Aftermath of the Saturn-Neptune Square: Delayed Reactions

“And so castles made of sand, fall in the sea, eventually” – Jimi Hendrix

Having stolen both material and immaterial goods, Saturn’s square to Neptune has come and gone like a thief in the night…a very long and dark night stretched over the time span of one year. The exact dates of its three major peaks were November 26, 2015, June 18, 2016, and September 10, 2016.

Saturn, the builder of form has been transiting truth-seeking Sagittarius since December 23 2014 until December 19th of 2017. Neptune, the bringer of dreams has been in the sign of its own domain, Pisces since February 2012 until 2025. While Saturn’s attention is placed in structure, Neptune’s is upon its dissolution.Optimized by JPEGmini 0xa2b342cf

Saturn rules sticks and stones, bricks and bones, the tables we dine upon. Neptune rules rivers, tears, imaginary monsters and Immaculate Conception. Saturn may lengthen but Neptune will spread. If Saturn has found truth in Sagittarius, Neptune in Pisces may have easily distorted it.

The struggle that has been faced with these two planets in a metaphorical arm wrestling match is the struggle that each of us have faced or will face at some point in life. It is the struggle against forces much greater than ourselves, or of being forced into a battle we know that we will lose but must fight nonetheless. It is the thankless job that must be done. It is the helpless dying who must be fed and administered medicine, even as they decline. It is the gray blur between black and white, right and wrong, moral and immoral. It is, for Americans, the humiliating social collapse marked by Democratic and Republican parties both having apparently gone off the deep end. It is the fear of losing everything, but waking up each day with everything still seemingly intact. It is the kind of torture that is inflicted with one of the worst tools in existence – that of threat.

What just happened?

When one is busy trying to evade the attack of something, they often overlook or under-look what is coming at them from a different direction. Their blind spot makes them vulnerable prey. They are suddenly caught unawares, but have to spend considerable time extricating themselves from what has become a complex trap.

As a child or at any time in life, did you ever experience a delayed reaction to an injustice done to you? If someone suddenly punched you from behind on a sunny afternoon at the playground, were you too stunned to respond? Later, your hurt and shock turned to anger, but it was too late. Your attacker was nowhere in sight. This did happen to me. The delayed fear experienced from this kind of attack can potentially sabotage future relationships and put a person constantly on guard.

Others may have encountered the misfortune of being robbed, or even raped, physically or psychically. At the time it occurred one might have been unable to respond. By the time one figured out how to defend oneself, the damage was done. If something like this happened to you, when the feeling of vengefulness finally arose, most likely you found your powerless yet again, without an outlet for your rage, feeling as though you had nobody to blame but yourself.

The battle between the two forces of Saturn and Neptune doesn’t involve fair play. Nobody gets to prepare. They only get to recover, if they survive. That means those who are the perpetrators of threats and violence don’t get off scot-free, no matter how things temporarily appear on the surface.

Kronos and Poseidon

In Greek mythology, Kronos (Saturn) swallowed his son Poseidon (Neptune) but Zeus (Jupiter) came to  Poseidon’s aid by making Kronus drink an elixir that caused him to regurgitate his son. Here I will take a moment to say thank you, Jupiter in Libra which entered on September 9, the day before Saturn’s last square this year with Neptune. I’m sure Kronos had some perfectly rational (in his mind) reasons for swallowing his son, mainly the fear that he should become more powerful than himself. This story in itself offers us much food for thought. Who is having the last laugh in all of this? Fire burns, earth disintegrates, air disperses, but water,  that mystery element overcomes all.

A deeply afflicted Saturn might want all the power, all the money, all the results of others’ hard labor for himself. An afflicted Neptune, ruling poisonous liquid injections has been reflected back to us in the form of forced vaccines that destroy immunity, crops saturated by Roundup (glyphosate) that cause mutilations, and continued Fukushima radiation-contaminated seas and shores.


The aftermath of the Saturn-Neptune square is somewhat like the mess we have to clean up after frantically looking for something, or after there has been a raid. Objects, furniture, papers, cloth, treasures, words and their meanings have been strewn about like heaps of indecipherable trash.

