Energizing Banana Berry Smoothie Recipe

Smoothies may be of the most delicious and effective ways to provide the body with optimal nutrition while also helping to maintain the ideal weight. Since health has become a worldwide concern and Chiron, the Wounded Healer comet has been such a prominent influence this year I wanted to share a recipe for a super energizing and immune-boosting power smoothie. If you have allergies or sensitivities to any of the ingredients listed you can get creative about substitutes. You will need a blender.

This is one of many versions of a banana berry “burst” recipe that I’ve been throwing together over the years, with this probably being the most medicinal among them. As a person who is sensitive to sugar intake I made sure that the ingredients and their proportions are low on the glycemic index. Blueberries in particular tend to be safe for many types of dieters due to their low sugar content. 

  • 1 small organic banana or half of a large one
  • Half cup of frozen blueberries – wild or organic
  • ¼ cup pineapple is optional, frozen is fine (can also be a substitute for banana)
  • 1 cup of organic nut milk
  • 1 heaping tsp of unrefined organic coconut oil
  • 2-4 drops (depending on your taste buds) of Tumeric essential oil (I like the one by doTerra)
  • 1 tsp to tbsp of organic Maca powder – Sunfood carries several varieties
  • 1 scoop of organic vanilla protein powder (I prefer vegan powders which are easier to digest than whey. I like the brand Vega. This brand also carries interesting blends that contain adaptogens such as Reishi and Ashwaganhda.)
  • Bee pollen to sprinkle on the top of the smoothie – about a half teaspoon

The banana is for texture and sweetness and contains potassium, the blueberries provide antioxidants and the pineapple is anti-inflammatory. Coconut oil has several benefits, one of which is said to be that it contains anti-viral properties. Coconut milk can work in place of nut milk – but not the kind from a can! Tumeric is anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant, and in the form of an essential oil is easily absorbed. Maca root is an adaptogenic herb from Peru that can increase energy and stamina. The protein is what helps slow down the absorption of the fruit sugars and also help to either curb the appetite or supply the body with enough fuel for at least a couple hours.

Bee pollen adds a tasty little crunch to the experience and is buzzing with nutrients! Ha ha…

I’ve had great results whenever drinking one of these freshly made smoothies at home. It has given me both physical energy and mental clarity that lasted for several hours. Hope it does the same for those of you who try it.

Herbal Adaptogens

This Summer has been abnormally challenging in a physical sense for many people I know, my little self included. A somewhat unexpected flu knocked me out hard a couple weeks ago, and just now am I regaining equilibrium. Perhaps this is partially due to an increase of activities, without enough rest in between, and then there’s the obvious which we have all tried to brush under the rug at some point – stREsSs. I suddenly remembered recently not only that herbal adaptogens exist (duh!) but that I wrote this article about them umpteen years ago for an online magazine based in Hungaria, called Natural Elixir.

It inspired me to make a large pot of chicken soup, adding delicious vegetables, quinoa, and magical Reishi mushrooms. Along with a cup of Ginseng tea this soup was the most medicinal and nourishing thing I’ve eaten in several days! Thanks Heavens for herbal adaptogens, and to my herbalist friends who have supported me! I have been amazed all over again by the power of adaptogens, and hope that you will benefit from them too!

As a side note, you may notice a goofy poem at the bottom of the herbal article, about Rhodiola rosea, which is one of many that will be included in my upcoming book of Herbal Poetry, so stay tuned 🙂