New Moon in Virgo 2019 – Blessed Endings and New Beginnings

On August 30th there is a major lineup of planets near the New Moon 6 degrees of Virgo, just following the Venus and Mars conjunction that occurred on the 24th. New Moons represent new beginnings but as this one draws near there is the definite sense that there is much coming to an end as well. A whole season is soon coming to an end, bringing much reflection on the ideas, learning experiences and gifts that it gave to us. With all the focus in Virgo there are places to go, people to see, and most of all there is work to be done to prepare for a new cycle and season. This is an earth sign ruled by Mercury which also touches the conjunction, in addition to the asteroid Juno. There is so much mental stimulation occurring and so many problems that people feel the need to solve all at once, regarding work, relationships, health and more.

Around this time you may also feel more introspective than usual, drawn to reading or doing odd little jobs that you normally wouldn’t get around to. Yet others may feel as though they have no choice but to to get moving or get down to business. This is about the kind of work that has been neglected for far too long and if put off any longer or there will be terrible consequences: “Somebody’s gotta do it…”

The Virgo New Moon and other planets are moving into a harmonious trine with Saturn in Capricorn which is helping to bring clarity and focus into various endeavors. Saturn’s conjunction to the South Node is still reminding everyone of the past so that the same mistakes are not repeated in the near future.

There is something very pressing about this New Moon as it makes a mutable T-square to Jupiter in Sagittarius and opposition to Neptune and the Black Moon Lilith in Pisces. Jupiter and Neptune highlight the ongoing push for truth and piercing the veil of illusions that has been in effect all year. There is continued exposure of the hypocrisy and lies upheld in the fields of religion, politics, big corporations as well as the masses who support them. The challenging aspect to Lilith indicates projections of a dark feminine or that the archetypal dark feminine has had to work in silence to process all of the filth of her environment and of the world at large. Negatively the internalized rage and results of heartache or abuse would implode and people would go into self-destruct mode. There is hope for many that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, which will come into view closer to the Equinox.

The New Moon forms a trine to Uranus which is Retrograde in Taurus. This is an aspect that welcomes change, and will effect our lives quite tangibly since it involves earth signs. The surprising element of Uranus has been in effect for over a week as Venus and Mars drew closer together in Virgo. It has brought many unusual things and experiences into many people’s orbits.

The build-up of this New Moon also signals endings that are represented by the Nine of Hearts which is the Card of Life that aligns with August 30th. For many people the endings involve to break-ups and divorce, or the death of close loved ones. Yet for others this card heralds blessed endings that even if emotionally uncomfortable turn out to be for the better in the long run. Following loss there is always gain. Nine is the number of completion and the Nine of Hearts represents Universal or Limitless Love. There is an aspect to this card that deals with forgiveness and letting go. It’s up to the individual to decipher where and how. Some aspect of relating to others is coming to a close to make way for a new one that will fill our hearts with joy. In other words, there is a spiritual rainbow on the other side of the storms that many of us are experiencing.

New Moon in Virgo 2014

The New Moon at 2 degrees of Virgo on August 25th brings a heightening of many collective goals, dreams, visions, and actualizations that have been percolating over the past several months. Opposite of Neptune, we are stirred by the sense of touching and attaining the impossible.  Although focused in an Earth sign, this is a highly spiritually charged new moon, bringing us into alignment with the timeless values of its polar opposite, Pisces. We’re challenged to let go of what our rational minds so desperately seek to survive us by. Mercury in Virgo several degrees away opposes Chiron in Pisces, enabling us to understand our wounds in a new light, and to communicate more clearly and calmly in situations we would otherwise be too influenced by either physical or emotional pain.

Virgo being the sign of the earth maiden can easily take the role of a temple priestess, bedside nurse, or a city janitor. Her work is done quietly, efficiently, and with a certain level of self-sacrifice. Many people are inspired under her strong influences to take better care of themselves,  or to devote some of their time to helping others who are ill or troubled. This New Moon and the days following are optimum for beginning a new health regimen of some sort. All forms of cleaning and decluttering are also favored.

Mars is tightly conjoined with Saturn in Scorpio, emphasizing a need for correction of the use of power and its direction in our lives. The conjunction receives  a square by Venus  in Leo and a trine by Chiron. Our ultimate empowerment must be infused with love, otherwise we unfortunately destroy others and ourselves rather than appropriately destroying the harmful tendencies of our egos. Meanwhile Venus’s trine to Uranus helps us to broaden our perceptions of and capacity for love in its myriad expressions, from whatever forms and walks of life we may happen to find ourselves.

The Sabian symbol for this Moon is “Two guardian angels; invisible help and protection in times of crisis”


We are reminded that even in the midst of catastrophe, war, and devastation there is an invisible life force energy from which we all came and are all a part of. It can be called God, the Universe, god particles, infinity, or the great void. When we tap into this life force energy we can overcome the challenges of gravity, stasis, and the status quo. We can seemingly move mountains and  ride the waves of the wind rather than be knocked down by them. Most of all when we trust in a power that is greater than our ordinary sense of self, we come to understand a far greater depth of a reality that is normally obscured from view.

This is a New Moon where practical meets mystical, discipline meets devotion, and many of the solutions we seek are found within our problems – as though questions answering themselves. Virgo has a tendency to highlight the flaws that make us feel ashamed and unworthy of the good that life has to offer, but we need not be harsh drill sargeants or bullies to ourselves in order to effect change in our habits or health and to refine our character. Actually, we need a more gentle approach…. as Anita Moorjani states in her book Dying to be Me:

“Cherishing the self comes first and caring for others is the inevitable outcome…our world suffers from too little self-love and too much judgment, insecurity, fear, and mistrust. If we all cared about ourselves more, most of these ills would disappear”

September Energies 2013

“See, the human mind is kind of like…

a pinata. When it breaks open,

there’s a lot of surprises inside. Once you get the pinata

perspective, you see that losing your mind

can be a peak experience.”

