New Moon in Leo: Tap into True Joy!

Happy solar return to all you Leos out there! Now that the Sun now transiting your sign, there is a sudden impetus to act and to carry out the plans or ideas that have been incubating for the past few weeks. That goes for everyone in general but especially those with Leo featured prominently in theirs charts. For all this is a time to tap into heart-centered joy, to express creativity and love.

There is an upcoming New Moon in Leo on July 31/August 1, coinciding with the pagan cross-quarter day of harvest known as Lammas. This is a time to reap the results of what has been sown during the past few months, including the efforts that have long been put toward certain goals and achievements. The New Moon is 8 degrees Leo, in a conjunction with Venus, goddess of love and beauty. This connection highlights the affections and creations as well as financial flow. A helpful fire trine to Chiron the wounded healer in Aries indicates that it will soon become easier to work through difficulties and experience healing and heart-centered exchanges. A square to Uranus suggests that there is at least one major surprise popping up a couple of days prior this New Moon. Could be good, bad or in between so it’s best to be ready for anything! Mercury goes Direct on this day after being Retrograde all month, which further emphasizes the unpredictable elements at hand.

Leos and Leo Rising folks, there is a truly potent shift underway that could be memorable for years to come. For many it’s been a rocky ride for the past several days with lots of unexpected setbacks and glitches. A hint of the best of what’s going on and what’s to come will probably make itself known in mid to late August, as Mercury regains forward momentum in your sign and the Sun makes its final degrees through your sign. You also have Jupiter on your side, even more so when he goes direct in Sagittarius mid-August.

During the New Moon, Mars and Juno will be in a conjunction at 15 degrees Leo placing a lot of passionate emphasis on committed partnerships, the nature of which would vary from person to person. You can check your chart to see if any personal planets are being transited.

Above all this is a time to shine and to bring out the best of oneself as well as others. Don’t just stay inside or be a mugglewort or a workaholic. Find excuses to go out and have some fun for a change, whatever that means to you….dancing, performing, bird-watching, cooking, helping others…whatever, so many possibilities!

What makes you special, how you express affection, where you find joy, what you find sexy and your heart’s deepest longings can usually be seen symbolically in the fifth house of your natal chart. Are any planets transiting this area? What is the ruler of your fifth house doing now? It could also be cluing you in to where joy is currently to be found.

When it comes to seeking for joy in the natal chart, another method I have personally been observing for a few years are the Arabic Parts of Fortune and Spirit. The Part of Fortune is lunar based while the Part of Spirit is solar based. The Part of Fortune has frequently been attributed to joy, fortune and material benefit but I have found that this is not always applicable. It could point to what keeps one going in the midst of challenges. Sometimes the Part of Spirit, associated with spiritual assets and self-actualization more accurately depicts true joy, but unlike the joy and fortune associated with the PoF it is a joy and benefit that is attained later in life rather than obvious in early years. It would be worth checking to see if you have any planets transiting either of these areas, or if you would like help with interpretation you can email me to book a reading.

New Moon in Leo 2016

“All gods are homemade, as it is we who pull their strings, and so, give them the power to pull ours” – Aldous Huxley

Whether one agrees with the above quote or not, it offers some interesting food for thought that is relevant to this month’s astrological mash-up. The sign of Leo in particular is concerned with a certain kind of power, and at times power for its own sake. To whom do we assign authority? Who assumes it without question or intervention? Who grants power and who takes it away? Who embodies it? Who crumbles beneath it?

leo1The New Moon is 10 degrees of Leo, highlighting all passions and affairs of the heart, as well as personal power. This, along with the building energy of a lunar eclipse on the 18th is stirring up both mischief and creative inspiration, pushing buttons and briskly grabbing people’s attention – here, there, everywhere! It launches a fiery summer month that is bound to be anything but boring.

The onset of August and its lunar activity is associated with Lughnassadh, a pagan holiday honoring the Sun god Lugh, the waning of the solar god, and waxing of the moon goddess. This day also marks and celebrates the beginning of harvest season. At this juncture, energy begins to draw ever so slightly inward, in preparation for the dark half of the year. The actions that have been taken or not taken in previous months are reevaluated.

The Sun and Moon’s trine to Saturn and quincunx with Neptune indicates a possible strong theme of immoral manipulations and obfuscations, or conversely, the uncovering of deceit. As if most minds are not already filled to the brim with it, there will be more dirt on political candidates, more scandals, and more rage. Fortunately, the brief yet stabilizing influence of Saturn has actually been lending a sense of poise and objectivity to those in need during recent stressful jolts.

Mercury having entered one of its own signs, Virgo on July 30th moves out of a square with Mars which will have entered Sagittarius (sigh of relief!) just hours before the New Moon. The number of times (by date) the planet of communication has clashed/will clash with the planet of raw energy and action this year:

  • January 5th
  • March 5th
  • July 29th
  • September 12th
  • October 13th

Here we have a bit of the good, the bad, the ugly…and lo and behold, the funny. If you’re not laughing yet at the absolute absurdity of things lately, God help you. While it’s true that our knowing hearts may effectively guide us through life’s challenges, the faculties of the intellect should not be neglected in the attempted solving of complex problems. Also, courage, guts, and Will itself will also get us farther along than mere faith in a projected outcome.

