We are limitless…made of stars

Part of what the New Moon in Taurus highlights is the fresh earth of spring ready for new seeds to be planted. We also plant seeds with our strong thoughts and words. Physically, Taurus rules the throat and voice, materially it relates to things that we place value in, and emotionally it can represent our sense of self-worth and self love. Voice is a powerful tool of creation that influences much of what we experience in life.Without love it can be very difficult to secure many of the things we need or want, and that lack of love often stems from a forgetfulness of who we truly are as beings sprung from a source of limitlessness.

And let’s face it…we all need a reminder occasionally.

For progressive rock & metal listeners out there, here is a track from a Skyharbor (band from India) album released November 2014 that contains my voice in spoken word. It comes in at 4:27.