Neptune often does not seem to discriminate in which boundaries it dissolves. When going along with the flow, we can pretend that our intentions are noble or compassionate, but underlying motives will eventually be revealed. Some of the walls we built around each other in the past were unhealthy and needed to come down during 2015. Only after the walls came down did we realize how inhibiting they were. Who or what was difficult to understand, trust or relate to may have become as close as family. Or, the opposite. Some discovered they were literally sleeping with the enemy.

Delayed reactions may have come in relation to having been deceived and violated. The psyche of the human collective has indeed been violated repeatedly through the centuries. In today’s world, increased manipulation through the media has replaced much of the overt violence of previous wars. The lies are so twisted that people believe they need to remain safely locked into the victimhood that they find themselves in. They fight for, rather than against crimes that keep them enslaved.

And so, this is what it’s come to. Now we sit/stand/or lie in the aftermath of things we did and didn’t have any control over, all mixed together as one. The thought could be sickening enough to make one vomit. It could also be just the wakeup call that is needed in order for genuine, voluntary change to occur.

Find an Outlet

One of the worst things to live with is constant fear, and second to that is all of the toxic build up that occurs around it. The clutter. The stuckness. The sickness. The hate. When our fears are faced one by one, many of the toxins have a way of dissipating or exiting our bodies, minds and spirits. Sometimes we need to find and utilize an outlet for our fear, our anger, and our deep hurt. That outlet could be a punching bag, an isolated mountain, a pillow, a letter that is written, or some form of art that expresses what cannot otherwise be expressed.

If this calls to you, find that outlet and make it a priority. What’s amazing is just how much energy becomes available to the one who has become free of the baggage of irrational and even a few rational, yet excess fears. Don’t ever let yourself be diminished by toxic fear and threats ever again. You are meant to shine!

Saturn Direct 2016

Saturn, “School Teacher of the Cosmos” has been Retrograde in Sagittarius since March 25th and goes Direct at 9 degrees Sagittarius on August 13th. Karmic lessons have been kicking some of us in the arse or rewarding us for good deeds in the past. Saturn’s year-long square to Neptune has been adding much vivid confusion to the overall experience. Information has been processed, analyzed, filtered, jumbled, and rearranged so many times these past few months it has been quite a trick to stay on target with anything and everything.

Venus in Virgo moves into opposition with Neptune and squares Saturn as he stations direct, bringing raw feelings to the surface and certain relationship issues up for review. Financial organization is another key focus. Laughter is some of the best medicine available for both body and mind and it would be especially helpful now. Nitpicking never saved a person or couple from conflicts that threatened its security in any form. Different techniques – specifically those less critical more practical in nature must be employed in order to learn from past mistakes or mishaps and to progress as individuals, students, partners and group members.

Hogworts School (Harry Potter)

Hogworts School
(Harry Potter)

Gravity and levity are both doing strange things, perhaps functioning in reverse. Longstanding puzzles are on their way to finally being solved, but patience and steadiness are still required. The building energy of the Aquarius Lunar Eclipse (August 18th) is erratic and wildly unpredictable.

Maybe you’re the one in the classroom who is raising his/her hand exclaiming, “I know! I have the answer! Finally, I get it now – I really get it!!!”

Maybe you had it all along, and you knew what you were in for even that though that doesn’t make things any easier. If you’re juggling objects or situations that resemble hot potatoes right now, just keep doing it – don’t look down! Don’t turn back! Just keep juggling like your life depends on it. The rush will subside. The confusion will eventually clear up. The work will eventually pay off. The potatoes will land, and your hands (more importantly your head) will be able to rest 😀

April Retrogrades 2016

This April is chock full of twists and turns, on-a-roll with revelations, and retroactive in many respects. Seeds planted will begin to bear fruit. Plans made long ago will be fulfilled. Issues and problems will find resolution. Maybe something spiraling downward will hit rock bottom, or if it’s already there it will rise up to greet the sun. Something will be reborn. This is a roundabout way of saying what’s gone around will be coming around, in thought, deed, or manifestation.

This month began with two planets backward motion and three slowing down to Retrograde:

time-machine-blog-imageJupiter has been Retrograde since January 7th, still in conjunction to the North Node in Virgo. We’re being given a chance to clear house and make right the wrongs in our lives so that when Jupiter moves back into forward motion (June 9th) we’ll begin to see the pathways moving forward with greater ease and to receive better pay-offs than before for our investments of time, energy, and money spent on various endeavors.

