Saturn in Capricorn from December 2017- March 2020

Saturn in Capricorn from December 2017- March 2020

Saturn enters Capricorn December 19th 2017 just two days before the Solstice on the 21st. It will remain in this sign until March 21, 2020, bringing with it a focus on structure and organization in areas of business, work and career. Saturn is very much at home in Capricorn which it has dominion over. Since this planet is about rules, order, discipline, limitations, time, age and the wisdom that comes with it, Capricorn has the kind of stamina that is unparalelled by any sign, whether for good or ill. Whatever life tosses at one they usually keep pressing onward no matter what.

This is the Get-Over-It-and-Get-Shit-Done, Never-Say-Die influence that the world needs after so much trauma and destabilization during the past several years.

Unfortunately though, not everyone excels at taking life’s lemons and turning them into lemonade, or sewing life’s scraps into quilts. Many people will struggle with Saturn through Capricorn in the way of deep depression. For the type that already feels life is always treating them unfairly and they are doomed to failure, the aid of a professional counselor may be critical at this time.

This is not a transit for lollygagging around or waiting for somebody to save the day. If something isn’t right it will require some effort to change but that effort is exactly what will improve the situation. As the saying goes “The Devil finds work for idle hands” and Capricorn can happily be that Devil when it wants to be. During the next couple of years and a half there will be many opportunities to either fix what’s broken or start from scratch. The Cosmic Taskmaster known as Saturn points toward slow, methodical and practical steps taken toward an end result in any endeavor. Laying down a solid foundation is first and foremost on the list. Steps cannot be skipped or faked without unpleasant consequences. There are many important lessons to be learned in taking these steps. Along the way, there is as much to unlearn as there is to learn.

Saturn’s transit in Virgo between 2007 and 2009 was a period of time when work came into focus and more meaning brought into it. Saturn in Capricorn will also bring to light the meaning, benefit and detriment of work in all of its many forms and expressions: humanitarian work, self-centered work, family work, voluntary work, forced work, fun work, boring work, easy work, hard work, regal work, menial work, paid work, unpaid work, sloppy work, thorough work, physical work, non-physical work, under-work, over-work, right work, wrong work. Without work, none of us would be here today. It’s what “makes the world go round” in more ways than one. Those with Saturn in this sign work harder than most and often for the purpose or needs of many rather merely one self. Those who will be experiencing a Saturn Return may feel a huge sense of accomplishment or release in their life. That’s among the brighter possibilities anyway.

Authority, Power and Reasoning 

Problems with authority figures, particularly patriarchal ones will be magnified tenfold. Daddy issues are often projected upon politicians, and Trump is no exception whether people love or hate him. For the more fortunate souls this will be a time for mending, cooperation or empowerment with regard to authority figures in their lives.

In addition to work and paternal influences, Saturn in Capricorn puts great emphasis on all forms of power, which can be used or abused. Don’t be surprised to meet people on major power trips or possibly even discover yourself displaying one at this time. These power trips can be obvious or subtle but will be felt and known in no uncertain terms. Power is not necessarily kind or cruel but depends upon who or what wields it. Power can create or destroy. A constant thirst for it can turn one into a ruthless and insatiable beast, capable of unimaginable evils. Power that is combined with responsibility and compassion may have the greatest results.

You’ll get farther with reasoning than with emotionalism when Saturn is cracking the whip. During Saturn’s past couple of transits there was generally more of a widespread acceptance of wildly emotional outbursts than there will be coming up shortly. Between raging freaks protesting violence with violence in the streets and people howling at the moon and everyone who would listen to their woes, the period that Saturn transited Sagittarius made a lot of people squirm with extreme discomfort as it brought many opportunities to share shocking truths as well as distortions of truth. Capricorn is basically concerned with facts and not fancy. The sign does indeed care about the welfare of others but with Saturn here will not suffer fools – sob stories be damned.

That being said, there is potential for a far scarier form violence to surface as Saturn passes through its own sign. It is a different kind of violence than that experienced when Saturn transited the last several signs. This is no piddly-ass temper tantrum or verbal debate with kicks and screams. It is the kind of brutality that does not have to make sense to anyone but itself because it has its own agenda that it alone sees fit. It is a manifestation of raw power aimed toward total destruction and will stop at nothing other than a completion of its course. Martial law would be an example. The shadow side of Saturn in Capricorn is actually a loss of reasoning and a clinging to outmoded roles and icons of power. Anyone who has studied enough history knows better than to scoff at the reality of an organized Illuminati who perfectly exemplify the above statement.

