New Moon in Leo: Tap into True Joy!

Happy solar return to all you Leos out there! Now that the Sun now transiting your sign, there is a sudden impetus to act and to carry out the plans or ideas that have been incubating for the past few weeks. That goes for everyone in general but especially those with Leo featured prominently in theirs charts. For all this is a time to tap into heart-centered joy, to express creativity and love.

There is an upcoming New Moon in Leo on July 31/August 1, coinciding with the pagan cross-quarter day of harvest known as Lammas. This is a time to reap the results of what has been sown during the past few months, including the efforts that have long been put toward certain goals and achievements. The New Moon is 8 degrees Leo, in a conjunction with Venus, goddess of love and beauty. This connection highlights the affections and creations as well as financial flow. A helpful fire trine to Chiron the wounded healer in Aries indicates that it will soon become easier to work through difficulties and experience healing and heart-centered exchanges. A square to Uranus suggests that there is at least one major surprise popping up a couple of days prior this New Moon. Could be good, bad or in between so it’s best to be ready for anything! Mercury goes Direct on this day after being Retrograde all month, which further emphasizes the unpredictable elements at hand.

Leos and Leo Rising folks, there is a truly potent shift underway that could be memorable for years to come. For many it’s been a rocky ride for the past several days with lots of unexpected setbacks and glitches. A hint of the best of what’s going on and what’s to come will probably make itself known in mid to late August, as Mercury regains forward momentum in your sign and the Sun makes its final degrees through your sign. You also have Jupiter on your side, even more so when he goes direct in Sagittarius mid-August.

During the New Moon, Mars and Juno will be in a conjunction at 15 degrees Leo placing a lot of passionate emphasis on committed partnerships, the nature of which would vary from person to person. You can check your chart to see if any personal planets are being transited.

Above all this is a time to shine and to bring out the best of oneself as well as others. Don’t just stay inside or be a mugglewort or a workaholic. Find excuses to go out and have some fun for a change, whatever that means to you….dancing, performing, bird-watching, cooking, helping others…whatever, so many possibilities!

What makes you special, how you express affection, where you find joy, what you find sexy and your heart’s deepest longings can usually be seen symbolically in the fifth house of your natal chart. Are any planets transiting this area? What is the ruler of your fifth house doing now? It could also be cluing you in to where joy is currently to be found.

When it comes to seeking for joy in the natal chart, another method I have personally been observing for a few years are the Arabic Parts of Fortune and Spirit. The Part of Fortune is lunar based while the Part of Spirit is solar based. The Part of Fortune has frequently been attributed to joy, fortune and material benefit but I have found that this is not always applicable. It could point to what keeps one going in the midst of challenges. Sometimes the Part of Spirit, associated with spiritual assets and self-actualization more accurately depicts true joy, but unlike the joy and fortune associated with the PoF it is a joy and benefit that is attained later in life rather than obvious in early years. It would be worth checking to see if you have any planets transiting either of these areas, or if you would like help with interpretation you can email me to book a reading.