– Jane Wagner (the Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe)

Generally the influence of Virgo is stabilizing to the mind, body, finances and overall health and work rhythms. While the Sun transits here we are a bit calmer and more inclined to clean up and organize our lives. Mercury rules this feminine earth sign, getting us in touch with our physical senses, and can represent the barometer that tells us how our bodies are reacting to our thoughts. Yes, that’s the general idea…

But many have been anything but calm, stable, or organized lately. There’s no denying the chaos that has broken loose upon the earth although this loose chaos has been the case for eons. None of us really know when exactly Pandora opened the box. We just have better means of broadcasting what’s going on in the world now, through television, radio and other media. With our president’s decision to take warlike action upon Syrian government due to chemical weapons unleashed on thousands of innocent people, we are reminded yet again of our collective fragility in a physical sense when compared to forces whether natural or unnatural that are bigger than ourselves. This is another precious opportunity us to focus wholeheartedly on the truth, beauty and love that is more real than anything outside of us that we perceive through the experience of suffering.

Early this month there is a tense square between Mars and Saturn, which can potentially either be violent and destructive or strengthening in some way, depending on our awareness of how we direct our energies, and  perhaps our fate. Patience, caution, and well-directed discipline are helpful to overcome the negative energies of this interaction. Midmonth Mercury will form another grand square with Jupiter, Pluto and Uranus, which may cause a few crazy outbursts or even creative peak experiences.  All month Mars is in a trine with Uranus, bringing a lot of fiery energy and progress to actions, plans and projects. By the end of the month Venus’s trine to Jupiter in Cancer will help lighten the atmosphere.

9-5-13 New Moon in Virgo

The New Moon is 13 degrees of Virgo, providing us with a wonderful week or two for new beginnings that require purification and attention to details. Virgo is very much involved in the arts of healing, so health and recovery are themes now, as are all growing green things of the earth. The Earth Goddess Virgo inspires us not only to tidy up but to get deeper in touch with our physical senses. In this sign, with its tendencies toward analysis and introspection we are also able to understand the deeper reasons why things happen and what part we play in the happenings. There is an opposition to the comet Chiron, also known as the Wounded Healer, which indicates that this is an important time of mending our wounds or those of others close to us, and that past actions and harms are obviously exerting an influence upon the present. A trine with Pluto assures us that we will have the energy and resources to move through challenges that arise in practical ways.

The Sabian symbol for this moon between 12-14 degrees says a lot that is pertinent at this time and barely needs an interpretation:

“An Aristocratic Family Tree”

Sometimes, what we need in order to succeed or transcend our limitations is a return to our roots. We need to review what happened before us, to avoid repeating certain mistakes, as well as to take into consideration the wisdom of those with greater experience than ourselves.

9-19-13 Full Moon in Pisces

The Full Moon is 26 degrees of Pisces

Pisces is known as the sign that deals with karma, and the option we have to give service or experience suffering. It is associated with the realms of dreams, imagination, intuition and with the possibilities for wish fulfillment. During this Full Moon many of our spiritual centers are being activated, as a heightening of many faculties occurs. A very loose separating trine with Jupiter indicates that we have earned some kind of reward or rest after a time of struggles.

Venus, Saturn, and the North Node are clustered together in Scorpio, bringing a certain level of seriousness and commitment to relationships that could be more sobering rather sensual, and this may entail connecting with others whom we have been close to in prior lifetimes. Equally possible is the need or desire to work together with someone toward a specific end.

The Sabian symbol for the Moon 26-27 degrees of Pisces:

“The Harvest Moon Illumines A Clear Autumnal Sky”

This symbol further supports the idea that this is a time of reaping what we have sown earlier this year. It may not be all peachy, but likely a “mixed bag of nuts” so to speak. Surely there are some goodies and not-so-goodies in there, but we can choose to be grateful for it all. Whether the bag is as full as we had hoped or not we are closer to realizing the fruits and effects of our efforts, and therefore closer to attaining greater effects in the future.

9-22-13 Autumn Equinox

We’re told that we’re crazy – something’s wrong if we hear voices where there are supposedly none. On the other hand we are given information that is delivered by both human and digital voices designed to subdue, dominate and instill our minds with fear in such a way that we become numb. As we move into the sign of Libra on the Equinox we are really seeking the balance between listening to the inner and outer voices. The fall season tests our discernment, fairness, integrity and our ability to hear others while still being in touch with our own thoughts, intuition, needs, and desires. We need to be in touch with the authentic voices around and within us, whether they stem from our subconscious or superconscious minds. We need to remember that what we hear and what we say are the seedlings of creation, especially when said or assimilated with passion. Passion can bring people together or tear them apart – it can excite, infuriate and annihilate whole entire villages or nations.  Compassion reconnects us with the part ourselves that evolves, is inclusive rather than exclusive, and brings light to our hearts.

This Autumn season is a potent one, filled with two eclipses, Pluto Retrograde, a Mercury Retrograde in the sign of Scorpio, Jupiter and Neptune both going Retrograde, and finally ending with Venus going Retrograde on the Winter Solstice. Uranus will be the only planet going direct after being Retrograde since July 19th, and that will take place on November 13th.

Two Bach flower essences that might be helpful during this month’s transitional phase are:

  • Scleranthus – to aid in the decision making process
  • Cerato – to facilitate a deeper sense of self-reliance and trust in one’s intuition

Also, the essential oil of Lavender and/or a vibrational essence of this flower that can be obtained from FES would be helpful to counteract overstimulation from spiritual forces and changes taking place.

Be well and trust the inner voice of wisdom!