has its roots in a fear of the awesomeness of Nature.

Rather than open our hearts to the Earth we have often turned our backs on the very ground that sustains us. Ridiculously ignorant actions have caused tragic results for us. As much as it seems that the Earth hates us at times, she loves us dearly and unconditionally as we are a continuous part of her. How can we interpret what Mother Earth is saying, and to work with her in a way that is conscious, respectful, and loving? What is happening within her right now is that she is mending herself from past wounds, and mirroring back to us a lot of our own fears and wounds in the process. Like the Earth itself, we are less a substance than we are a process, infinitely unfolding.

On a personal level, Neptune in Pisces excites me as I have a strong emotional connection to the ocean (go figure – oceans and water represent emotions anyway!) and to both the physical and ethereal beings of the water. There is a reemerging of the merfolk occuring on the earth plane at this time. More to share on this in the future 😀

As Neptune travels through Pisces in the coming years, we must continue to unfold, and to be ready for the only thing that is sure and constant in life, change. We can currently collect ourselves by collectively beginning to savor the most simple of Nature’s wonders. We can do this by simply living in the moment, and we can share this activity and awareness in ritual with loved ones and community. We can remind ourselves of our divinity by giving our attention to the smell of the enduring rose, the warmth of the morning sun, the chirping of birds, the signs that tell us that life, mystery and magic abound. Our lives are an integral part of this mystery and magic.

original published copyright by Yerevan – March 14, 2011 (revised Jan 1, 2012)