Virgo and Capricorn are both Earth signs that share a strong streak of criticism but very different forms of it. Virgo tends to pick away at things while Capricorn simply won’t be bothered with what it considers stupid or gross. That thing whatever it is will be severed like a head in medieval times. With Saturn in its own sign there is going to be a lot harsher criticism in the media than some people can handle.

Pan’s Influence: Work Hard, Play Hard, Stop to Smell the Roses

Enough on the pessimism and negativity though (which Saturn adores), there is a strongly sensual and fun-loving side to the Goat, as portrayed by Pan, the goat-god in Greek mythology. Pan was a god of the wild, of shepherds and flocks, mountains and nature itself. He loved to seduce nymphs with the playing of his musical pan-pipes.

Sexuality and music were both sacred to Pan and in some way Capricorn holds a sacred space for these expressions, beneath the stern and cool exterior that is often first met with. Various kinds of sexual “irony” and certain restrictions could manifest during the Saturn in Capricorn phase. A mild example of irony would be meeting someone who appears totally disinterested but happens to have a major crush on you. The restrictions could relate to anything from insecurity to health to work, distance to relationships to religion. In some cases they are temporary or conditions gradually improve. The attack of masculinity and femininity in boys and girls has already begun, so there will probably be even more mistaking of one gender for another.

When it comes to parties, celebrations, feasts and raucous revelries this sign knows how to throw down as hard as they work throughout the week. Hell, they earned it. So shall many who have been working hard and continue to work diligently toward their goals in these couple of years ahead. The influence of Pan reminds us that it’s important to stop every now and then to smell the roses and to celebrate one’s victories. We can also rest assured that Capricorn’s distinctly dry sense of humor will be present for those with eyes to see or ears to hear what is actually being conveyed during awkward moments of tension – oh joy.

Earth Wise

Saturn in Sagittarius highlighted exploring the natural world but Saturn in Capricorn puts more emphasis on working within it. How does one contribute to the flowering of plants, the fecundity of the earth, or the destruction of the Rainforests? In the next couple of years, whether we deal with gardening and botany or not, we get to carefully examine the process of actual or metaphorical seeds being planted, being nurtured, growing shoots and eventually bearing fruit.

Also being called to attention are the relationships between the land and the structures that have been and are being built upon the soil. Are they harmonious or do they interfere with the flow of ley lines? The results of structure collapse and massive toxic overload in our seas, land and air has become too overwhelming for anyone to ignore. This is going to be an important period for seeking and implementing solutions to these problems which threaten human and animal life. In recent years, so much has been destroyed and now so much must be rebuilt. Perhaps people will become wiser about where and what to build based on past experiences.

Saturn conjunct Pluto

A key aspect during Saturn’s transit through Capricorn is a conjunction to Pluto, building up energy in late 2019 and exact on January 12, 2020. On that day Pluto, Saturn, Mercury and Ceres are all lined up in Capricorn with the Sun only one degree behind. This is a very dramatic combination and one that holds the potential for both great harm and great good. The before and after effects of Saturn and Pluto in particular which join together every 38 years (the last occurred in 1982) indicate major deconstruction in areas of politics, science, religion and medicine. Conflicts will probably revolve around natural resources, dominance and money. This is going to be one rocky ride for a lot of people. Depending on circumstances and how we will have managed our resources by then, this period may bring a beneficial transformation to the economy overall.

The Big Picture

Saturn rules time and time is how we keep track of events of the past, present and future. The ancients recorded what is now history to us on rock tablets, later on scrolls and today we record it on the internet. The trouble is we don’t even know the half of it. Beneath the Vatican vaults are huge libraries of books and papers on subjects ranging from UFOs, the origins of humankind, ESP, historical events and much more that upper-hand, archaic overlords of society don’t want us to know about. As long as we’re scrambling around in fear, engaged in conflicts, and ignorant about who we are all goes according to their silent commands. Many suspect there is more to life than the slavery they were born into but don’t have a clue as a how to unlock its fullness. Saturn in Capricorn brings challenges to both the Establishment and those who are entrenched within it. Saturn as Lord of Karma ensures that what has been sown shall be reaped.

“Full disclosure” might not happen the way many fantasize that it will before 2020. However, strange facts are sure to be revealed. They’ll get even stranger when Saturn enters Aquarius but more on that later.

Saturn in Capricorn may bring major reforms in government both benevolent and malignant.  The last Saturn transit through Capricorn from 1988-1991 saw the Persian Gulf war which lasted between February 1988 to February 1991. Within this timeframe was the fall of the Berlin wall on November 9, 1989, which led to the dissolution of the Soviet Union and end of the Cold War. As Saturn transited Capricorn from 1959-1962 the Vietnam War occurred. In the time before that, 1929-1932, the Great Depression spread from the US into a worldwide economic crisis. Chinese New Year of 1900 began with Saturn in Capricorn. During this transit the Boxer Rebellion in Northern China ended (in 1901) and the Anglo-Aro war between Nigeria and the British Empire ended (1901-1902).

