Extremely Relevant Now!!!

Excerpt from my upcoming new book Psychic Self Defense and the Zodiac:

“Every year, the Sun’s entrance into the constellation of Aries marks the Spring season in the Northern Hemisphere and Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. The Sun’s transit through this sign lasts from approximately between March 21st to April 19th. It has been observed by certain scholars that many blood sacrifices, political uproars, and psychic attacks on a massive scale tend to occur right before, during and after the Sun transits Aries. These types of attack are also executed at the other key turning points in the year, which form the cross-wheel of the Zodiac. Although there is debate about who exactly among the earth governing powers-that-be conduct these rituals, what is certain is that manipulation of the masses is done through deceit, and it happens like clockwork.

Begin to observe for yourself the timing of massive tragedies involving fire, killing, mass murder and other large-scale ordeals that occur during this time of year. Sometimes the cause is clear but often there is a false narrative pushed by the media. Video footage is played repeatedly just to drill the terror into everyone’s heads, delivered with a very specific dialogue that is laced with fabrications. One example of this is the well known event that took place on 9-11 and how the collapse of the towers was shown over-and-over again on the news for several weeks. This is a form of psychic attack through the visual and auditory senses to play into peoples worst nightmares and thus to influence their behavior and eventually dominate them completely. The more afraid they are, the more they reach for safety in all the wrong places and fall into the traps that have been set out for them.

Events taking place during such periods can usually be traced to predictive programming which is a form of psychic manipulation via popular cartoons, movies and entertainment. This is performed by acquainting the general public with certain forms of disaster and calamities in order to condition the world for future events. The idea it to push certain narratives before events even occur and therefore to soften any kind of resistance that may arise.”