Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces – a Spiritual Choice

Jupiter’s conjunction with Neptune in their dreamy home sign of Pisces will be exact on April 12, 2022. This highly sensitizing aspect began to come into effect the moment Jupiter entered Pisces on May 13, 2021 and its effects are likely to ripple throughout the year until Jupiter completes its full transit in this sign by December 20, 2022.

Jupiter is an expansive influence and Neptune a diffusive one. The pairing of these two planets in their domicile brings the potential for miraculous healing as well as devastating destruction. Pisces is the Zodiac sign that represents infinite possibilities, and we’ve been taken through its labyrinthine halls of smoke and mirrors over the past several months. Definite concrete results are not particularly emphasized, but Mars and Saturn squaring the Nodes 23 degrees Taurus and Scorpio is encouraging a more practical approach to our worldly problems in April. Jupiter and Neptune 23 degrees making favorable aspects to the Nodes serve as a sort of saving grace in what could have otherwise been a very harsh alignment. Saturn wants us to get real, and the Jupiter Neptune conjunction wants us to become enlightened.

The feminine water signs are eroding the locked doors that hide so many dirty, rotten, and shocking secrets. Since January 18th, the South Node in Scorpio has been excavating corruption scenes in government, private institutions and underground crime. Abuse of sexual energy is revealed by Jupiter and Neptune together in Pisces, especially where drugs have been used used to silence and control victims such as in child sex trafficking. The ways that sex has been perverted by the elites has become unmistakable for what it is. From the pornography industry to the feminization of men to the indoctrination of small children by drag queens with story books, the dystopian nightmare of our day promises fairness, equality and goodness to all while ripping to shreds the wholesome family unit and the basic tenets of human decency. National borders are discouraged but face masks and booster shots are required. Moderate shame has become a thing of the past, and now anything goes including Satanic gatherings out in the open (such as the Satanicon festival in Arizona). We’re living in a time when debauchery is celebrated and healthy intellectual debate is discouraged. We’re supposed to be politically correct instead of morally intact.

All the while, people in America drive the roads like self-entitled raving lunatics on steroids, including people with Om Shanti bumper stickers. Eastern religion, psychism and the occult are favorite topics for water signs and for Jupiter and Neptune. In recent years, with Neptune’s transit through Pisces there has been a surge of interest in spiritual topics and yet there is simultaneously more focus on the gross material plane, by way of physical concerns and technological advances. These are not mere coincidences, my friends. Crystals, mantras, meditation, and astrology can be used for healing purposes or they can be cheapened, sold as gimmicks.

The last time Jupiter made a conjunction to Neptune was on December 21, 2009 and the next time it will occur is on March 23, 2035. In 2009, the H1N1 “swine flu” was declared a worldwide pandemic by the World Health Organization. Back then, a pandemic wasn’t enough to keep everyone tied down to their living quarters. Conditions were not ripe.

People are looking for answers and solutions and in their desperation for both, their discernment levels might be going down. Although Jupiter has been broadening the scope of understanding of what is happening on planet earth, in many instances there has not been enough energy and strength for the vast majority to follow through on what they know. With the spotlight still centered on viral scares and the experimental injections meant to address them, physical health has been hugely impacted by an influx of toxins. Neptune and Pisces create fog, yet have no barriers. The liver, ruled by Jupiter is the largest organ and its has the burden of processing anything that does not support overall wellness such as alcohol, stress hormones, and pharmaceutical drugs – including drugs such as Ivermectin that have been touted by both dissident shills and well-meaning truthers as the greatest antidote to the ‘corona’. It’s been a peculiar phenomenon that so many holistic healers have abandoned their own medicine cabinets in favor of Big Pharma. Why do they still bother promoting their so-called alternative remedies then?

The great opportunity that Jupiter and Neptune are providing can be viewed as a spiritual choice: to remain in ignorance, succumb to temptations and opt for ultimate mind-numbing sedation, or to courageously move forward with faith in a higher power, no matter how uncomfortable it may at times be. Metaphorically, the choice is to safely, even if awkwardly exist within a generic bubble containing a 24/7 entertainment system, or to forge ahead into the wilderness of the unknown to discover and savor the beauty of authentic living.