Saturn went Retrograde in Sagittarius on March 25th, first squaring Neptune in Pisces in November 2015. We’re vibing on a second square coming up in June and a third in August…leading us into what might be a most disruptive if not profoundly peculiar autumn season. Already since Saturn’s entry into Sagittarius in December 2014 we have seen a significant melting of barriers in our educational, medical, religious, and corporate systems – an increasingly rapid breaking down of boundaries and flagging of false identities with the sanity of the collective mind severely at stake.

This is not the time to claim Truth as some kind of doctrine or cure-all pill under the assumption that we know everything we need to know. Far from it. If ancient lies finally being exposed for what they are are not enough to stir us into action (because the energy of apathy, hopelessness, and despair is pumped into the media we’re fed and the air we breathe), there’s nothing in the world like rolling up our sleeves and getting directly involved with what matters. If every vote counts, then each able-bodied person would do well to start by looking in the mirror. This is the time to seek for clarity and take a stand for what we deem as worthy, genuine, and sacred within ourselves. We are so powerful, and it seems like this is what we are most afraid of.

Mars is slowing down to turn Retrograde in Sagittarius on the 17th while it’s higher octave planet Pluto prepares to put on the breaks in Capricorn on the 18th. Mars recedes back into Scorpio on June 28th right before turning Direct on the 29th. The general tone between now and then is less aggressive and more introspective than usual. Players on the field whether sexual, psychological, or otherwise could begin to feel as though they’ve lost a grip on their game. Something that was taken to an extreme could fizzle out as other things become more important than it seemed to be. Battles should be chosen very carefully or avoided altogether. Whatever we’re doing we may seriously need to lighten up and see the humor in this circus we call life.

Mercury enters Taurus on the 5th and goes Retrograde from April 28th until June 22nd. Communication becomes more subjective and details take on deeper levels of importance during this stretch. Suited to this transit are activities related to bettering ourselves in some way by taking a second or third look at the work we’ve done or the wealth we have acquired in a certain area and seeking to improve and expand there. Reread a favorite book, restring a well-played guitar, repot a cherished plant, repaint a house, reevaluate stocks, bonds and other financial investments to see if little or large tweaks can be made.

The recent eclipses in March shook some deep dark debris from our psyches and left us with a lot to consider for the next phase of our journeys. What are the concepts, tools, energies, and people that we will share our newfound “space” with? April will clue us in by revealing many of our true values versus those we’ve bound ourselves to out of necessity, habit, and neglect.

New Moon in Libra 2015

The New Moon on October 12th is 19 degrees of Libra in an opposition with Uranus in Aries, prompting our liberation from many past ties, encumbrances and influences. Although the New Moon generally indicates a time of emotional renewal and new beginnings the urge is strong now to release ourselves from both physical chains and mental fetters of the past – to decondition ourselves from parental or societal imprints, to unlearn and even uncreate what has limited the expression of our uniqueness, our realness, and our truth.

Libra, as the sign of relationships highlights the closest and most meaningful connections we have whether to lovers, coworkers, family members, friends or foes. For those who have recently experienced tremendous loss or their relationships turning inside out in some way, this New Moon offers hope for a brighter future.article-2138126-12DECFD5000005DC-985_634x947

Squaring Pluto and inconjunct Chiron, the feelings leading up to and immediately after this Moon are raw and intense, as vulnerable as gaping wounds. Venus in Virgo slowly edges out of a square to Saturn in Sagittarius and opposes Neptune in Pisces, reminding us that “a broken heart is an open heart”.  However one chooses to interpret it, we are finally ready to heal what has been aching within us for centuries.

Mercury in Libra is now Direct after a retrograde cycle that lasted from September 17 to October 9, but the post-shadow influence continues until October 25. Mercury is in exact conjunction to the North Node which is about to shift into Virgo one month from now after being in Libra for a year and a half. We have these next few weeks to clear up misunderstandings with friends, partners and associates and to review the many things we have learned in our close relationships over the past several months.

