Clarity vs Forgiveness

A dear friend of mine used to say that the Solstice is when we each receive our new “Galactic assignments” for the year ahead.  Daniel, beloved by a whole community based in Sonoma county passed on in December of 2011, but his spirit and love does indeed live on.

One of his many wise and hilarious sayings that many of us got a kick out of was “I hereby authorize myself to give myself permission to forgive myself!”

Who needs our forgiveness more than ourselves? Whenever we enter a new threshold, phase or time period we are confronted with what we have brought with us to the present, and questioned as to what wish to continue or begin bringing forth. It can be difficult for us to recognize our own flaws or shortcomings with objectivity, much less forgive ourselves in order to release negative patterns and move on.

Forgiveness is a helpful tool, but beyond this is the power of true clarity that pierces through the veil of attachments and aversions which enslave us to ongoing suffering and duality.

Pretend for a moment that you are an Angel who is gently gazing down at your human self with unconditional love. You see the human go through ups and downs, with many shades of emotion, many struggles, much uncertainty, states of inertia, and areas with much effort made toward improvement.

white lotusThat Angel is a part of you, just as much if not more so than the human self you have come to identify with. Therefore, when you can even for just a few moments each day connect with this Angel self, the clarity that is gained far surpasses ordinary human methods used to subdue the mind.

I have a very big hunch that Daniel would agree.

You are limitless…