Welcoming Solstice

The Full Moon in Sagittarius over the past couple of days has made a conjunction to expansive Jupiter and the Galactic Center. This is BIG energy,  while in addition there two upcoming eclipses in July already building in effects. The sign of Archer has encouraged us to set our sights higher and to take bold actions toward overall improvement and the attainment of knowledge and truth. We are being pushed out of our comfort zones and into the great wild world of endless possibilities.

As we move toward (Summer in the Northern hemisphere) Solstice, many significant completions are taking place. There are important decisions to be made but the ability to firmly make them and to move forward may seem to be on hold. This is in part due to Neptune slowing stationing to go Retrograde on the 21, the same day the Sun moves into Cancer. Mercury enters a pre-shadow phase on this day, turning Retrograde on July 7 until the 31.

With Jupiter now squaring Neptune again this year, some things are kind of nebulous and uncertain…it’s not the best time to make a definite assessment or sign a contract.

My personal affirmation as the light increases:

“I welcome the new season with open arms and a willingness to experience life with greater awareness and joy”

Full Moon in Sagittarius 6-20-16

The Full Moon on June 20th is at the anaretic degree (29th) of Sagittarius, closely aligned with the Galactic Center. Suddenly after a period of stuckness, delays and limitations since late last year there are so many possibilities opening up and so much energy at our disposal that it can be tricky to know which way to go.

The Full Moon T-squares Chiron in Pisces which has been bringing up some very old wounds and painful memories during the past week that we may either feel overwhelmed by or finally ready to acknowledge and release. A lot of us are processing all that has radically changed for us during the past several months.

An opposition to Venus in Cancer increases desires whatever they may be and puts us in the mood for creature comforts. Here is where we may pause in the middle of our rugged voyage and reach for the nearest thing that reminds or gives us the feeling of love, security, wealth and beauty. The full moon’s sextile to Juno in Libra heightens this impulse for connection, goodness, or being able to cozy up to that someone that we are quite fond of. If a alone a blankie, cup of hot cocoa and book or favorite movie could be equally appealing. On the other hand, relationship differences could become a source of irritation, especially in situations where one (or more) feels quite out of place.

A mutable grand square involving Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune is reactivated a second time this month, this time by Mercury paired with Vesta in Gemini (initially by Venus). Whatever we have been waiting or yearning to do, express, or experience is closer within reach but we must continue to put forth effort.

A fire trine to Uranus and Ceres in Aries brings sparks of electricity to creative endeavors. We simply don’t want to hold back what we’re really thinking and feeling right now which could be really great or scary for certain people. It would be wise to take care not to go overboard.

This Full Moon is extra special of course because it occurs with the Solstice, Summer in the Northern Hemisphere. During this time our senses are significantly heightened, our souls indicating to us the progress that we are making in our embodied states. The Sun will soon move into Cancer, signaling a shift of focus from the airy realms of the mind to the watery depths of emotion, dreams, and intuition.

Solstice June 21st 2015

The Solstice on June 21st is marked by the Sun and Moon in mutual reception – the Sun being in watery Cancer and the Moon in fiery Leo, with the two Great Benefics, Venus and Jupiter drawing very close to each other in Leo. The elements of fire and water blending together creates steam, which can be used to purify and heal. It can also indicate the irresistible and passionate attraction of opposites. The Sun is conjunct Mars in the late degrees of Gemini which increases the amount of steam being released. Since Mars is still in Gemini this might entail “steam coming out of one’s ears” or the need to blow off of steam verbally or through the hands. EFT – also known as tapping is one effective way to do this.lion and unicoron

This Solstice the Sun is squaring the nodal axis, which highlights the relationship we have to powerful authority figures, including our own personal sense of power, and whatever we perceive to be the God of this Universe. There is a deep pressing need to connect with both power and purpose at this time, which of course will be abused by some and well used by others.

