The Cancer New Moon Brings Publicity to Child-trafficking Criminals

I haven’t been posting much for awhile and this one is really not the most eloquent. I’ve been very busy this year making things happen that I’ve envisioned for many years and will make myself more available as soon as possible.

On June 28, 2022 Ghislaine Maxwell finally got sentenced to twenty years in prison for running a highly extensive child sex trafficking ring for perverted politicians, elites and underground pedophiles. This happened to coincide with the New Moon that occurred that same day at 7 degrees of Cancer, the sign associated with both the protection of children and retribution for harmful acts against them. Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein’s partner in crime, spent many years grooming young girls to be sexually abused. She spoke of her regret over her actions, most likely not due to feeling sorry but because she kind of had to in a court setting.

The trouble with this sentencing is how little weight it actually carries when compared to the horrendous and permanent damage she has caused to so many young lives. We can only speculate what shenanigans will befall her behind bars. That she’s on a suicide watch but isn’t actually suicidal is telling of how the justice system often covers for psychopaths instead of delivering their just deserts.

Neptune also just turned Retrograde in Pisces on the 28th until December 4th, serving to strip away all kinds of unhealthy illusions and delusions that people have been harboring about all kinds of things, people and situations. Things haven’t yet become completely obvious so it’s important to stay on guard.

Today, June 29, the famous singer and producer R. Kelly also got sentenced to thirty years in prison for sex trafficking. With the New Moon squaring Jupiter and joining in with the Mars square to Pluto it’s no wonder we are seeing these VIPs put in check this week. However, they are only slaps on the wrists considering what horrible things they have done.