Pluto Direct 2019

Pluto goes Direct at 20 degrees of Capricorn on October 2nd after being Retrograde since April 24th. This is not necessarily earth-shattering news in and of itself because Pluto goes Retrograde for almost half a year every year. There’s more to the story.

Since April, we have experienced the effects of Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto going Retrograde. Now Jupiter and Saturn are Direct while Pluto and the outer planets Uranus and Neptune are Retrograde. However, the key players this year have been Saturn and Pluto, leading up to an exact conjunction that takes place in January of 2020.

Themes currently highlighted:

  • The final purge of something unhealthy or troublesome
  • Explosive and strong energy that needs the right outlets
  • Regaining a sense of power, purpose and momentum
  • A radical transformation of some aspect of life (relative to both Saturn and Pluto’s position in a natal chart)

What the Saturn and Pluto conjunction has been indicating is the need for hard work, but not done for its own sake. The demands are for soulful, honest work that holds importance for long range goals and not just immediate results. It has pointed out deep-set problems that need solving before significant progress can be made. In certain individuals it has exposed negligence or the abuse of power. In others it has offered the push to break free from limiting conditions and follow their dreams.

Let’s remember that a few years ago, Pluto was demoted from planet to dwarf status but packs the same punch has he always has. He’s made a cosmic “believer” out of many skeptics lately.

This building conjunction between Saturn and Pluto has been bringing about a metamorphosis where stagnancy once reigned. Like a rocket launched into space, we are now being prepared to move full steam ahead into the great new chapter of life that awaits. Ready, set….go!!!

after the blood moon…

Before a major eclipse, there is anxiety and anticipation. During, there is excitement, irritation, and awe. After the blood moon lunar eclipse in Aries while Pluto stationed Direct in motion, we must gather our strength, clean up the wreckage, shake the dust from our limbs, and prepare to resume the journey of self discovery in a world of mirage, and that means we must be prepared to do it alone, if need be.

Mercury retrograde in Libra highlights many of the paradoxes of being in relationship. Say goodbye to an old version of the person you knew, or the person you previously presented yourself to be. If we hang around long enough, any relationship pushes our buttons, and always points us back to ourselves.

If there is seemingly nothing else left to our name after the crash and burn of recent times, we have Choice. The Sun in Libra may fear it, but once claimed becomes a great ally.

Multiple choices, options, and opportunities are offered to us now and in the weeks ahead, so let’s see how many of these are seized from without, versus within. Who steers the ship we are tilting in, side to side? Who makes the decisions in our lives? Who jumps in and says yes for us before we have even had a moment to reflect upon our own desires?

Bernini Pluto and persephone sculptureLike the streaks on a butterfly just emerged from its cocoon or the collapse of cities and villages due to war, something has left its indelible mark on us. Unlike the temporary red string tied to a pinkie finger to remind us of a future plan or event, Pluto gives us a scar to remind us where we have been. We can wear it proudly or hide it in shame, but this is our truth, of which there is no denying.

This is our chance to embrace our truth, rather than to bury it. To express our emotions rather than suppress them. To be able to to take the scraps that life has gingerly tossed our way and to make incredible quilts. To approach who we see in the mirror with the same curiosity and ardor felt toward a new lover. To reinvent the meaning of the stars and the jagged rocks along the path that leads us into the unknown.

Pluto Direct, light at the end of a tunnel in 2015

As Pluto stations Direct, 12 degrees of Capricorn (began last night on the 24th), there is a sense of rising on the earth plane. There is a glimmer of light becoming visible at the end of a long, torturous tunnel that we have traveled through since June of 2012 when Pluto in Capricorn began a three-year square to Uranus in Aries, just preceding the Winter Solstice that ancients predicted to be the end of the world as we knew it.


Pluto is Retrograde for about about half of each year, bringing extra intensity to whatever sign and degrees being transited. Whenever Pluto stations Retrograde or Direct, you can bet that there will be intensity, especially when it squares a Retrograde Mercury in Libra. Hidden agendas become revealed, obsessions blow out of proportion, something or someone will hit the roof, or fall to pieces. Sometimes, some form of conflict will finally become resolved. The sensation of that stationary process can last for several days or weeks. Pluto’s post-retrograde shadow finally ends in January 2016.

Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008 until 2023, placing a highlight on government, social structures, financial trade markets, global economy, and business commerce. We’ve all been going through a major upgrade with regard to our relationship to power, authority, and paternity, although it often appears and feels like a complete breakdown. The old must be destroyed before the new can shine through, and I don’t mean new world order. In actuality, our survival may ultimately depend upon us going back to basics and simplifying our overly complicated and chaotic lifestyles.

From April 16th of 2015 until September 24th, the planet of death and rebirth appeared to move backward, dredging up old contracts, unhealed wounds, and deep grievances to be reckoned with. Since January 2014, those of us with planets or angles between 12-15 degrees of any of the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn have been particularly affected by the transits involving Pluto and Uranus. This year there has been a catharsis and acceleration of several life changes based on a rooting out of outdated things, patterns, and beliefs, whether with ease or agony. Some of the issues that have been coming up relate to major life changes such as integrating a new career, divorce, relocation, or any series of deaths, both physical and emotional.

With Pluto hitting me from every side lately (& pretty much since birth) one of the things that has been coming up for me all month is a series of confirmations about things I have long felt about many different things, people and situations, some of them going way back into the past or my childhood. In retrospect, I was struggling so hard to try and rescue people and children when the power to do so was not in my hands. I became deathly ill at a young age, and went through a seven year nightmare that taught me how to integrate shadows and light, and to better trust in what we call the Higher Self.

Pluto relates to the depth of our souls and the accuracy of our intuition, particularly when there is something we are afraid to see. The beauty of listening to your intuition is that it will always lead you home, to the comfort and purity of your true self. It will always bring confirmation (but not always right away – sometimes you need to go out there on a limb, feeling completely vulnerable!). It will always steer you away from disaster and reveal solutions not available to you or others who are in a state of panic or shock. If panic is a personal problem, try to slow down the breath and see if that panic is truly your own or coming from a sense of what or who is sorely unwell in your environment.

It is devastating in some ways to see what has become of some of those people & children I tried to help. But this is where I need to surrender to the unfolding mysteries of life, and allow every person to go their own way, to learn their own lessons as I learned mine. It is equally amazing and heartening to see some of the souls I’ve witnessed come out of their dark tunnels victorious and fulfilled on many levels.

Everybody is psychic, everybody has intuition whether they are aware of it or not, whether they call it that or nothing at all. The quality of a person’s life is often determined by their ability to listen to the quiet, occasionally nagging voice within that says yes or no about each and every thing that arises. Don’t wait for somebody else, especially for Pluto to determine your destiny. Seize the day. Be yourself. Follow your bliss.

The year 2016 should offer some relief from recent strains. As alone as we may sometimes feel in our pain and suffering, we all have benefactors, and we all have access to divine grace. Chin up…we got this.

Venusian Reviews 2015

Mercury enters Libra today, August 27th until November 1st 2015, making an extra long transit through this sign due to Mercury’s Retrograde motion from September 17th to October 9th. During this time we have the challenges of relating, listening and responding, rather than debating, reacting, and sabotaging in various ways. Since most people who are aware of Mercury Retrograde tend to look for or predominantly notice its negative occurrences I suggest considering an alternate view. Sometimes what is lost is found, who is sick becomes healed, what is malfunctioning becomes fixed or more likely replaced. If there’s an area you’ve been stuck in, it could be that you suddenly break free.

With Mercury in Libra, it becomes important for more of us to get our priorities straight. If vacillation or uncertainty has already been an issue somewhere in your life, you may discover the ability to finally decide and act. In some cases, injustices will be reviewed, and justices will be served.  Since Mercury will be going Retrograde it may be that ideas must gathered and plans thoroughly laid before they are acted upon. Some of them might have changed altogether by mid-October.

Meanwhile Libra’s ruling planet Venus is in the last phase of her Retrograde motion thrsun-goddess-7-2ough Leo and the consciousness of the divine feminine is rising to the occasion. She goes Direct on September 6th, having been moving backward since July 25th. Venus entered Leo on June 5th and will complete her transit in this sign by October 8th. Currently joined with Mars and forming a grand trine with Uranus and Vesta in Aries and Pallas Athene in Sagittarius, she is highlighting the fiery feminine qualities associated with the Sun, which has not always been a masculine symbol.

