New Moon in Cancer 7-4-16

Since food is defined as something that we ingest in order to sustain life and growth, it takes many forms that we absorb through senses and functions other than taste and digestion. There could be many reasons why a certain food doesn’t sit right with us, from our mood to overindulgence, an allergic or chemical reaction in our bodies to the fact that it may be downright unhealthy for us. We have “soul food” for our bellies and soul food that actually has an impact on our souls. As for many kinds of plants, both soil and sun are sources of energy for us.

Right now, the Sun is in Cancer moving into opposition with Pluto, and as I began to type this the dark moon prepared to for renewal on July 4th at 12 degrees of Cancer. Many news posts I have seen for the past couple of days have dealt with herb and drug poisoning, child prodigies, child abuse, issues pertaining to internal organs, the California drought, and food.

Cancer is the Cosmic Mother of the great wheel of the zodiac, with a deep sense of caring and empathy for the suffering of all creatures. In one of her highest expressions she does her part to make sure that all are fed and nurtured, safe and sound, comfy and cozy. Her “bad side” may manifest in sulky, snappy, crabby, or loony behavior. In some cases, the mother (or father) is still yet a child herself, seeking for sympathy and solace in seemingly all the wrong places, and retreating head-down in teary-eyed silence when the world does not meet her unfulfilled needs. She may binge eat on comfort food as she hungers for something she cannot quite name or put her finger on, perhaps because it is not tangible.

a summer solstice salad

a summer solstice salad

Food is so much more than just some kind of substance that we put into our mouths when we are hungry. Anything that we take in regularly as food through our senses serves to nourish and heal us or is harmful to us over time. We can feed our hearts, minds, and spirits through imagery, sound, touch and scent, and also through an exploration of and connection with our Inner Worlds.

Although Cancer tends to sensitize us to our environment for better or worse, it also shows us how to navigate the inner landscapes of the imagination. Like the other water signs, Cancer tunes us into aspects of existence that we might not ordinarily pay attention to.

Types of food to consider at this time and in general:

Edible – There is the obvious kind of food that we eat, but in today’s world what many eat is far from nutritious and then they wonder why their health suffers. Also, how can we really digest what we eat even if it is nutritious when the news is blaring, someone is telling you about the poor woman who got mugged in the street, or having a family argument at the table? Audible disturbance can destroy the many benefits of the foods we eat.

Visual – Certain images, expressions, shapes, colors and lights taken in through eyesight can strengthen or weaken us, especially over time. Everything from the artwork we choose to decorate our homes with, the books we read, to the movies we watch are like a sort of food or poisoning for our overall system. There is very little neutrality in these things because we usually either benefit from them or the opposite.

Audible – The manner and use of our speech, the music we listen to, the sounds we hear on a daily basis bring us down, lift us up or keep us stable. No music at all is better than music that grates on our nerves or keeps us awake all night. In several cultures words and letters are sacred. They contain chi, or life force energy. The American culture (America is a 13 degrees Cancer with its Sun being transited by this New Moon) has lost the sacredness of alphabet and its usage. What we say to ourselves and others on a frequent basis functions as audible food, or poisoning. Toning, chanting, chimes and bells are ways to clear energy in a home.

Tactile – We are nurtured through touch just as we are traumatized through physical violence. Cancer certainly won’t come out and say it but craves hugs and snugs, perhaps more than any other sign. Fabrics, textiles, and other surfaces may be coarse and rugged or soft and pleasing to the senses. This is of course a matter of preference.

Ethereal – Since ancient times, sweet incense has been offered to the gods and deities because it “feeds” them on the ethereal levels, just as it does for us. Milk, honey, candy and baked goods have been left outside of homes to “feed” the fairies, or Little Folk, but it is understood that what they feed on is the energy and not the substance of the food. In Buddhist tradition, a bit of each meal may be left on the altar for “hungry ghosts”. Some of us enjoy the use of flower essences which are nurturing on ethereal levels.

Out With the Old, In With the New

This could be the time to take a good look around in our homes and take stock of what we are holding onto and how it is impacting our health. Home is more than a place where we physically live. It is how we dwell inside of ourselves, whether in a state of unrest or peace. Our beliefs and habits form the structure of this inner home, which could feel like a total dump, a funny farm or a temple. If we do not have a calm home to come back to after being out there in the crazy world at the end of the day, week or longer, we eventually become run down, sick, and weary in body, mind, and spirit.

forest wood nymph - Josephine Wall

forest wood nymph – Josephine Wall

The many karmic burdens we have shouldered from previous generations comes to the fore now to be reconciled, recontextualized, and released. Family dynamics that push our buttons the hardest can be some of the greatest motivations for spiritual growth. That is because these tough issues cannot be solved on the base ego levels, where they began. We need skills and tools of a higher nature to be able to see them through, and ultimately to overcome them.

A grand water trine between Venus in Cancer, Chiron in Pisces and Mars recently turned direct in Scorpio helps us access emotions we have not been able to in a while, as it was previously not safe enough to do so. It is easier for us to receive the support we need now as we move through major challenges. However, there is so much to let go of. This letting go can be the most terrifying and simultaneously liberating thing we do in this life. When we are face to face with Death, literal or symbolic, we realize what we are truly made of.

The New Moon’s trine to Neptune in Pisces emphasizes our inklings of realms of the unseen, spiritual awareness and healing, and the power of gentleness and kindness versus force. The things we do, say, ingest through our senses, give and receive throughout this week are likely to have long lasting effects. As we let go of outmoded things, patterns, and beliefs no longer useful to us we will experience deep renewal within ourselves and close relationships.  More energy will soon become available to acquire and achieve that which truly aligns with our innermost wishes.