Solar Eclipse in Virgo 9/12/15 – Healing Earth Magic

Solar Eclipses are extra potent New Moons in which the sun is obscured by the moon, as the moon appears to align itself directly between the sun and the earth. The impact of eclipses can be tremendous on multiple levels and are generally feared and looked upon by spiritual aspirants as negative. That’s because they stir things up and empty things out whether we’re ready to release them or not. They push us to piss or get off the pot.

The partial solar eclipse on September 12th/13th is 20 degrees of Virgo, in opposition to comet Chiron in Pisces, highlighting healing in all of its various forms. It is addressing almost all of our various woes and wounds – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. This earthy New Moon reflecting the Wounded Healer in the sign of karmic completion is most troubling for us in the areas where we are most accustomed to masking our pain rather than treating the cause – where we reach for a pill or a pacifier instead of fully acknowledging the grinding, pulsating, sometimes terrible, sometimes beautiful torment of life’s jagged edges. This is not meant to criticize those who need to medicate. It is a statement about our widespread addiction to distraction and avoidance of what life presents us with in its raw, unfiltered state.

As Chiron also represents the Wounded Child, our attention may directed to children in our lives that need healing or to our inner child that was neglected or abused. It’s time to take our inner child on an “Artist Date” (read The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron), explore nature, or to simply allow ourselves a return to innocence…

I just came home last night from a first-time adventure at Faerieworlds festival in Oregon, which was one of my inner child’s dreams come true!

This Solar Eclipse could be vastly liberating for those who dare to do rather than to merely dream, to answer with action rather than ask for permission, to boldly venture into the unknown, and to pierce the veils of illusion that perpetuate the cycles of disappointment and despair.

Juno forms a sextile to Saturn at his last degree of Scorpio, clearly indicating to us those who we would do well to work with in some way and those who we would best release. Juno has been in Virgo since June 30th, putting partnerships of both the romantic and business varieties through a process of purification, pressure cooking, and profound change.

Earth Magic

Saturn is doing a final cleanup in the sign of death and transformation, before entering Sagittarius on September 17th. Between now and then the ground is fertile for deep psychological and sexual healing. The Sun conjunct Juno in Virgo, trine Ceres in Capricorn also points to the way to more effective tools and methods for healing and repair than we have been aware of or have used in awhile. We are reconnecting with totem animals, root medicines, herbs and elixirs ~ all that encompasses the meaning and manifestation of true earth magic. Jupiter’s opposition to Neptune in Pisces also heightens the ability to give and receive healing to and from the earth and other dimensions. We are dancing with the elves (at least I can speak for mys‘elf!)!

Oberon, Titania and Puck with Fairies Dancing circa 1786 William Blake 1757-1827 Presented by Alfred A. de Pass in memory of his wife Ethel 1910

Oberon, Titania and Puck with Fairies Dancing circa 1786 William Blake 1757-1827

Mercury is forming an opposition to its higher octave Uranus in Aries as the eclipse forms an inconjunct to Uranus, creating an itch for revolutionary and evolutionary change. As much as we attempt to fight and defend ourselves against the endless onslaught of actual and imagined attacks or to influence others to do as we think they ought to do, there is not much of anything we have any real control over in this world. However we can direct our energy in ways that are more conducive to wellbeing. We have consciousness and we have choice. It’s time to embrace the chaos within and around us and to recognize the divinity in disorder, the mystery of the Cosmos that our ordinary minds just cannot seem to grasp.

Relationship Review

On the same day that Saturn exits Scorpio (September 17th), Mercury turns Retrograde in Libra until October 9th. The planet of communication is beginning to slow down, having entered the pre-shadow phase on August 28th. While Venus was Retrograde in Leo from July 25th until September 6th we had a chance to review creative endeavors and release emotional entanglements involving finances, love, and partnerships. Venus remains in a post-shadow phase for exactly as long as Mercury moves Retrograde through Venus-ruled Libra, so the focus continues to be on sorting out relationship snags, healing old rifts, letting go of roles that have been played out, or people who no longer have an appropriate role to play in our lives. The planetary goddess of love and beauty enters Virgo on the 8th, and exits the post-shadow on the 9th.

