An October to Remember

October 2022 could be a month filled with tremendous psychic activity and spiritual growth. There are many possible pitfalls, but we may prepare for psychic dangers and strengthen our psychic immunity. We strengthen ourselves with a combination of knowledge and wise action – wisdom. Meditation can certainly be of assistance. This is a month filled with important astrological highlights that are likely to make this one remember for many years to come.

They are in this order.

October 2nd – Mercury goes Direct at 24 degrees Virgo. The magnification upon minor flaws and troublesome issues begins to wane in the week to follow.

October 8th – Pluto is going Direct, after being Retrograde since April 29th. It stations at 26 degrees of Capricorn right before the Full Moon conjunct Chiron in Aries on the 9th. This is a powerful moon for deep healing and release. Venus in opposition to the moon can either help to alleviate pressure or represent the feminine martyr. This may not be an easy time for females in who are under pressure, particularly women struggling in their home life or career. Aries’ ruling planet Mars is potentially a highly grating influence throughout the month. The positive use of this weekend’s energy is through the appropriate masculine outlets. Retrograde Jupiter in Aries is also seeking for positive avenues of expression. This is not a time to sit around and contemplate one’s navel, so to speak. This is the time to charge ahead and take action! If doing something is important enough to you, don’t many any more excuses not to do it.

October 12th – Mars is slowing down, becoming a stronger influence, while forming a square to Neptune that is mostly in effect the first half of October. The way I see it this applying aspect has already come into effect during the last week of September and can been seen as partially influencing the extremely destructive hurricane that has hit Florida. Mars is forceful energy and Neptune, in addition to all things water related can be the hub of lies and deceit. It seems too much of a coincidence that this disaster occurred immediately after governor Ron DeSantis sent illegal immigrants in Florida on two planes to Martha’s vineyard island. A more direct and ballsy solution would have been to just fly them back to where they came from. Let’s not get too stuck on the puppet-show though…the result is apparently punishment by nature’s ruthless weather. Weather modification is not a “right wing conspiracy theory” and has nothing to do with political sides. It’s a form of terrorism destroying homes and lives and it doesn’t stop there.

Digging in deeper what sorts of twisted manifestations Mars square Neptune has been bringing to the fore, parents should now be alert to the dangers of “rainbow fentanyl” pills being distributed to children, and sometimes even laced in popular brands of candy, just in time for Halloween. Neptune also rules drugs and with a square from Mars, bad, even downright sinister chemistry. It could also be linked with sorcery. This combination is also linked with immigration and the border crisis taking place in America and Europe. The surge of fentanyl is coming from from Mexico.

October 23rd – Saturn goes Direct at 18 degrees of Aquarius as both the Sun and Venus enter Scorpio. This is the the day after their Superior conjunction at 29 degrees of Libra. These occurrences are especially favorable for sexual, financial, or even spiritual matters. Saturn now in appearance of direct motion is a welcome relief to stagnant situations. That which has been building up during the past couple of weeks now finds release. Questions relative to career, relationship commitments or other major subjects are answered and clarified.

October 25th – There is a Solar Eclipse 2 degrees of Scorpio. This is a wake-up call Moon, for those who watch and listen. That quincunx from Mars to Pluto is becoming more pronounced. The energy of this whole week is red hot and ready to burst like a volcano. It’s also ripe with opportunity, yet better to prepare mentally and spiritually than to launch something new. About a century ago, the October Revolution in Russia which began in 1917 lead to the creation of the Soviet Union. The Revolution, also known as Red October was the Red Terror of communism that destroyed the existing values of a culture and replaced them with grotesque lies and laws. Now here we are, witnessing the Putin puppet-show, conveniently pawning off all acts of terror on the West while underhandedly glorifying diabolical communism. He blames the recent Nord Stream pipeline explosion in Europe on Anglo Saxons, meanwhile teaming up with China to create a new reserve currency. He speaks of slavery and colonialism implemented by the West while his own nation is the result of such activities, and has become as much of a cultural melting pot as America, run rampant with the same types of degenerate behavior that is destroying family units. There is so much hypocrisy in blaming all hateful crimes on the West and whites in general. Yes, the West is not guilt-free but it’s a dirty trick to divert attention away from criminals of several different ethnic backgrounds while crying that to merely acknowledge their violent deeds is an act of racism.

Back to the Scorpio solar eclipse – it’s about seeing past the illusions and making decisions based on what is revealed and known, rather than merely what is being presented. It’s about clear and honest heart-centered communication, where and with whom it truly matters, and a meeting not only of minds but of souls. The Sabian symbol for this Moon is 2-3 deg Scorpio: A House-Raising Party In A Small Village Enlists The Neighbors’ Cooperation

There is a huge difference between enforced communism and genuine community, between contrived, politically correct inclusiveness and comradery. Community brings together like-minded others, family, and kindred spirits for the sole purpose of cooperation and support between members including the environment where such members reside. The kind of sweet thing about this eclipse is the conjunction it receives by Venus, who despite her placement in Scorpio being in its fall, may encourage kindness and charity, again, where it truly belongs and not into the bank accounts of corrupt organizations.

October 27th – Jupiter re-enters Pisces until December 20th. This may come a welcome shift into a calmer sign, at least for short while. It is somewhat of a softening influence, during a time of so much intensity and radical change. It is not without its own challenges however, which can be emotionally charged or involve the physical trespassing of boundaries. Jupiter creates big ripples in the pond or ocean that can in some cases be disastrous. This day is well suited for many types of psychic and spiritual work.

October 30th – Mars goes Retrograde at 25 degrees of Gemini, until January 13, 2023 where it stations at 8 degrees of this sign. This marks a good stretch of time when at least we in America, get to see the magnificent result of our precious “tax dollars at work” in the streets (a sarcastic statement, to be sure). Perhaps the fuel crisis in the UK will come to a temporary halt, or some such problem involving energy will subside, for awhile. The problem with Mars Retrograde is that there is less energy available for certain things, whether they are noble or deviant in nature. This is an accident-prone Retrograde, especially in a high-strung sign such as Gemini. Make sure vehicles are well maintained with the proper tire changes and engine checks, etc. Because the mainstream media is ever-so-predictable we can expect another booming “surge” in some so-called deadly epidemic. It’s going to be next level so woohoo for the pro-maskers. Thrilling, if you’re into that sort of thing. For those who are sick and tired of the game, simply take all of the usual precautions that become extra relevant at this time of year to support overall immunity. Gemini rules the lungs and getting fresh air is important.