Mars and Jupiter in Virgo are paired together in a trine to Pluto, giving us a kick-start back onto the desired path we may have wandered away from in a recent twist of events. More energy is becoming available for the things that are important to us, but we have a few obstacles to clear out of the way first. Thankfully, that job will be easier than it would have been say a few weeks ago. Conjunct the fixed star Zosma, Mars in Virgo can either blow up the woe-is-me mentality or stimulate the heroic qualities within us to help and rescue those who are suffering at the hands of others.

Under the influence of Zosma, especially with a hardass planet like Mars, we either victimize, are victimized, or help to release others from victimization. The recent gun control issue in the USA for example is something that more people could afford a closer look at before exhibiting all their knee-jerk reactions. Gun or no gun is not the issue. The issue is that too many people are brainwashed by false statistics, not to mention who does what with their guns. Guns are designed for only two things – to injure or to kill. We need to recognize that in many cases, guns have saved lives, and guns have saved people from being raped or attacked. We need to remember that sometimes the guns that saved lives were not in the hands of police officers and that some police officers have attacked innocent people who became victims of the legal system. The biggest crimes are those committed by those who amass the greatest amounts of power and control over the populace, and the scariest part is that these crimes are often performed without recognizable weapons. Wake up America!

Saturn in Sagittarius in a trine with Vesta in Aries helps to bring our loftiest visions into manifestation and the inspiration to make each place that we inhabit our sanctuary, treating it with respect and gratitude. This influence is present before, during and immediately after the New Moon. Wherever we may live or travel, our relationship to home life is transforming and expanding to include greater and deeper representations of our spiritual realities. With Saturn in Sagittarius for the next couple of years the roles of the teacher, healer, shaman, priest, and priestess are becoming exalted, both internally and externally.

Overall this New Moon in Libra on October 12 is a time of reclaiming, reconnection, and regeneration both within ourselves and in relation to those we care deeply about.

Saturn in Sagittarius and the Search for Truth

Saturn is about tradition, discipline, delays, rules and learning while Sagittarius is about soaring to new heights in physicality and consciousness. The planet and sign are not necessarily opposed but they don’t speak the same language either. By the time Saturn has firmly laid the groundwork for any given plan or established a set of criteria for some purpose, Sagittarius says “Great!  Seeya…wouldn’t wanna be ya!” In one scenario, on Sag’s way out the door of a monotonous setting he stumbles, soon realizing that he can only go so fast with a haphazard plan, a fractured hip or some other odd form of rebellion. But nothing stops him (or her). By the time he has the will to act contrary to what he has been sold as truth, he will stop at nothing but death. By the way, Saturn in Sagittarius also wants to have some fun while he’s at it.


This is actually similar to an internal dialogue that can occur for those born with this placement of Saturn, and when the planet transits Sagittarius as it will from December 23rd of 2014 until December 19th 2017. There is a conflict between the way things have been done and worked thus far in the outer world, and the creeping sensation that there are huge limitations to our old patriarchal systems and programs. The attempt to move beyond them seems very daunting, so for a period of time some people will cling to their own status quo for dear life. The danger for any us during this period of time is that if we are personally affronted in some way or suddenly find some terrific flaw in a model of behavior that we have blindly followed, we may be tempted to charge against it with upraised weapons or vehemence without thinking things through at all, and the results can be to our own detriment.

A period of time that people may feel quite stumped by Saturn will be when it turns Retrograde back into Scorpio from June 14th to September 18th of 2015. There may be some karmic retributions and backlash felt by those who didn’t use any of their opportunities in 2014 to clean up their acts. It is possible that climate control and pollution comes up for debate with even greater prominence than before. Not doing anything about the ecologic challenges we’ve created and now face is less and less of an option for the “middle class”, while being proactive will be the rising trend now and over the next several years.

Since Sagittarius relates to travel and transportation, my guess is that cars that run on air may become more easily accessible and widely used. New forms of free energy may be re-introduced to our society, particularly during the later degrees of the transit during 2017.

Raising the Bar, Raising Awareness 

At the onset of this transit late December of 2014 Saturn joins with the goddess asteroid Pallas Athene, while Mars and Jupiter face off, ringing in a new year of great vision and tremendous aspirations, not to mention a thirst for power and domination. Religious preachers and spiritual warriors from the jihad to children of the “New Age” may either be fighting for their ideologies or exclaiming for joy their victories.