Self Love & Forgiveness

With this Solar Eclipse in Virgo on September 12th we are metaphorically kneeling at the feet of an immensely radiant and ageless goddess in the in the guise of a haggard, hump-backed witch doctor, warts and all, begging for forgiveness and requesting cooperation in restoring harmony to the earth and each other. Perhaps this ugly projection of the feminine represents an disowned aspect of ourselves that we have finally – after much criticism and resistance have come to love. Whether burned at the stake in past lives or currently suffering from body and lifestyle image distortion due to cultural brainwashing, there is so much that has prevented us from even recognizing and experiencing who we really are. The flower essences of Crab Apple and Manzanita might be helpful over the next few days, assisting with self-acceptance and appreciation.

Another possible symbol of the times we are in is that of this gentleman comforting a cow in a field. Like the princess kissing the frog, we might be surprised where or what a bit of humility gets us.

“Be humble, for you are made of earth. Be noble, for you are made of stars.” – Serbian proverb

Transforming Greed

As I type this the Moon is in Capricorn having just conjoined Pluto, and I’m noticing how the topic of money, survival, and the concept of greed seem very intertwined in a paradigm shift that is currently taking place in the world. As much as I have an innate faith in the human race despite all odds, there are moments when like most of us, just find our state of affairs almost impossible to bear.

Greed, one of the so-called seven deadly sins, infects all of us at some point in our lives, whether we are the perpetrator or perpetrated ones, where the best or most goods have been stuffed away at the expense of another or others’ benefit and wellbeing. We don’t like to look at or talk about this, because it makes us itch, and is all too easy to point the finger at another than to honestly contemplate how greed may reside within us.

In order to transform greed we must first come to a better understanding of what it even means. The thing about this is, I don’t believe in what theorists call the “greed gene” and that greed is a necessarily a natural occurrence for us. Just like the seven deadly sins, greed is a result of a very deeply rooted fear – the fear of loss, being left out, and of not having enough. Greed causes one to steal for fear that if they do not they themselves may be robbed. It is completely irrational and insane. This is the way that our very government functions.

In understanding the origins of greed, we must also consider the impact that trauma has upon us and the habits that ensue from the holding pattern of an unreleased trauma. If one did experience a traumatic loss through famine, war, or some other disaster it should not be surprising if later in life that person subconsciously tried to compensate for an earlier period of shock and lack, when they felt they had no defense, no resources in order to support themselves in the face of opposition.

Right now we need to look at greed without fear and take a look at what it is doing to our planet. The Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on the 23rd of October will be like the bright open eye in the sky that illuminates many dark corners and shows us what we must let go of in order to have what we truly want. If we don’t use this opportunity wisely it may haunt us into the year 2015, with explosive results in an economic crash between the eclipses of March and September.

It is commonly said that there is a financial crisis every seven years, and our last major one was in 2008, with a record of over 3 million foreclosure filings. Supposedly, our negative financial information such as late or unpaid bills, foreclosures, and bankruptcies generally disappear from credit reports after seven years. Interestingly, the planet Saturn associated with limitations, tests, and delays also has a cycle of seven and a half years. Saturn, Capricorn’s ruler is the keeper and voracious eater of time, and in Scorpio where he currently transits, we are indeed pressured for time and all the resources we can muster until December 23rd. Please, let’s not spend all of our money on Christmas presents that we’ll be in debt over for the next seven years of our lives.

Banks say that they will only lend to people with good credit but those are just the same people they lent to before, seven years later (the number Seven is relevant to the current Time frame we are operating from). Not only do banks make money out of thin air – a topic that anyone who can read can research on the internet these days, but we can no longer afford to place our faith in a monetary system that leaves us high and dry any more than an atheist can give his or her heart to Jesus.

Not that I’m a fan, but Austrailian philsopher and skeptic David Stove said, in obvious criticism, “If Darwin’s theory of evolution is true, no species can ever escape from the process of natural selection.” We need and are indeed being presented with new, upgraded theories to permeate our Collective Mind. Greed need not be factored in if we realize that we’re all in this together, and that each person does make a difference and contributes to the whole.

