Full Moon in Cancer 12-25-15

Emotional rebirth is a strong keynote of the Full Moon 3 degrees of Cancer on December 25th of 2015, the day that celebrates the birth of the Christ. Birth itself can be cathartic, excruciating or even ecstatic for the mother, disorienting or wonder-filled for the new life being born. There is a Upanishad saying that birth is death and death is birth…both are true in their own ways and those ways are highlighted now. Something that has been cultivated inwardly may shows signs of becoming ready to come forth, and something that has been too exposed might need to be tucked in for healing and regeneration.

Significant beginnings and endings are occurring simultaneously…

Phoenix cluster starbirth, NASA

Phoenix cluster starbirth, NASA

Uranus stations direct at 17 degrees of Aries the same day bringing surprises and reversals that may be gifts in disguise. What’s the last thing you’d ever expect to happen? Basically, whatever happens will probably not be what you would guess or imagine, in the days leading up to and trailing after this Full Moon. Mars in Libra’s separating opposition from Uranus has been letting off a lot of steam in relationships and revealing interpersonal dynamics most in need of change in ways that unite or sever.

The Full Moon forms a grand water trine to Neptune in Pisces and Juno in Scorpio, enhancing the capacities for empathic nurturing and creative expression. With this dreamy combination many might be more in the mood to draw or dance around a fire than to sit around a table and talk. Kitchen magic is favored, especially if it brings loved ones together and gets them giggling.

Computer, mental, and other glitches have already become more noticeable as Mercury has slowed down and entered the pre-shadow phase on the 18th and will be turning Retrograde on January 5th. During the Full Moon this chatty guy forms an exact trine from Capricorn to Jupiter in one of his own signs, Virgo. Jupiter together with the North Node help us tidy our thoughts and plans a bit for the upcoming new year.

The asteroid Euterpe forms and exact conjunction to the Full Moon at 3 degrees Cancer. In Greek mythology Euterpe was one of the Muses, specifically of lyric poetry and music. Her name translates as “rejoicing well” or “delight”, and this is an uplifting sign that almost whatever circumstances we may find ourselves in, there is a well of inspiration available to us to tap into to transform our darkest experiences into works of beauty and even joy. All we have to do is seek it out, or at least be open to the way that it presents itself to us.

Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas or none may you rejoice in finding new twists on your own unique rhymes and reasons for being here and sharing them with wild abandon.