It is possible that the economic crisis the world is currently experiencing intensifies. Perhaps a new form of currency is introduced. Let’s pray it’s not the one spoken of in the Book of Revelation – the so-called “mark of the beast”, in the form of microchips inserted underneath the skin. The system of money as it is is corrupt and ultimately must change if humanity is to survive. Bankers and British royalty have apparently been running the show for a very long time. The Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Du Ponts, Morgans and many others have been spoken about at length as “owning the world” by controlling the network of finances that govern our lives and keep us in check with invisible chains. It’s clear that we’re dealing with forces bigger and meaner than ourselves but what do we as individuals support with our own dollars? Do we support large corporations that exploit the earth’s resources and abuse employees? How many pieces of junk both large and small have we paid for or hoard in our homes that were made in China? Small junk with big ramifications over time.

Saturn in Capricorn may encourage us become more resourceful overall. Recycling, composting, and becoming eco-shopping-savvy is likely and hopefully to become popular. We owe it to the Earth that sustains us to treat her with greater kindness and respect.

Lastly or not necessarily lastly, Saturn forces us to deal with the inevitability of our mortality. For this reason people tend to feel gloomy under his influence. The subject of death itself will become one of prominence during this Saturnian transit. The benefit of pondering how short life is is that it may spur us into making better use of the embodied time we have been given on planet earth.

New Moon, New Year 2014

At last, after a few years of tying up loose ends, we have arrived at a new year that truly begins us anew, with a New Moon at 10 degrees of Capricorn on January 1st – the one and only day of each year represented by the King of Spades. What a fortunate month we have to both begin and end with a New Moon…the second on January 30th will be in the sign of Aquarius.

This New Moon puts us in touch with the elements of the earth we live upon. After the parties and frivolities associated with the holidays here is where we buckle down and get serious. What are we doing, where are he heading, how do we intend to reach our goals? The focus is on personal mastery, good old fashioned work requiring “elbow grease”, heeding or becoming an authority and doing whatever it takes to match up to the associated ideals of that particular authority. The King of Spades means business, and a New Moon that falls on a day with his attributes is no small occasion.

kingspadeProper discrimination is what will help make wiser choices in all areas of life, and a certain level of detachment and quietude will assist in reaching reasonable goals easier and swifter than if we continued to mingle with unmotivated people in inappropriate settings. There is really no more room, no more time to spare…there are no more excuses, no more alibis, as Old Father Time, Capricorn’s ruler Saturn would put it in practical terms we simply need to “be the change we wish to see in the world”.

The New Moon is conjoined with Pluto and Mercury, indicating that which will not be suppressed without a fierce battle or ginormous shift of energy, either to be inwardly or outwardly experienced depending on outlook and circumstances. Hidden truths are erupting from the collective consciousness like a volcano, causing some people to burn and cry, while others dance and rejoice.

The ongoing Grand Square, currently involving the New Moon cluster in Capricorn, Mars in Libra, Jupiter in Cancer, and Uranus is not letting us get away with not doing the work that must be done. This is both inner and outer work that has been neglected or that some may have been unable to accomplish previously. Now, the urgency that these powerful planets in cardinal signs reflect to us indicate we must act with conviction, or risk being acted upon. More can be read about this in the forecast for 2014 – Year of the Chariot

There is a magic to Capricorn that is less spoken of in astrology circles…

For those in touch or who would like to be more with the more sensual sides of life, the Capricorn New Moon and season is very much one that enables us to tune into our senses in deeper ways. Pan, the goat god is a major archetype associated with Capricorn, having a great influence on nature itself, the sexual impulse, and the beings of nature known as faeries and elves. The asteroid Pan has been conjunct with Uranus in the freedom loving sign of Aries since early December, taking part in Grand Squares’ stirring up of raucousness, heathenism, and individuality. Certainly he has made his dynamic presence known in fiery, passionate, and unpredictable ways.

Speaking of Faeries, I very much look forward to interviewing the world renowned mystic Almine on my radio show this month on the subject of them (stay tuned through my Facebook and Twitter announcements).

What occurs on the first day of the year sets the tone for the year, and we have some great tools at our disposal to work with to build, create, and make tangible our dreams and ideals. Some of this work may not be easy for us, but this is truly a year that we will have the chances to make things happen, get things “done” and move forward in ways than we may not even have imagined were possible.