Here’s a bit of Libran insight since we’re in its sign and the Aries/Libra axis of Full Moons until September of 2015: If we don’t want to see the massive “bubble” form in commodities that result in economic collapse, we have to stop supporting the greed-driven companies and their products that we share co-dependent relationships with. We have to go cold turkey in some cases on what we’re used to. That sounds terrifying to some people because how else would we survive? My answer would be by getting back to basics. Thanksgiving, coming right up, is one of the most sickening money-maker holidays of the USA to date, reminding Native Americans of the greed of white men who destroyed their villages. Just as in religious crusades, people should not be so sinful as to announce such deeds in the name of God, but more accurately, in the name of greed.

What makes more money than almost anything else in the world? War. Yes it does “take” money – our money, to make money, and war is a perfect example of the nightmare carousel that perpetuates disease, destruction and the desire for more, round and round on our planet with seemingly no end. These are just a few tidbits to mull over at anyone’s convenience, for whatever they’re worth, or not as the case may be.

We are not ready to stop using money, because it is still the most widely accepted means for our survival as a species. However, we can begin to shift our values toward what makes life truly meaningful, and raise our vibrational frequencies in the process so that we more easily attract everything that we need and want. For those who find it impossible to envision a life without money, inspiration may be found in this documentary about Heidemarie in Germany:

If we want to enjoy warm festivities with a clear conscious this year and in the future we actually have to use our sense of reasoning, creativity and intuition combined. We must’nt let fear, money or greed be the guiding light in deciding what to make, buy, or share.

Perhaps our new strategies and choices will seem strange to family and friends, and we may feel a temporary sense of alienation and shame. Many great ideas are scoffed at initially, and later come to be respected. Sooner or later, more of humanity will join the dance for true freedom and self expression for all.

The Shifting of Saturn and Medical Experimentation

Things in general are not nearly as direct as they were when early humans roamed the Earth. Most of us have been subjected to stories and traditions passed down to us from parents, school teachers, religious leaders, well meaning but misinformed family and friends about our history, our origins, our money system, our educational system, and worst of all – we were taught “what’s best for us”.  Furthermore, some of us have been subjected to tests and experiments performed on our bodies,  minds, and spirits, both with and especially without our own consent.

Although very quiet as a child, often regarded as timid and fragile, I was always a “problem child”, in no uncertain terms, no matter how endeared to certain people I may have been. I had tremendous difficulties and distrust of school, hospitals, institutions, and church pastors, which made it seem as though I was somehow retarded. I was frequently treated that way.

Saturn in Scorpio’s mutual reception with Pluto in Capricorn is bringing much of our culture’s lies and medical experiments to light. Ignorance is not much of an option anymore unless you have a death wish. My hunch is that the bits of information leaking now are only an inklings of what will be revealed to the masses with Saturn in Sagittarius and when Jupiter enters Virgo in 2015. The next years following should be very interesting in terms of both medical breakdowns and breakthroughs.

Saturn is seen to rule periods of time and its passing, not to mention what torturous experiences or experiments fill in its gaps.image007

Every age in history has had its special type of epidemic. Our modern day epidemic is that of cancer, the mysterious disease taking on myriad forms as it takes several great lives away from us. To solve many mundane problems what we basically need to do is put two and two together. Figure out the cause and therefore the solution. It is no coincidence that cancer has become so widespread in an age when we are subjected to far more carcinogenic factors than in ages prior, such as mass quantities of EMF, ELF waves, flouride in our water and toothpaste, chlorine, toxic fumes, GMOs, and let’s not forget pharmaceutical drugs – often proven to cause the very problems they’ve promised to relieve, in addition to introducing issues that far more damaging than the original ailment. Anyone with a T.V. in America at least has seen commercials with some dude’s voice swiftly reciting words such as:  “Side effects may include vomitting, diarrhea, descrease in testicle size, breast lumps, heart failure, paralysis or suicidal tendencies.” Oh, that’s all!

The worst news of all about cancer is that its supposed cure is as deadly if not more so than the disease itself. 