While Saturn transits Sagittarius our own levels of understanding within religious structures, widely accepted philosophies and traditions will be greatly challenged. Certain things tend get worse before they get better, so before awareness is raised a narrowing of vision may initially appear most evident during this time. The gurus and “Billy Grahams” of the world will probably have a lot to say about that at this time. A marked rebellion will likewise rattle within the collective as whistleblowers continue to reveal both the corruption and vulnerability of those wielding and abusing ultimate authority. With the three-year Uranus Pluto square and Saturn’s exit from Scorpio, many protests, campaigns and boycotts have already been cropping up seemingly like out of control weeds, while governments have cracked down with the same levels of ferocity on those who opposed them. There may be a lot more of this yet to come. Through more inflictions upon both innocent and guilty parties alike, people will eventually realize their corporate slavery in a very ancient battle that cannot be won through any ordinary means, and certainly not by outrage. What we need is greater knowledge. In this way, our similarities are greater than our differences as cultures, as races, and as those who have long conformed to various world views, wherever on Earth we may live. Winning together will call for extraordinary means that combine willpower, clarity, compassion, love, precision, and an inner form of discipline that tempers the emotions and enables us to unite as family rather than tear each other apart as enemies.

Knowledge vs Wisdom

Saturn in the realm of higher learning poses an interesting challenge to education and philosophy in general, in that it can initially inhibit these areas but potentially strengthen them considerably in ways that many people would not have previously imagined. Saturn is not here to take away our goods and progress or prevent us from success but to work harder for them.  This means harder work for us all, in both the development and maintenance of a more efficient or fair economy. Fairness might seem impossible goal, but by the time Saturn reaches this sign we have already recently been schooled on the ineffectiveness of greed and segregation which does not make anybody happy. By this time we will at least attempt to make appropriate adjustments where necessary, even if that means more of us risk looking like idiots in the process.

Knowledge itself as a collection of memorized bits of information can easily go to waste but Saturn in Sagittarius shows us that wisdom is what is required for true progress to be made. We must unlearn the fear of making mistakes, and especially the insidious fear of being punished for good deeds. Sometimes to become wise we must consciously be willing to first be or least appear to be fools.

Saturn’s Unschooling Methods

I find resonance in the Unschooling philosophy and methodology, which could be a relevant topic to Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius. The term unschooling is a relatively new one and refers to a radical practice and philosophy that rejects compulsory school as the primary means of learning. Similar to homeschooling, it stretches even farther from the norm by insisting that a child should not be forced into specific pursuits but be supported in the uncovering and fostering of their own particular skills and interests. Whether homeschooling, unschooling, or some other such method it is apparently imminent that a parent or guardian devote some of their own precious time toward that child’s progress rather than merely leave them in the care of a system that primarily teaches them to bow to authority and doesn’t necessarily impart true life enhancing skills.

A love of culture, learning, and reading may be the saving grace for many who experience Saturn’s transit through the sign of freedom and exploration of a higher purpose in the cosmos. As far as widespread knowledge goes, this will be a game changer, that much is sure.

Let Go and Laugh

With Saturn’s most recent and upcoming transits we will have effectively learned a few hard lessons about our interconnectedness, equality vs inequality in various areas (Saturn in Libra ), money, distribution of wealth, secrets held by those who seek control over others (Saturn in Scorpio), expansion of ideologies and philosophies (Saturn in Sagittarius) and greater resourcefulness and responsibility (Saturn in Capricorn). At some point during all of this we will also beg for and almost certainly receive comic relief from the myriad ways we take ourselves far too seriously.

Whether more people begin crumpling up their so-called homework, their taxes, or their contracts to organizations that have made more than their share of profit from the poor, the peculiarities of religion, education, medicine, and politics will become less important than their effectiveness and putting them into practice for benefiting others. Unschooling is a term, a practice and I believe and appropriate metaphor for our breaking free from rules and falsities that have kept us gripped in fear as they no longer make sense to us, no longer serve us, and no longer sustain us, highlighted by Saturn’s sojourn through truth seeking Sagittarius.