New Moon in Sagittarius

The Sagittarius energy of this season helps us to express rather than repress what we are feeling and perceiving on multiple levels. Like its preceding sign Scorpio, Sagittarius has a great depth of perception, but handles the information it takes in much differently. Many of the emotions that have been bubbling over the past three months are now coming up for resolution and release. Having an outlet for expression, a counselor, or a space to scream in could be essential.

Sagittariusby Josephine Wall

The New Moon in Sagittarius is on December 2nd.

The  Sabian symbol for the New Moon is:

“In The Left Section Of An Archaic Temple, A Lamp Burns In A Container Shaped Like A Human Body”

This strongly signifies the wisdom of returning to the body itself for the wisdom it reveals to us. Often we get lost in our intellects, and mistake our feelings for our thoughts and vice versa. Here in the West, many of us dissociate from our bodies on a daily basis. The emphasis here is paying attention to our gut feelings, organic responses to stimulus, as well as paying attention to our pain. All have messages for us, to guide us into appropriate action.

This Sagittarius Moon also puts us in the mood to travel both physically and mentally, and to delve into a variety of cultural and philosophical practices whether out of a desire to merge with these or simply out of curiosity. We should be anything but bored right now!

The asteroid Polyhymnia is closely conjunct the New Moon in Sagittarius, signifying an ability to safely express ourselves through a variety of creative mediums such as poetry, song, dance, and theatre, including comedy. Polyhymnia was also a muse of sacred hymns and meditation but sometimes these sacred arts, being so propelled by the emotions lead us into the realms of the profane. The comedian George Carlin said that “Anything can be funny!” He was known to poke fun at some seriously disturbing issues, but in a way that often truly made others lighten up and laugh. He was a Taurus, but in general it is the Sagittarius who can most often get us to laugh at our selves and our problems. Because of the heaviness that we have collectively been carrying, we could all use some comic relief!

When all else fails, let us simply take the time to appreciate ourselves for being unique, interesting, beautiful, and wise in our own various ways. We are each important pieces that make up the grand puzzle of life.