New Moon in Sagittarius – Magic Happens!

The New Moon on November 26th is 4 degrees of Sagittarius, bringing bright new beginnings and expanded visions of the future. Sag’s ruling planet Jupiter will have been closely aligned with the Galactic Center over the past few days, drawing forth profound shifts and insights regarding what have become buried truths.

By now many of our problems appear so utterly ridiculous the only thing left to do is laugh at them. Perhaps it’s just that a bit of comic relief is in order after taking things so damn seriously lately. This Moon gives us the opportunity to stand back and gain a totally new perspective on some very old stuff, so that it becomes easier to figure what to do with it (like maybe lighting it on fire and burning it if it’s not too toxic…).

The New Moon is also conjunct the asteroid Pallas Athene which heightens the intuitive, creative and energizing qualities of the Archer. The goddess Athene is a representation of the female warrior and sage. Her wisdom crosses the barriers of age, sex and creed. This suggests strong female energy and personalities as prominent forces to be reckoned with, or that the dynamics between the inner anima/animus in those of both genders are seeking for new expression.

A trine is formed to Chiron in Aries, hugely amplifying the healing potentials of this celestial configuration. Hygeia, the goddess of health and purification is also associated with Pallas Athene and this makes the contact to Chiron even more potent. Wounds both emotional and physical that have been troubling for many months could be met with miraculous results. The harmoniously combined and equine archetypes of Sagittarius and Chiron indicate that both physical and spiritual transformation is underway. There are specific actions to be taken in order to restore wholeness and harmony and thanks to the New Moon in Sagittarius we may suddenly know exactly what they are.

Horse medicine also relates to sexuality so there could be a lot of passions being stirred around this time. Travel, whether physical or mental is indicated and if not undertaken then travel plans for the future or visitors of some kind are likely.

Mercury will be in a post-shadow phase having gone direct in Scorpio since November 20th. Neptune, having been squared by Jupiter throughout 2019 is stationing to go Direct on the 27th. A growing sense of clarification in matters that have been obscure all year is finally here. When this month is over, several confusing issues will become so obvious in their nature that help in deciphering their meaning will no longer be needed.

The New Moon is inconjunct Uranus so wild change and surprises are really inevitable at this point. They are not necessarily bad surprises but the keynote is that not much if anything can be fully contained or controlled. The more we try to keep things going a certain way the less they seem to cooperate. Amazing things can happen when that false grip of control is released. That control is linked it the left brain and the functions of logic.

This New Moon seems to be saying to stop fussing about and celebrate something, even if it seems small or silly. A playful approach to life is something that many of us can learn from those who are young and innocent. It is also to become more conscious of being a magician on default mode. Upon deciding what to create, a self-aware magician does not sit around and fret, wondering if his or her spell or magical undertaking will be brought to fruition. The magic just happens. That’s the right approach, right about now.