The good news is that because we are so much more than these bodies, we have the ability to heal ourselves. This is not to belittle those who struggle or to call it easy by any means. Some of you might be as inspired as I was/am by Anita Moorjani’s incredible death and rebirth by cancer experience, and that she came back to tell us how Divine we truly are!

It should be noted that the causes of illness are sometimes wrongly and solely attributed to Saturn as a malefic planet when it is Neptune that makes many cases difficult to diagnose.  Neptune is currently Retrograde in its home base Pisces (since June 9th), which means that it will be functioning contrary to its usual nature of keeping things hidden, nebulous, and mysterious. Due to the planet of mystery in retrograde motion,  our perception of the truth about disease, illness and hypnotic suggestion will be coming to the fore until mid-November of 2014.

As has been the case for centuries, women have been targeted as subjects for experimentation and abuse far more than have men not only through religion and pop media but through the medical industries. Unfortunately, with Pluto in patriarchal Capricorn this might not change to measures of real justice until Pluto enters Aquarius in 2024. Yes women have received more recognition over the past few decades (thanks to the revolution of the 60s) but many women are still trained to follow rules, take a back seat, and just about constantly made to feel that there is something wrong with them.  The fact that viagra has been made easily accessible to men while the obtaining of birth control (which is not even healthy but it gives women an option that they ought to have) has become a complete ordeal is a dead-on clue about how we still have a ways to go in evolving. Men shouldn’t get too excited either, because viagra is far from safe or predictable in its effects. Women are not taught to ask why about procedures they undergo in hospitals, but are humiliated and eventually “tamed” to obey orders. This is often destructive not only to the fertility and equilibrium of their bodies but of their psyches.

Children don’t even have a choice, as they’re pumped full of vaccines that make them even more vulnerable to disease.

As men and women we should never forget what happened to many of our ancestors, until the day comes when the Inquisitions once known as the Burning Times have fully ceased. From the medical experiments of Nazi physicians in concentration camps such as Josef Mengele, to the hidden agenda of certain modern-day devils in white coats,  history should never be sugar-coated unless spoken to someone under the age of five, and it is not only sugar-coated but twisted until we hunt for knowledge in college, libraries or the internet. The reason we have seen so many bombs in Palestine and other sacred sites of the world is so that our origins and ancestral ruins cannot be found and deciphered.

Saturn began the transit through Scorpio on October 5, 2012, and by the Winter Solstice of December Saturn will enter Sagittarius but then Retrograde back into Scorpio in the year 2015, forward into Sagittarius, and back into Scorpio and Sagittarius again, finally finishing its round from June 14, 2015 to September 17, 2015. Saturn is known as the formidable father, the nay-sayer, the keeper and the eater of time. Scorpio is the surgeon, soul seeker, and the keeper of secrets. Both planet and sign are known to be ruthless in their undertakings. Sagittarius is the grand adventurer, the pioneer, the bioneer, and potentially the healer. Let’s keep a watch on growing medical trends that occur during Saturn’s shift over the next several months.

While the prestigously adorned pot calls the kettle black let’s also not be afraid to call a spade. John Knox took that saying from Erasmus, and added “I have learned to call wickedness by its own name”. It’s not about getting angry but becoming informed, because as things escalate we cannot afford to pretend that “Everything’s gonna be alright” with our rose colored glasses on anymore. Get good water filters, grow or buy organic, and read food labels before you buy. Rather than merely seeking to feel good or better (as Law of Attraction fans often preach), make peace of mind and the acquisition of knowledge a priority. Good feelings are fleeting, and are great to enjoy while they last – but not at the cost of our children and our enlightenment. Fully research a pill or a procedure before you adhere to it. It might save your life, or many lives. Also, as Buddha was known to say: “Don’t take my word for it”. Like Jesus said, “Seek and you shall find”.

October Forecast 2012

It’s that time of year when the veils between the worlds are thinnest, and we are confronted with the necessity of letting go of certain attachments that we have, even if that is attachment to the thread by which we hang on to our treasured sense of sanity. Sometimes, as the song by Seal goes…we’re “never gonna survive, unless we are a little crazy”.

