2019: A Number 3 Year of Opportunities

Erte print 1982

2019 is a number 3 year in numerology. The number three highlights abundance, creativity and fertility. This year is going to be full of opportunities that may have seemed missing in the year 2018 which was a number 2 year and focused more on collaboration, relying on intuition and facing old fears. Many felt as though their plans were stalled and their energy was low during this past #2 year as the two is very much absorbed in the process of trying to find balance between being in action and rest, social life vs solitude.

The three is a dynamic, forward moving number and favors many aspects of life including business, spirituality, the arts and the family unit. There are strong manifesting qualities associated with this number. Some of the challenges that are experienced under the three’s influence are anxiety, over-stimulation, and indecision from having too many options. Over-indulgence may also be a problem.

The Tarot cards of the Empress, the Hanged Man and the World all correspond with the number three, and the archetypal influences of these cards will be present throughout 2019. These influences include a focus on the feminine, mothering, beauty, creativity, surrender to the unknown, gaining new perspectives, and initiation into new realms or new ways of life. These cards also alert us to expect the unexpected, which could mean just about anything that we wouldn’t expect!

Current astrological factors such as Jupiter in Sagittarius add to the lively nature of a three year, bringing optimism and good fortune. Just watch out for Jupiter’s square to Neptune in Pisces, which can create a bit of fog around certain issues. Beginning February 5 we will also be entering the Chinese New Year of a Pig, which is a great year for money and business endeavors. However the Pig is known to be gullible and too trusting so stay on guard with your valuables.

Overall, this three year presents us with many unique challenges and opportunities that help us to grow and expand. If there there is something you have been wanting to do for a long time but haven’t had the time, energy or resources to make it happen, you may have better luck in 2019. This is the time to use the best of your abilities in some way or ways, and to try things you have not tried before. Three favors exploring various modes of self expression through speaking, writing, singing, dancing, playing musical instruments and so much more. This number also enhances body movement in general, including martial arts, running, swimming and casual sports.

Stay focused on whatever it is you’re doing for best results and enjoy the sometimes bumpy yet ultimately rewarding road to success. You just may experience the adventure of a lifetime!