Solar Eclipse in Taurus 4-28-14

What makes you feel truly alive, rather than what merely enables you to survive? This New Moon Eclipse coming up on the 28th is bringing up the subject of how we relate to terra firma and our own sense of embodiment while on it. Taurus highlights both the tools of survival and the ability the enjoy what these tools (money for example) provide. In anyone with strong Taurus placements in their chart it’s not enough to just get by. This sign reminds us that life is supposed to be sweet and not some ongoing struggle. The bull or conversely the Sacred Cow shows us how to slow down and savor our food, the elements and just being a part of nature.

Another theme in our midst is that of procrastination and finally being able to break some longstanding patterns of it in certain areas that have been stuck. What dirty chores need tending, what broken watch needs fixing, what relationship needs mending, what messages have not yet been replied to, what projects await fruition? What we find when we pick up where we left off is that these things are not nearly as dreadful as we have anticipated, but may actually bring us great relief or satisfaction. By completing all the little “dangling” things in our lives that nag us perhaps quietly but incessantly in the back of our minds we actually clear away the roadblocks to our health, happiness, and success.

Mercury is close to the Eclipse suggesting that the psychosomatic causes of our health, financial or other problems may become easily identified and finally released. When the mind and body are well integrated, illness often disappears. Taurus rules the throat and voice, while Mercury rules thought, speech, and communication. What better time to express, sing, or clarify your intentions than now? A golden key for many who struggle with health, finances and especially “love” is the recognition and release of a deep rooted sense of guilt or the lack of self worth. If you know you’re worth it, as Taurus inherently knows, then you will firmly stand for what you believe in, work hard for what you value, accept good things that come your way, and allow yourself to enjoy life’s rewards. It’s really as simple as that, much of the time. It is we who complicate our own lives even more than they may already be, because of some sort of amnesia regarding our divinity.

It can be helpful during a New Moon to write up a list of approximately Ten things you wish to manifest or change in your life, as the time is right for planting new seeds and intentions, particularly those that relate to abundance. The list doesn’t need to be perfectly in order but it is important to state positives rather than negatives – meaning, say what you want and not what you don’t want. Effectiveness may further be boosted by placing this list underneath a candle, on an altar, adhered to a mirror or some other place where it will reside within your subconscious for a few weeks.

Kagaya Zodiac Art - TaurusTaurus is an Earth sign ruled by Venus, lover of pleasure and love itself. Beauty and harmony within the environment is important to this sign, and most of us have become very sensitized to our environments since Venus entered Pisces April 5th until May 2nd. Even those without a so called “green thumb” may have better luck these next few weeks than at other times with plants. It’s extra obvious by now that whatever we do to the Earth and seas, we do to ourselves. If we can take this time and use the energy of this Taurean eclipse to be more alert to the sounds, scents, and sensations within nature we will realize more clearly what part we play in restoring her balance around and within us.