Staged Political Events with Mars 29 degrees of Aries

All the World’s a Stage” – William Shakespeare

Mars just exited its fiery home sign Aries today, January 6th 2021 and went out with a bang in its final degree. This signaled not only an aggressive ending to a long-standing political situation, but the beginning of a new war, and one that could involve the wide demographics of civilians from many nations. Now that Mars is in Taurus, the build-up of behind-the-scenes drama is not yet over but is being massively revealed. A separating square to Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn is still in effect while the square to Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius (the lingering Great Conjunction) grows. Both Martian and Plutonic forces were unleashed in Washington, DC at the White House with alleged Trump supporters (likely mixed in with actors) storming the capitol in a frenzied protest against rigged elections.

The amount of violence that Mars and Pluto are capable of, especially when their coming together entails a cardinal square can be mind-blowing, to say the least. In addition, the amount of propaganda pushed by the mainstream media with Mercury and Pluto in conjunction can be utterly staggering, and relentless. The mayhem experienced during Mars’ exit from Aries is not by any means over. It’s also 100% government manufactured, specifically meant to elicit violent reactions from the public in return. The New Moon in Capricorn on January 12th at 23 degrees of Capricorn coincides with Mars squaring Saturn and approaching explosive Uranus, and with the week of the US presidential inauguration.

America is one of the few, highly romanticized countries left known for its many freedoms. In many ways has also been one of the most gullible and easy to fool with its extremely indulgent distractions and illusions of choice. The prolonged Mars square to Pluto that began in 2020 is still just the beginning phase of the USA’s first Pluto Return.

Somehow, in small cracks within the wake of such startling events, for those with eyes to see it becomes clear that there is absolutely nobody in the higher echelons of political power that can be trusted with the lives of billions. With this knowledge spreading far and wide, a real collective transformation could begin. Until then, we may need to be prepared to defend ourselves with every ounce of strength we possess, and to reject martial law while we still have the ability to speak freely without being prosecuted. And since so much of what we have experienced and are about to further witness is staged like a program seen on television, the great “wizard” behind the screen such as in the Wizard of Oz will never reveal himself but will continue to mesmerize his followers until they rip down his curtain and light it on fire.

New Moon in Capricorn 1-9-16

The New Moon at 19 degrees Capricorn on January 9th is about getting down to the nitty-gritty, you know all those corners, nooks and crannies of the home, work, and relationships that we’d usually rather brush under the rug or shove into the closet, saving them for a rainy day. That rainy day is here.

If organization skills don’t come naturally, consider the Universe to be offering divine intervention at this time. How and whether or not we receive the help being offered is another subject that could take up pages.

capricorn goddess

a Capricorn goddess (if anyone knows the artist please tell me)

A renewal in feminine, earth based Capricorn ruled by the cosmic Lord of Time is bringing our attention to our physical and spiritual lineages. Mercury has just backtracked into Capricorn placing an additional focus in the reviewing of our ancestry, forces of government, patriarchal and parental issues. Adjustments are being made in our relationships to all forms of authority, be they physical or spiritual.

A trine from Retrograde Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo is enabling us to clear blockages that have been carried through the ages and heal deeply embedded wounds. All forms of healing are highlighted but what many of us are looking at in particular are those chronic nagging health issues. We’re finally getting to the root cause of some of them! If we perceive ourselves to have been mentally and emotionally floating aimlessly in space, out on a limb, hanging by a thread or lacking direction or purpose in our lives, this New Moon is bringing us down to earth.

The Black Moon Lilith in Libra is intensifying the Uranus and Pluto square (seven aspect squares between 2012-2015) which continues to have an effect on mass consciousness. Since the New Moon is conjunct Pluto, it is also involved in furthering our awareness of recent transformations that have taken place in our lives and those that are still underway. A few times in past posts I mentioned that the aftereffects of this square would probably be much more intense that what occurred during them, and so far that has proven to be the case. The effects from the Uranus Pluto square will be present with us throughout 2016.

