Sun conjunct Mars ~ Energy Burst 9/2/19

The Sun forms a conjunction to Mars at 10 degrees of Virgo on September 2nd, marking a new cycle of energy, passion and momentum. The New Moon in Virgo on August 30th got the ball rolling in a new direction as it included a five-planet conjunction of Mercury, the Moon, Sun, Venus, and Mars.

First a note on the downside of this aspect: The Sun conjunct Mars is not good or bad but it’s outcome depends on several different factors. It can be explosive, leading to arguments, accidents, or other misfortunes related to anger and haste. Mars represents the masculine psyche and drive but it currently transits the feminine earth sign, Virgo. Mars in feminine signs can sometimes indicate stifled anger and sexual urges. These stifled passions can lead to sudden violence or make one prone to such inflictions of violence. Time-outs from sources of agitation may be necessary so as not to make bad situations worse than they already are.

Mars does tend to affect men differently than it does women. Generally it heightens the passions, for some people in a sexual way and for others in a motivational sense. With Mars as our highlight we tend to become more sure of what we want versus what we don’t want, that is if dissatisfication hasn’t taken over. Mars in Virgo is great stimulation for getting back into shape, taking care of health, business, and money matters. It also encourages people to closely consider the welfare of others, including animals.

What Mars is demonstrating now is that it’s time to move out of the place of expecting things to happen and time to actually make them happen. There may be no choice but to do away with things and habits that block progress. Mars moves into a trine with Saturn on September 8th, the day in which the Moon occults over Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn which have been building up to a great conjunction in January 2020. This is a monumental period in history related to the tearing down of corrupt power structures, establishing healthy boundaries and building stronger foundations.

Mars forms a square with Jupiter on September 12th and opposition to Neptune on the 13th, which is the day of the Full Moon in Pisces. There may be many outbursts or emotional exchanges during these two days. The last major aspect that Mars makes in September is a trine to Pluto on the 19th. This is kind of push needed to overcome difficult obstacles and grow open to new possibilities.

The house of your chart that Mars currently transits indicates the area of your life that is being supercharged right now in some way. This is where you desire something new. You are turned on. You won’t take any more crap. You are flexing your muscles there, actual or metaphorical. Any planets being touched also amplify and further describe what and where you are becoming either inflamed or emboldened.

It’s going to be a potent month with all of the days leading up to the Equinox. Some things that are changing dramatically will never ever be the same again.