With the Full Moon in Pisces on the 29th and Saturn in its last degrees of Scorpio, there are many endings of an emotional nature that are taking place. Whether experienced perhaps as cathartic, traumatic, or ecstatic, closure is being brought to issues that have long been present – a major chapter is over and we now pause and prepare to turn the page for another. The Sun’s conjunction to Jupiter in Virgo expands the capacity for understanding and healing, particularly in relation to the physical body and medicines of the earth.

On September 17th Mercury goes Retrograde at 16 degrees of Libra between two eclipses, while Saturn reenters Sagittarius for the next two years. This happens right before the Autumn Equinox when the Sun enters Libra on the 23rd, which should be quite a dandy this year on so many levels. Pluto, lord of the underworld goes Direct on the 24th, after being Retrograde since April 16th. Retrograde Mercury forms a square to Pluto and Mars enters Virgo, squaring Saturn that same day. I’ve heard that basically all hell will break loose around this time, but if we know what we’re dealing with here it can be a lot more fun for us to navigate.

With Pluto Retrograde for the past six months we’ve been releasing something or someone significant in our life; the way that we relate to it or them has either been destroyed or has radically changed, whether we have been conscious participants of this change or fighting it tooth and nail. On a massive level, the world has been receiving a serious reality check in regards to broken infrastructures and business ethics (Pluto in Capricorn). For some people this literally means an identity crisis will finally be coming to a head, blown up so big it must be faced once and for all. The hardest person to love and forgive is often oneself. Afterward a new sense of self will emerge. By the time we made our way out of the thick of so much Retrogradation in early October, what we have left behind and how we have grown from releasing the past will become much more apparent. We will be able to integrate what we have learned and received from our experiences and to move forward with deeper wisdom than before.

If we can hang tight throughout the rest of this year’s push-and-pull planetary alignments and highly volatile transits we might just have some things to celebrate by winter.

Healing is Deconditioning

I stated recently in my talk on the Autumn Equinox with Pluto now in the shadow of its station to direct motion that many of us are in a process of intense deconditioning in all aspects of our lives. Relationships are a major highlight, but so is healing in a very broad sense.

Any effective form of healing basically addresses and helps to decondition us from falseness, programming and conditions that have weighed heavily in our consciousness and taken on some form of dis-ease, whether mental, emotional or physical.

Healing is therefore a process of elimination, rather than some external agent meant to make us “whole”.  It is not about ingesting this herb or undergoing that process in order to become more of what we already are or should be. It can however cause us to evolve more rapidly than we would if we remained incapacitated by our illness.

Whether subtle or extreme, healing is about purification, and in some cases exorcism (Pluto helps with this). Holistic practitioners and their methods of healing usually take into consideration that we are multidimensional beings, having experiences on many different levels, some beyond the scope of our ordinary consciousness. We are more than these bodies that we are temporarily inhabiting. Through a particular healing modality we may be assisted in freeing ourselves from various forms of mind control, outworn beliefs, harmful attachments and habits, and obvious manifestations of toxicity. Ultimately in any form of healing we are being restored to our own natural state of equilibrium, rhythm, and wholeness that is not to be compared to anyone else’s.

People are beginning to wake up to this knowledge on a massive scale. People are taking back their power from doctors and authority figures that were supposed to help keep their lives together, able to barely function in a flatlining, seldom optimal kind of way. People are realizing that healing comes from within.

In a genuine healing, our inner eyes are opened to more of the reality of our existence. The so-called wool can no longer be pulled over our Ajna centers. We might not like what we see, but we are no longer paralyzed and held captive by our hidden enemies, and the monstrous enemy of our own murky subconscious. It becomes easier to access our innate wisdom, beauty and abilities.

Over the next five weeks, whenever discomforts arise and when immunity seems to lower around you, remember the source of true healing. Whatever methods you choose, remember who navigates your ship, and sincerely question who it is who is thinking your thoughts.  When we change our thoughts, we change our experiences.

On the Autumn Equinox New Moon! 9-23rd/24th 2014

Some hand written insights read aloud, about the Autumn Equinox 2014 as well as:

  • New Moon in Libra
  • Mercury Retrograde in Libra & Scorpio
  • Pluto Direct
  • the Libra/Aries Full Moon polarity,
  • Lunar Eclipse in Aries 10/8/14
  • and Mars in Sagittarius
  • Venus in Libra

autumn wallpaper

Word Composition & Speech Copyright by Yerevan 2014