Saturn in Scorpio

As of October 5th Saturn is finally exiting the sign of Libra after what was considered by many Libra folk (myself included) to be somewhat of a grueling past 3 year experience. But you don’t have to be a Libra to have experienced difficult endings, divorces, or disagreements during this time, or to appreciate how imminent Saturn’s current pivotal shift is from one sign to the next…

Let’s see, what did we learn from Saturn in Libra, where it is supposedly “exalted”…? Did we collectively and personally live up to the standards of excellence so attributed to disciplined Saturn in the air sign of relationships? We heard a lot of arguments about gay marriage, and saw a lot of reality TV shows highlighting peoples’ dysfunctional relationships overall. A lot people got into some strange snafus with business partners, friends, lovers, and spouses, and realized that something was severely out of balance. Certain other things may have gone from kinky or bizarre to full-on deranged and so far gone that hopefully the past was laid to rest. Legal battles over child custody rights, justice for past assaults, and the urge of opposing parties to reconcile their differences were brought to our attention. Quite a few people discovered that being single was better than being tied down in situations that did not serve their best interests or wellbeing. The “old ball and chain” finally broke its hold on a large scale, and it was more hardcore and heart-breaking than the hardest hard-asses out there could bear. Unfortunately some people have continued to remain locked into unhappy marital or other committed partnerships and circumstances that just recently went from bad to worse. A minority of people actually became more solid, committed, or secure in their relationships overall, or found someone new with whom they could spend a significant amount of time.

We are all at the edge of a crucial moment now. This moment may last for only a few more days, and can be viewed as a choice point in time. The choice will be whether we are going to drag the unhappy memories and patterns with us into the future, allowing them to hinder our progress and happiness, or whether we are going to move deeper into a sense of self-autonomy and self-respect. This particular transit will not occur for another 28 years. Scorpios, Scorpio Rising or Scorpio Moon people reading this, take heart…for Saturn in your sign will take on a completely different sort of note. It will be ok and you will survive, most likely! The transit of Saturn in Scorpio is from October 5th 2012 until September 17, 2015.

Saturn through Scorpio centers around uncovering or dealing with dark secrets, deeper commitments with shared assets, and responsible sex. Saturn in Scorpio puts Saturn in mutual reception with Pluto in Capricorn, which will be a helpful influence, highlighting the positive and life-giving possibilities of Pluto’s transformative nature. If ever there was a time to purify and purge ourselves of negativity and toxins from both outer and inner environments it will be while Saturn transits Scorpio. There may be new herbal remedies or special methods to help us do that. Hopefully we will find new solutions to old problems, including epidemics and sexually transmitted diseases. It is hopeful that our banking systems will become more responsible and fair in their dealings, and we will be collectively educated about how to better manage money and grow our savings. There will be a rise in popularity of teachers and teachings in general, perhaps with scientists and spiritual leaders particularly receiving a great deal of attention through books and other media. The sign of Scorpio can be a natural spy as well as psychologist, so we will also learn some surprising things not only about ourselves but about others and the world we live in.

Jupiter Retrograde

On October the 4th Jupiter went Retrograde until the end of January of 2013. This cycle occurs every 13 months, lasting for about 4 months at a time. When Retrograde the attributes associated with Jupiter tend to cause introspection and effort rather than expressing its usual buoyancy, daring, optimism, abundance and generosity, Jupiter takes on a sort of serious or Saturnian energy. In the sign of Gemini, Jupiter strongly connects us with family, and the number and type of aspects occurring during this transit suggest that there will be karmic ties and obligations to attend, particularly with close family members and women, regardless of what our own gender is.

10/15/12 New Moon in Libra

10/29/12 Full Moon in Taurus

More info on these lunations soon! 🙂

October Horoscopes 2012

As featured in Sonoma County’s Upbeat Times:

Aries (March 21st – April 20th)

It’s time to kick up your heels and let the good times roll! You might be thanking heavens this month for some the stellar adjustments that seem to be taking place on your behalf. Your relationships are much lighter than they’ve been, and if work has been on hold or unfulfilling for awhile, you are likely to receive new career and work opportunities that allow you to prosper. Take advantage of your current flow of cash & energy!