With the planets only occupying earth, water, and fire signs now and throughout the month most of us are strongly feeling and doing rather than a ton of thinking and planning. Instinct rules over reason, which could work for or against in any given situation. Big thanks to Mars in Sagittarius, many prior plans are finally being put into action. Stifled energy and things affected by Mars’s transit through Scorpio since the year began (extra long due to Mars’s Retrograde) are being set back into motion again. With Mercury slowing down during the fourth week of August to station Retrograde on the 30th until the Autumn Equinox in September, don’t expect everything to automatically just fall into place.

Venus, in late Leo begins edging into a square with Mars that will take place on the 6th. Whether an intensity of emotion plays out constructively or destructively, helpful or harmful, will depend upon where personal values have been placed during the past few months. The use of force to affect change, especially against the wishes of others can backfire. However, a position of passivity taken in the midst of outright attack may manifest in far worse ways.

One of the ways that frustrated aspects between Venus and Mars plays out is in sexual conduct. Abuse and misuse of sexual energy and assertion tends to ripple out and affect entire communities and civilizations. We may hear or read about the horrors of child molestation and sex trafficking in the news, but none of these types of things are new. Today, we are looking at the many outcomes that this kind of abuse has had on humanity throughout the ages. To say that sexual abuse is natural human behavior is a gross misstatement, but it has apparently become the “norm” in many cultures. Where, or more specifically how did it all begin? It almost always begins with tension.

All this heaviness aside, Leo is about the playful and colorful sides of life, love, and sexuality, as well as putting one’s unique stamp in the world through children or other expressions of creativity. There is much creative fire lighting up even the darkest corners and back alleys. Those who have been down on their luck with nothing left to give might find that suddenly they feel great, and even generous. During this New Moon’s influence, the objects or recipients of love and devotion are powerfully reflecting back what is being offered.

“And still, after all this time, the Sun has never said to the Earth, “You owe me”. Look what happens with love like that. It lights up the sky.” – Rumi

New Moon in Leo

The New Moon at 3 degrees of Leo on July 26th brings in a long awaited time of renewal, creativity and joy for many. Jupiter, just one degree behind and amping up the Moon’s already potent energy recently entered Leo for a year’s time to help us ligthen up or find productive outlets for our passions. This New Moon coincides with both the Egyptian and Mayan New Year, when the Dog Star Sirius rises just before dawn. In possible alignment with this, it seems that during the Summer months of June and July there is a heightening of many strange extraterrestrial, metaphysical and political occurrences that I would dare say sometimes beat even Halloween’s thinning of the veils.

Although there may be feelings of sorrow, regret, or nostalgia as we transition from the deeply sensitive influences of Cancer leading up to this New Moon, there are rising currents of energy that are coming not only from the heart chakra of the Earth, but that of our Sun and our souls. The Jupiterian energy is beginning to fuel us with the courage, inspiration, and desire to move past our comfort zones and into our joy. After we have fully checked our motivations and made a list of what we would like to manifest, we would do well to

Act as if it were impossible to fail” (Dorothea Brande)

This New Moon being square to Mars may not carry the kind of levity that some may typically associate with brightly shining Leo, because the world is in upheaval and some of us can’t dream of celebrating at a time like this. It does however hold the potential to stimulate our intuition, higher aspirations, ambitions and affections, some with great fire and ferocity. Chances for great affluence and influence are also higher due to the increase of vitality, charisma, and ability to appeal to peoples emotions. This particular moon may also favor the winning of new friendship and allies, which we must choose well, letting our hearts guide us. Mars will have entered Scorpio just the evening before this New Moon so deep perception and healing are simultaneously strengthened now until September 13th.

The New Moon is especially close to the fixed star Al Tarf, in the southern hind foot of Cancer. This star name’s translation is Glance of the Lion’s Eye, denoting both the swiftness and perceptiveness of the Cat or the Crab’s ability to powerfully respond to any form of threat or intrusions into its psychic space or that of its loved ones. With this influence we may find that we have a tenacity and steadfastness that we did not recognize we or others had. With wrong motives or finding ourselves in the wrong place at the wrong time, we don’t stand much of a chance to survive.  The trespassing of boundaries does not bode well now for anyone.

Now and as the months unfold we will continue to be amazed at the talents and intelligence of very small children and young people voicing themselves and sharing their gifts in the realms of the arts, science, ecology, and politics. Whether we view them as Indigo Children, Rainbow Children, prodigies or the products of a New Earth where we must evolve quicker than ever before or die – we are blessed to be in their presence and must seek to preserve and hold a sacred space for them to carry on once we have passed. We must lead by example rather than by dictatorship, developing fairness and flexibility in our dealings – not an easy task in the sign of Leo.

With this New Moon, may we come to more fully appreciate and express the creative genius that stirs within our souls, and to rekindle both our innocence and our capacity for deep play even in a world that tells us we should always be on guard.