The Strongest Protest is Noncompliance

The square between Uranus and Pluto between 2012 and 2015 brought about the widespread upheaval that we find ourselves in the midst of today. Uranus rules technology and Pluto rules the masses. With these two planets in conflict, some form of social unrest coupled with hidden manipulation can be expected. Unbeknownst to us, deals were being made behind the Eurasian scenes that only in the past couple of years have come to our attention. Plans for a more “green economy” in the West, with less carbon emissions was already underway and taking root.

All things considered, the controlled opposition on social media is off the charts right now but then again it always has been. The internet casts a sticky web of fascination over the minds of millions of so-called normies and seekers alike, in a nonstop flow of the propaganda that diverts them further and further away from the truth, rendering them helpless against repeated attacks. If you’ve followed my posts for awhile you’ve seen what a skeptic I am of mainstream media, as well as what the “alt media” has become.

Examples of what I’m referring to are the countless social media pages and channels devoted to the extrapolation of world events. Many of them contain 90% true information. What’s wrong with being 10% wrong you might ask? That 10% of what’s wrong is not by mistake. It’s intentional. It’s always that one piece in the whole story that makes you either question the entire narrative altogether or the integrity person explaining it. Or, humorously, it’s that number 33 you keep seeing repeatedly in the person’s work. Usually, that doesn’t happen when the speaker is supposedly there to share factual information with an audience. The info shouldn’t be about the person who is speaking but all too often, it is. Sadly, many people have lost their ability to identify infiltration when they stumble upon it. The reasons for infiltration and lying are as myriad as are the personalities on earth, but the point here is that there is a huge difference between occasionally being inaccurate in one’s assessment about a situation and in purposely muddying the waters with libel.

The narratives surrounding the plandemic and all that has led up to the Ukraine crisis is part of a long drawn-out continuum. It’s not as new and sudden as people think. This is the public’s introduction to the Fourth Industrial Revolution so proudly propped up by World Economic Forum’s founder Klaus Schwab. It is the result of the insidious process of communism rearing its ugly head into civilization as it has successfully done before in the past, but not to this degree. It has people screaming, rioting, trolling, virtue signaling and arguing about some of the stupidest things imaginable. It has people turning on each other and using each other like grotesque self-serving beasts with no regard for anything or anyone but themselves. The Great Reset really is dehumanizing, in every way.

Neptune began its transit through Pisces in April 2011 and will be finished moving through this sign in January 2026. The veil of confusion, deceit, and intrigue that Neptune has cast over society has not been this impactful since Neptune entered Pisces in February of 1848, when Karl Marx’s “Communist Manifesto” was published. Here’s a great article with references:

Let’s keep in mind that Neptune and Pisces both rule the gas and oil industries too.

The strongest form of protest against tyranny is noncompliance. It is to disobey, rather than to obey rules and health mandates that are not in accordance with one’s personal values and ethics. For example, refusing to wear a mask and refusing to get an experimental shot will always be more powerful forms of protest than marching the streets with signs. History is just repeating itself, unless we learn about the true history – not a “version” of it.

Full Moon in Gemini 12-6-14

The Full Moon is 14 degrees of Gemini on December 6th of 2014, just days before the sixth of a series of seven exact and revolutionary squares between Uranus and Pluto (December 14th) that began in 2012 and will finalize in 2015. With this luminous culmination a major chapter of our human history is coming to an end. Contrary to our not-so-distant past when our daily civilized affairs were blatantly controlled, we now have so many critical choices to make about what comes next that it’s overwhelming. Gemini’s planetary ruler Mercury is conjoined the Sun in Sagittarius, indicating that many people may be feeling at odds with themselves in some way, for instance their familiar minds could be saying one thing while their intuition is saying another. Who to trust, what to believe, and what to do about it are pressing matters, as the limited scopes of our understanding in any given situation has become all too obvious. The Full Moon’s square to Chiron in Pisces exacerbates this uncomfortable uncertainty and urges us to heed more of the unseen dimensions of our existence – the inner sanctum of the heart, the Higher Self, the supreme intelligences of the Universe. What we see is not always what we get, and the saying “you can’t judge a book by its cover” is particularly relevant now. It’s time to open that book to get a true sense of what it’s all about.

The Twins are mirrors to each other,  and what often happens when the moon is lit up in this sign is that we either fall in love with our reflection, or we bitterly hate and reject our shadow. Just as the left and right hemispheres of the brain are both important and interactive, we cannot successfully disassociate from the things in ourselves we don’t like.

With the recent Ferguson case and numerous other countless legal abuses brought to the eyes of the public this past year, our widespread fascism and racism indicate how terribly our evolution is hindered by such narrow vision and divisions in consciousness. The cardinal Uranus-Pluto square is bringing out all the muck, as fire and brimstone rebellion meets materialism and long-established dictatorship. Those “with eyes to see” are being strengthened in their resolve to speak and act with greater truth and integrity, but it is questionable how far talk will get any of us.

Fairy_Wallpaper_Background_FallingMoon_by_JulieFain1024Asteroid Ceres is also conjunct the Sun, drawing to our attention the degrees to which we have been divorced from nature and our authentic selves. Being opposite of the Moon she is revealing where we’re still broken, what we are hungry for, and what are the true bonds and bridges that can heal us emotionally.

The Sun is conjoined with a deep-space point called the Great Attractor, written so eloquently about by Philip Sedgwick. The importance of having both hindsight and foresight are highlighted, as well as the ability to remain present with what is. This mysterious glob in space is swiftly drawing countless galaxies into its aura including our solar system and Milky Way. We can only speculate what that means for us personally, but it may for some symbolize the turning inward of energy, to bring us Home.

Sagittarius’s ruler Jupiter is harmoniously aspected to the Full Moon as it slows down to Retrograde in Leo on the 8th until April 8th of 2015. While Retrograde the planet of higher learning, expansion and fortune encourages to act on our truth and convictions rather than merely ruminate.

The Sabian symbol for this Moon is:

“Two Dutch children talking to each other, exchanging their knowledge”, the keynote meaning:

“the need to clarify one’s experiences through actual contacts with like-minded individuals”.

This symbol pretty much speaks for itself. We’re invited to release our biases, judgments, and assumptions at the door before we proceed with deeper work that must be done.