Venus and Jupiter will reach their conjunction at 22 degrees of Leo on July 1st. These two planets together are known to bestow great blessings whenever they are joined, and in the sign of the lion there is warmth, creativity, and an almost overwhelming desire to express love and affection. Painting, singing, and dancing are also perfect ways to channel the energies of this pairing. In conjunction with the Owl Nebula M97, the Venus and Jupiter alignment will not allow us forget the importance of a certain amount of darkness in our lives, without which we would not be able to regenerate.

“The Owl Nebula suggests we use wisdom and night vision to see what which is obscured by the dogmatic veils that we uphold with our existing belief structures, or those created by prominent ego-based individuals and world powers.”– Nick Anthony Fiorenza

Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year is one of nature’s sacred holidays. The veils between the worlds tend to thin in a bright and cheerful way rather than a “spooky”, Halloween way. The vibrancy of plant life can be more readily seen and experienced on multidimensional levels. May we celebrate the beauty of this planet we currently live on and honor her with rituals of devotion and respect.

New Moon in Gemini 2015

“The real secret of magic is that the world is made of words, and that if you know the words that the world is made of you can make of it whatever you wish.” – Terence McKenna – Alien Dreamtime 1993

A New Moon at 25 degrees Gemini occurs on June 16th, in an exact conjunction with action oriented Mars. Communication is amped and ignited by whatever makes us irritated, joyful, inspired, or proud. There is growing sense of clarity and alignment between the divisions of consciousness  (be they higher/lower, male/female, inside/outside) as Gemini’s ruling planet Mercury trails out of the post-Retrograde shadow in the final days of the current season – Spring on the Western hemisphere. We are in the midst of the last of three squares from Mercury to foggy Neptune approaching on June 23rd, which has created mental traps and verbal webs of enchantment since early May. This strange tension alternately presents us with hard edged, simultaneously heart-softening truths that can liberate us from that which formerly brought confusion. The New Moon’s square to Chiron brings up painful memories as well as opportunities to rescript the chapters of our life stories that have outlived their usefulness.


The combining effects of thoughts, words and sounds are greatly emphasized in ways that we cannot help but recognize their profound impact on our health, relationships and outer manifestations. A resistance to change and passing emotional states intensifies our suffering. It can be that our greatest medicine now is allowing ourselves to express freely – at least to ourselves, whether the feelings we express seem acceptable or not. There are bound to be both positive and negative expressions of the Power of Word during this New Moon and the days that follow. Arguments might seem more heated than ever, while words of love and beauty stir the depths of our souls. These words may not necessarily come in the form of writing or ordinary speech but through poetry and song, or even so-called gibberish. There are sacred syllables and sounds used in all of the ancient mystery schools in various cultures, from Egypt to India to Australia. One of the most powerful forms of speech is that of Sanskrit mantra. The most widely known mantras used both by itself and in conjunction with other Sanskrit words is used is OM, perceived as the very sound of creation itself. Some people chant this to achieve mental calmness.

This Gemini New Moon is opposite of the Galactic Center, which is another factor in swiftly bringing our thoughts and words into physical reality. This alignment indicates a tremendous expansion of awareness that we should not let go to waste.

The upcoming Solstice on June 21st brings fun and fortune as Venus and Jupiter join together in sunny Leo and form a trine to adventurous Uranus in Aries. Romance, creativity, and renewed passion are all being heightened as possibilities open wide as the sky. Gifts both tangible and intangible are offered and readily available to the extent that we are willing or capable of receiving.

This is a time to be outrageously authentic, courageous, and curious, above all in our thoughts and words. We should not always assume we have the answers to life’s riddles and especially our cherished problems. When we dare to question everything including ourselves, answers come and it’s our duty to sort through those that are factual or false – what makes sense in the moment? When we make a series of strong statements whether we like it or not, the corresponding actions and actualizations very soon follow. Basically, over and over again we find that our perception of life and what it brings us is a self-fulfilling prophecy.