Lightening Up! February Forecast 2012

 “PLAY: It is an activity which proceeds within certain limits of time and space,
in a visible order, according to rules freely accepted, and outside the sphere of necessity or material utility. The play-mood is one of rapture and enthusiasm, and is sacred or festive in accordance with the occasion. A feeling of exaltation and tension accompanies the action.”
– Johan Huizinga

Happy first day of the stirrings of spring! This day is a pagan holiday celebrated in Celtic cultures, known as Imbolc, and later it came to be called Candlemas by the Christians. Imbolc is the first day when the light begins to stretch further into evening again, and as such it represents new growth, so things are beginning to lighten up, and blossom! As a season, winter is the most associated with work, even though many of us work all year round. The first and second day of February mark a turning point in the year from lots of hard nitty gritty work to more of the clearing sort of work. What are some things or situations that need clearing from your life right now?

As Imbolc marks the inklings of Spring, many of us are beginning to feel a great sense of relief, like that of reaching the end of a long and dark tunnel. This is the time to take stock of what we have stored in our tool-boxes, filing cabinets, e-boxes, homes, and hearts, and to get rid of the junk that no longer serves a positive function in our lives. It may not yet be time for a full on detox, but it is time to prepare for such a detox by eliminating clutter and simplifying our diets and entire lives in some way. Preparations for traveling, projects, and business ventures may begin to take precedence. It is important to remember we are HERE now, but that our present situation helps to shape the future so it is wise to make plans with an open attitude – with room for whatever magic may happen for our highest and overall good.

This day and this “season”, between winter and spring is connected with the Celtic goddess known as Brigid, goddess of fire, light and poetry, also representing the Mother aspect of the goddess. Later, due to the Christian influence this day and season came to be associated with the Virgin Mary, yet another form of the Blessed Mother who shows up in every culture. I say, whatever works!

Neptune in Pisces – here we come (and go)!

The big news for the month is Neptune’s entry into Pisces on the 3rd, where it will transit for the next fourteen years. Last year in April Neptune dipped into Pisces for a few months and then turned Retrograde back into Aquarius. Many of us have already been sensing a distinct shifting from one sign to the other for several months. You can see more of what I had to say about Neptune in Pisces in my blog posts in January.

The major keynote to remember about this happening is the dissolution of boundaries. There is a danger of temptations and addictions to substance abuse, and all aspects of delusional existence. Anything having to do with the drug world is often heightened and expanded with the influence of Neptune and Pisces, so the legalization of Marijuana is highly likely in the near future. The recent protests against the agricultural company Monsanto and its attempts to spread itself far and wide have exposed (a Neptune function) the corrupt procedures which have brought toxicity to the environment and effects to peoples’ overall health on a massive scale.

On the brighter side, many varieties of so-called “alternative medicine” will be accepted and more integrated with regular or allopathic health care practices in the years to come. Neptune represents that which is nebulous, but with it also comes the possibility of transcendence and penetrating into higher realms and realities. More people on the planet are waking up to what is going on around and within themselves, bringing greater psychic awareness and the ability to utilize breath, light, movement and intention for healing.

Saturn Retrograde in Libra, again

In January of 2011, Saturn went Retrograde in Libra until June. We all were given a huge chunk of the year to resolve personal issues with professional, marriage, and teacher/student relationships. This year we have yet another opportunity to do just that, only this time we’re “wrapping it up” and bringing closure to old issues that serve us no longer. From the Full Moon of February 7th until June 25th we will be tying up loose strings in regards to the commitments we have made, and to certain personal responsibilities and obligations that we have to loved ones and business partners. People who are born under the signs of Aries and Libra especially will find relief in October when Saturn finally exits Libra – he won’t return there for nearly another 3 decades.

