New Moon in Scorpio 2019

On October 27th, the New Moon at 4 degrees of Scorpio is exactly opposite of Uranus Retrograde in Taurus. Expect the unexpected if you haven’t already been barraged with surprises this weekend! This could be fun, liberating, stressful or a little bit of everything. There is a deep intensity in all undertakings and emotional exchanges. It’s okay to pause for awhile a few deep breaths…even to take a day off from normal routines to assimilate what is occurring could be beneficial. New beginnings now revolve around emotional ties and emotionally charged endeavors.

With Venus, Pallas Athene and Mercury are clustered together in the later degrees of Scorpio,  we are brimming with creative ideas and the urge to break out of old paradigms and limitations whether self-imposed or coming from outside forces. This is very passionate energy that may seek expression with another or through some artistic medium. It may also be directed toward spiritual pursuits.

Mars in Libra forms a square to Saturn which adds to the edginess of this New Moon. Conflicts with authority, elders or family could be issues. For those un-flustered by this influence, the tension between Mars and Saturn may be channeled in more productive ways that help to operate with full awareness and work through obstacles.

Keynotes over the next couple of days include:

  • Emotional and physical purification
  • Themes around giving and receiving
  • Money suddenly going out or coming in
  • Importance of establishing boundaries
  • The deep urge to transform self and environment
  • Need to trust and follow intuitive hunches which are very sharp

The Sabian symbol for this New Moon is
“A Massive Rocky Shore Resist The Pounding Of The Sea”

We are reminded that resistance to change has both positive and negative manifestations. There are those who are shaped by their environment and others who make an impact upon it. Perhaps the best we can do with this period is to seek for stability while the world around us seems to be going crazy. Uranus is the unpredictable element involved and the sweeping changes it brings can help us to break free from ruts.

Jupiter Direct and the Test of Mettle

August has begun with a New Moon in Leo and Mercury’s stationing Direct in Cancer. The atmosphere has been tense with intrigues and unsettling moods.

Meanwhile, Jupiter, the planet of broad vision and exploration is slowing down for Direct motion on the 11th, at 15 degrees in its domicile Sagittarius, the sign of truth-seeking and higher learning. This planet has been Retrograde since April 10th causing us to slow down, analyze and strategize before taking further actions on major plans. The Jupiter Retrograde months have provided ample time for us to count our existing blessings, ponder our deepest longings, and to make adjustments in areas of excess that might be blocking a natural flow and ease. It has been necessary to gain more information, tools or allies before notable progress could be made where it has most been sought.

On the day Jupiter goes Direct, Uranus, planet of shock and reversals goes Retrograde in Taurus. It’s likely to be a lively week to say the least with these two big shots competing for attention.

Jupiter pushes for authenticity and does not back down in the face of obstacles. Jupiter is the one who reminds us to laugh, finding the humor in things even when they don’t seem at all funny. The idiom “when the going gets tough, the tough get going” is relevant here and now. This may seem like the ultimate testing of mettle, and of how much that can be endured before we finally win a battle or experience relief from our struggles.

This month Jupiter is making a second conjunction to the fixed star Sarin since the beginning of 2019. Sarin is said to give a strength and force reminiscent of that of Hercules. This star falls in the second decan of Sagittarius, which is connected with the planet Mars and the minor Tarot card the 9 of Wands. The 9 of Wands indicates that a completion of some sort is taking place that may be upsetting on the egoic level but liberating in a spiritual sense.

There is much symbolism surrounding Jupiter’s current placement and all of the various archetypes involved that points to letting go of attachments and of the necessity of being prepared for massive change. We are being reminded that in order to obtain something special to us we usually must relinquish something old that we have been holding onto. This something, whatever it is whether physical or conceptual, has been precious to us but now it clogs our system, no longer reflecting our evolved nature. Maybe it was useful to us way back in the day, but now it has become poisonous at worst, or a blockage at least.

A few interesting symbols for Jupiter’s current position are illustrated in “The Circular Temple” by John Sandbach:


Omega Symbol: Prized possessions are disappearing, one by one.

Pleiadian Symbol: A bear emerges from hibernation.

Chandra Symbol: A tidal wave approaching.

Azoth Symbol: An eye hanging in darkness is seeing deeply into reality.

Each symbol is completely different but if pondered enough one may notice that each one highlights that great shifts of both perception and reality are taking place. They indicate the spiritual renewal that comes with material surrender and bringing what was dormant within us out into the world.

Jupiter will make it’s third square to foggy Neptune in Pisces this year on September 21, coinciding with the Autumn Equinox that occurs a couple of days later. After this aspect is over it may be easier to make sense of some issues that have been greatly obscured since the New Year. Neptune being Retrograde actually helps in that clarification. 2019 has so far been a humbling year for many people, especially those in positions of political power. Those on the “mundane” plane may have also experienced their high hopes being dashed by unforeseen circumstances. Not all is lost however, and what has ended or has been lost most likely needed to go anyway – for a long time. This is to make way for much more appropriate things, opportunities and relationships to enter our lives.

Jupiter is going to be part of Great Conjunction that will take place in the sign of Aquarius in December 21, 2020, which marks the onset of some very strange, Uranian times for humanity in the years ahead. The build-up to this however takes place in the sign of Capricorn, which is fitting since a Great Conjunction such as this tends to focus on the settlements or collapse of figureheads and politicians.

Jupiter’s going Direct this month heralds a gift that shall soon be presented to us. It may not be what we expected but it will certainly be of benefit. It could even be better than anything we imagined. Stay optimistic and be open to the possibilities.