Libra Season: Numerology Special

The season that highlights relationships is drawing near…
If you have been wondering any of the following questions, a Relationship Numbers reading could help bring clarity:
  • “Is he/she the right one for me?”
  • “Should I keep or break this bond”?
  • “How can we overcome these challenges?

A number can say so much that determines the overall tone, compatibility, and recurring themes of a relationship.

The primary number of any kind of relationship reveals its inherent challenges, gifts and potentials for growth. Many other numbers of significance indicate other aspects of the connection, and the combinations are unique.

My approach to Relationship Number readings includes traditional numerology, planetary symbols, the Destiny Card system and the study of the vibrational qualities of names. I take into consideration the birthdates and full birth names of those who are involved.

These readings are of course available year round but the special price is only being offered now.

Thanks to all my “readers” out there!

I just wanted to take a moment to thank all the people who have taken enough interest in what I’m doing and seeking to do here that they have regularly tuned in, supported my work, and referred me to their friends and family for readings 🙂 You are awesome!
It’s been a highly interesting, empowering, humbling, and sometimes arduous journey as a woman in America doing the kind of work in this world that is still widely considered to be eccentric and sometimes inferior to other types of work. I’m sure some of you readers and intuitive readers can relate to that! 😉
Sooo…I’m going on about year 15 as a reader now…with a lot more combined tools and razor sharp insights than I started with! This is both exciting and a little bit scary for me. Finally after all this time I have decided to raise my rates. Maybe not the most thrilling news for some. However, I have 3 Gift Certificates/Reading slots available at the old prices of $80 per hour, $40 for 30 minutes until March 1st.
They’re not all listed on my Astrology Readings page but my reading offerings include Astrology, Tarot, Destiny Cards, Numerology, Runes, and Human Design – have not gotten to studying the I-Ching on its own quite yet and not sure if I’ll have time in this life, haha! There’s so much to do and seemingly so little time! 😀
Butterfly Tree by Josephine Wall

Butterfly Tree by Josephine Wall

Thanks again to each and every one of you for your wonderful and unique presence and contributions! May beauty, joy and miracles fill your days, week, year and life….