With Venus conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius we’re being asked what we’re really made of and with whom and how do we wish to share this. We’re reminded of the importance of planting our feet on terra firma without neglecting to look up at the stars.

The Sabian symbol for this New Moon is: A Hidden Choir Is Singing During A Religious Service

This Sabian symbol has many layers of significance. First, it is “the fulfillment of the individual’s creative function through his participation in a group performance consecrated to a transcendent realization of unity” – Dane Rudhyar

It represents the heavenly qualities of community endeavors. Philosophically, it relates to the music of the spheres. I imagine that the power of the voice in song and of mantra is heightened at this time.

The New Moon’s sextile to Chiron in Pisces indicates childhood memories, and maybe traumas up for release. Here is a song that carried me through some hard times growing up. Perhaps it will be relevant to some of you now…


Blessings, happy new year and happy new moon to all

New Moon, New Year 2014

At last, after a few years of tying up loose ends, we have arrived at a new year that truly begins us anew, with a New Moon at 10 degrees of Capricorn on January 1st – the one and only day of each year represented by the King of Spades. What a fortunate month we have to both begin and end with a New Moon…the second on January 30th will be in the sign of Aquarius.

This New Moon puts us in touch with the elements of the earth we live upon. After the parties and frivolities associated with the holidays here is where we buckle down and get serious. What are we doing, where are he heading, how do we intend to reach our goals? The focus is on personal mastery, good old fashioned work requiring “elbow grease”, heeding or becoming an authority and doing whatever it takes to match up to the associated ideals of that particular authority. The King of Spades means business, and a New Moon that falls on a day with his attributes is no small occasion.

kingspadeProper discrimination is what will help make wiser choices in all areas of life, and a certain level of detachment and quietude will assist in reaching reasonable goals easier and swifter than if we continued to mingle with unmotivated people in inappropriate settings. There is really no more room, no more time to spare…there are no more excuses, no more alibis, as Old Father Time, Capricorn’s ruler Saturn would put it in practical terms we simply need to “be the change we wish to see in the world”.

The New Moon is conjoined with Pluto and Mercury, indicating that which will not be suppressed without a fierce battle or ginormous shift of energy, either to be inwardly or outwardly experienced depending on outlook and circumstances. Hidden truths are erupting from the collective consciousness like a volcano, causing some people to burn and cry, while others dance and rejoice.

The ongoing Grand Square, currently involving the New Moon cluster in Capricorn, Mars in Libra, Jupiter in Cancer, and Uranus is not letting us get away with not doing the work that must be done. This is both inner and outer work that has been neglected or that some may have been unable to accomplish previously. Now, the urgency that these powerful planets in cardinal signs reflect to us indicate we must act with conviction, or risk being acted upon. More can be read about this in the forecast for 2014 – Year of the Chariot

There is a magic to Capricorn that is less spoken of in astrology circles…

For those in touch or who would like to be more with the more sensual sides of life, the Capricorn New Moon and season is very much one that enables us to tune into our senses in deeper ways. Pan, the goat god is a major archetype associated with Capricorn, having a great influence on nature itself, the sexual impulse, and the beings of nature known as faeries and elves. The asteroid Pan has been conjunct with Uranus in the freedom loving sign of Aries since early December, taking part in Grand Squares’ stirring up of raucousness, heathenism, and individuality. Certainly he has made his dynamic presence known in fiery, passionate, and unpredictable ways.

Speaking of Faeries, I very much look forward to interviewing the world renowned mystic Almine on my radio show this month on the subject of them (stay tuned through my Facebook and Twitter announcements).

What occurs on the first day of the year sets the tone for the year, and we have some great tools at our disposal to work with to build, create, and make tangible our dreams and ideals. Some of this work may not be easy for us, but this is truly a year that we will have the chances to make things happen, get things “done” and move forward in ways than we may not even have imagined were possible.