Cocreation with the Intelligences of Nature

In the season of increasing light, people tend to connect more easily with the nature spirits, partially because the Sun brings them more outdoors where they are enjoying nature’s splendor. Another reason for this is that many of the beings in nature are intrinsically connected with the growth of so much of the vegetation, trees, and flowers that make Summer so colorful and plentiful for us.

PanEvery indigenous culture is conscious of their relationship with the intelligences within nature, by whatever titles fit the attributes and locations of these beings. Known as fairies, devas, nagas, devils, apsaras, and sprites to name a few, the spirits of nature are as much a part of our environment and evolutionary process as are we. In an astrological sense I personally think of these beings as particularly resonant and strong with the signs Capricorn and Pisces, and with the planets Earth, the Moon, and Neptune. Solstice is when the Sun enters the sign of Cancer which is ruled by the Moon, while we upon the Earth are currently in Capricorn – represented by Pan, who is known to oversee the realm of the fairies, nymphs and other beings.

I’d like to share just a few excerpts from my forthcoming book on this subject:

“Fairies, faeries, or whatever you’d like to call them, are part of a plane of existence running parallel to our own. This realm includes other beings such as unicorns, satyrs, and dragons. Nearly every culture makes some mention of these types of beings in their lore and mythology. They have varying degrees of consciousness just as humans and other animals do. Faeries can have personalities, shapes and sizes as diverse as humans, and some are actually quite larger than humans. Although they have various degrees of intelligence, they are a world apart as far as how they express themselves…

Let us, for here and for now, suppose that Faery is undoubtedly real, or at least as real as your own flesh and the ground that you stand upon. Faery as a realm and its beings typically cannot thrive in sterile plots of land devoid of color and vitality. It cannot bear the long stretches of rubber and cement man has implanted, constant exposure to EMF, toxic fumes, choked up and stale airs of petrochemicals, vulgarity and monotony. Can you? Due to neglect and abuse, the Faery within us withers, as reflected by many symptoms of deteriorating health and lack of conscious connection to the Body Deva that each of us eventually comes to evolve with. If this is true, then no wonder that far fewer humans actually benefit from the Sight of Faeries in this day and age. Now, we must go out of our way to interact, see, and befriend them. We must give back to the earth and ourselves, for we have collectively taken so much.

Within its seeming borders, Faery has no boundaries, nor tolerance for any sort of segregation, patriarchy and defilement of the Divine Feminine. It automatically deflects and refutes human flaws such as sexism, racism, classism, narcissism, and other isms that cause pain and suffering to sentient beings, by dissolving our sense of separation and superiority, and reminding us that we are all but reflections within the same giant pond. When this hurts, we demonize the beings in nature that may not be as evolved as ourselves – we project onto them just as we do upon each other as humans. By doing this, we create hell on Earth.

Contrary to popular ideas, the world of Faery does not promise happiness or cupcakes that taste as pink and delicious as they may appear. It may be pleasant or not, yet its seductions, sorrows, and both its silly and sinister games often reflect those of the human world. What many people do not realize is that there are various levels of consciousness within this realm, some trustworthy and others not, some of great stature, wielding great power and others small or seemingly subordinate.

Due to modern civilization, many children in today’s world are discouraged from developing their imaginations and telepathic links with Nature and the beings within it. They’re placed for countless hours in front of television sets to babysit, entertain, educate, and sedate them. In other words, electric boxes are programmed and permitted to raise our young. Unfortunately as a result, it takes a lot more for people to penetrate the veils than in ancient times…

The realm of Faery does survive in the hearts of the young, and curious, and in those whose hearts remain pure and open, eager to explore life and its myriad treasures. Faery beings tend to be very attracted to artistic types. Almost anyone can relate to and connect with the Faeries by caring for the environment that is shared with them, including the body temple itself.”

A question we may like to ask today is, what can we give to show our appreciation of the Earth and her unconditional love for us – no matter how sloppy we can be? It might be planting seeds, taking a stroll in the woods, picking up trash from the beach, or simply meditating in silence upon a hillside, in a glen, cave or other undisturbed section of nature.

Basically, when we attune to nature’s intelligences we can create a healthier and more harmonious experience of and for life on Earth. When we seek to cooperate with Nature’s intelligences our lives can become more meaningful as well as magical. Nature may not always seem like our “friend” in its actions but it always has a specific function and a purpose to what it does. When we connect with that inner function and purpose, we connect also to our own inner functioning and purpose. By becoming aware of our relationship with nature spirits with the intention to treat them with respect, even if we cannot see them with our physical eyes, we are saying to Nature  “Yes, I see you, and thank you for all that you do”. Oftentimes, Nature will acknowledge and thank us back for this in many surprising ways 😀