Taurus (April 21st – May 20th)

Unusual love encounters are likely for you during the month of October, and things are sure to be interesting in the romance department. As Saturn is entering your opposite sign for the next couple of years, this is an optimal time to make plans for your future and to decipher the status of your current relationships – what do you want? Health matters, whether your own or of those surrounding you are a subject of focus this month as well.

Gemini (May 21st – June 20th)

It’s an exciting month for you in many respects. You’re busy, out meeting new people, and making your presence known. You might possibly be challenged to see things from another point of a view, which isn’t very hard for a mutable air sign such as yourself. Conversations take many unexpected twists and turns, taking you along with them. It could be a time that you’re becoming inwardly settled and secure, amidst the whirling chaos.

Cancer (June 21st – July 22nd)       

You may either be feeling a need for deeper commitment within an existing partnership, or to find someone with whom you can share a relationship that is more stable and lasting than your previous ones. Family obligations may take prominence, but you also have support and some cozy areas to operate from. People may be looking to you a lot for guidance or assistance this month, and you have exactly what it takes come to the rescue.

Leo (July 23rd – August 22nd)

It looks like a lot of your attention will go toward your professional endeavors this month, and specifically how you may take charge of them in even more creative and clever ways than before. Your health could receive a boost of energy, assisting you in whatever you feel the need to accomplish. Enjoy the overall upbeat mood of the season, and although you don’t have to, try to get as much done as you can before November.

Virgo (August 23rd – September 22nd)

Things are going to go your way this month. You have great overall potential and financial opportunities now, so you might want to look for these and strike while the irons are hot. People are drawn to you, and it is going to be easy to highlight your finest qualities in whichever ways you choose. Maybe you decide to pick up a brush and paint or decide to help out a child or animal in need… whatever it is, it will be with creativity and grace.

Libra (September 23rd – October 22nd)

Somewhere beneath that calm, somewhat conventional exterior is some kind of wild animal waiting to break loose – a rebel ready to break taboos and wreak (happy) havoc. Whether you’ve been working very hard lately or maybe secretly going mad, you might receive a lucky ticket this month for an escapade to an exotic land far away. Will the others see you again any time soon? Hard to say…your journey is leading you into a new you.

Scorpio (October 23rd – November 22nd)

This is a great month for you to spend some time at your local library and museums, digging into the ancient past for wisdom, stories, entertainment, and perhaps evidence to confirm a deep hunch that you have about its connection to your own current life. It’s a time to dream, journal, and if you’re so inclined to seek out a spiritual guide or an elder to support your cause. Attending or leading workshops and presentations are beneficial too.

Sagittarius (November 23rd – December 21st)

I’m thinking that your month will resemble something like one of those televised explorations through the wilds of Austrailia, meeting face to face with poisonous insects, strange beasts and gnarly plants, as you shock the world with a combination of your charming mannerisms and your amazing survival skills. It may not be quite as dangerous, but it may evoke similar kinds of feelings. Just take one step at a time, and all will be well.

Capricorn (December 22nd – January 19th)

It could be that this month you finally receive the recognition and rewards you deserve for much of the hard work you’ve put in over the past couple of years. The load you’ve been carrying is beginning to lighten, and you can see a new horizon. It may be that you’re thinking of what you need to do, or where you need to go from here…and that is a welcome change from the sense that you didn’t have a choice before. The sky’s the limit.

Aquarius (January 20th – February 18th)

You may soon be visited by a lover from afar, or find yourself delving into the mysteries of the love, magic, and the stars. It’s the kind of month that you’ll want to get away from regular routines (if they even exist for you), and to blaze new trails on the astral plane, invisible to average human eye. Telepathic texts and long distance hugs may lead up to intimate physical encounters within very short periods of time. You’re on a roll!

Pisces (February 19th – March 20th)

This may be the month that allows you to give or receive another chance of some kind. It could revolve around a close relationship, or possibly around your career. It may be that you are seeking inspiration to help get you moving in a certain direction, and this is a great time when you are likely to find it. If you have some important plans it may be best to keep them to yourself until they are executed. The results will be swifter and stronger.