Psychic Hygiene

“People will do anything, no matter how absurd, to avoid facing their souls.”- Carl Jung

Mercury in Libra currently forms a square to Pluto, amplifying the impact of our thoughts and words, while Venus, Jupiter, and Mars in Virgo are in a trine to Pluto. In just a matter of hours the Sun will slide into the sign (Scorpio) of the deep dark Underworld…a world that we must all pass through, no matter who we are, at various stages in life. The hours, days, and weeks ahead bring us profound opportunities to practice more effective methods of energetic and psychic hygiene – mental martial arts if you will.

Whether we are presented with goodies or confronted with challenges we need to understand the ways that we both attract and repel in our day-to-day affairs and close relationships. When we get down to the nitty gritty in our psyches and investigate our personal hang-ups, shame, sorrow – basically our shadows, we discover that the dirty politics and wars so often argued over and viewed from digital screens are not too far away from what goes on in our own living rooms and backyards.

For centuries we have looked to doctors, priests, and politicians to solve the problems that have not only been thrust upon us, but that we ourselves have created as well as inherited from our ancestors. If we don’t each do our psychic homework as individuals how can we possibly hope or expect our chosen leaders to do anything even remotely beneficial for us as a whole?

Why as a culture are we so obsessed with outer cleanliness, objects, and appearances, but neglect the debris and sickness that accumulates in our emotional bodies, stifling us in every conceivable way? Michael Tsarion so eloquently explains the significance of Plutonian influences and cycles as well as the dangers of our refusing to face them.