Overcoming Fear and Anxiety during the Panic Pandemic

This talk was recorded a couple of years ago but its message is especially relevant now. Don’t buy into the current Panic Pandemic. You are powerful! You have a choice to stay calm in a time of global crisis. This is an important key to immunity.

Psychic Self Defense – an interview with David Whitehead

Check out this recent interview with martial arts expert & Canadian radio show host David Whitehead on the subject of psychic self defense! David is renown on Youtube for his fascinating discussions on topics such as martial arts, philosophy, metaphysics, holistic healing, occult history, extraterrestrials and much more.

All this Retrograde energy (Mercury, Mars, Saturn, and Pluto are Retrograde with Jupiter – the planet of higher learning and philosophy stationing Direct) that we’re moving through can increase feelings of mental and emotional vulnerability so the info in this video can help immensely.

a few key points discussed in this interview:

  • why morality is so “un-cool” and victimhood is a cultural habit
  • methods of psychic protection from a martial arts perspective
  • the nature of Truth, as we define it
  • respecting our elders as keepers of wisdom
  • reconnecting with the restorative powers of nature