Mars Retrograde continues

Mars is still moving Retrograde in Virgo since it turned there on Chinese New Year until April 14th, putting our attention on health issues, personal and home repairs, and all kinds of detailed stuff that may seem to take a lot of concentration to accomplish. It’s often hard to fight back for any reason when Mars is Retrograde, and especially in a feminine earth sign such as Virgo. Submissiveness or passivity at this time is usually not so much a weakness of character but a cue to look deeper into the causes and effects of the negativity in our lives. If there is anger broiling beneath the surface, beware especially because if not dealt with properly it will have explosive effects when Mars turns back direct. On the other hand, there can be resolution of long-standing disputes during this period, and the ability to be at peace with others may be enhanced.

2/7/12 Full Moon in Leo

The Full Moon falls at 18 degrees of Leo, in opposition with the communication planet, Mercury. There are a lot of hot topics under debate now, and coming to a head. Stubborn arguments may only go in circles but a hearty dose of laughter will break the tension. Whatever’s going on, chances are high that there will be a lot of talking going on too. The urge to play is strong while the need to work may seem even stronger. On the same day Saturn stations Retrograde at 29 degrees of Libra, and this may bring a very serious sort of overtone to any activities that we begin. That night, Venus enters Aries, making us all a bit bolder in our self expression and friendly or curious approaches to others for the next few weeks.

2/21/12 New Moon in Pisces

This is a particularly potent and interesting New Moon at 2 degrees of Pisces, in a cluster with Neptune, the major asteroid Pallas Athene, and the comet Chiron that may greatly heighten our spiritual experiences with each other…like telepathy, teleportation and group UFO sightings…who the heck knows?! 😛 Mercury is just a bit ahead of the gang, leading us in exciting discoveries and adventures within the realms of our imaginations and perhaps ultimate reality itself. The energy of so much focus in Pisces makes it seem like we’re in a dream within a dream, or helplessly falling down the rabbit hole yet again (especially if wandering around aimlessly at a Mardi Gras celebration, haha). Let’s hope to be wide awake during this time so that we can actually make use of and remember our experiences! Some particularly useful activities during this time would include yoga, prayer, meditation, and various forms of dance and artistic expression.

Play Day vs Valentine’s Day

I hereby and playfully propose a new holiday that includes everyone with unconditional love and joy at its core – called Play Day! It will be a gigantic worldwide party and everyone will be invited. It won’t necessarily focus on singular, elite, conditional, sexual, special or selfish kinds of love and affection, nor will it highlight the frivolous and external facets of human existence. Ironically, it will bring us deeply into the present, with such lightness and ease that we forget ourselves as we participate in the creativity of the moment as One. It will be fun, and funny, and set us free.

For every store and image that we see pumping up tooth-rotting sales we can envision or bake trays full of nourishing food that fill us with vitality. For every jewelry item and heart shaped thingamajig we feel pressured to buy for a significant other we can put our own God-given creative gifts to use to make and give our own, fashioned with pure loving intentions. For every depressing thought, misery, and every feeling of loss and heartache this month, we can plant seeds of hope, cultivate forgiveness, cushion ourselves with compassion, and sing the songs that stir within our longing souls. For every less than perfect romantic situation, we can laugh, kick up our heels with friends or watch a great flick at home, hoping for something better next time because it’s not the end of the world (at least not because of bad romance).

Some of my recent playtime has involved working with horses, doing some grooming, bodywork and just having a great time interacting with them. Being able to interact and bond with them has been a life altering experience! Horses have done a lot for humanity. Over time these powerful and majestic creatures have enabled the spread of civilization across the Earth. They have so much beauty, wisdom, and character, and can be quite hilarious at times too! So I would like to thank all the horses and dedicate this newsletter as well as Play Day this year to them 🙂

Hope that this is a pleasant month for you and that you can  make some time for play, no matter what! You can check out my horoscopes in the Upbeat Times, in Sonoma county CA or online:

2-11-12  Just saw this special video that fits perfectly into this month’s theme of Play, and I had to add it to this post! Yay!!