Venus conjunct Mars – A New Cycle of Relationships and Investments Begin

On August 24th Venus forms a conjunction to Mars at 4 degrees of Virgo. When these two planets join together every two years they represent a new cycle in relationships and other matters of importance to us. In the weeks or days leading up to this conjunction many closures take place in order to prepare for the new cycle. Wherever it lands in your chart, there is something new about to emerge, but much has needed clearing or completion before this can take place.

Venus is the archetype of the goddess of love and the signifies the principle of attraction. Her placement in a chart reveals the nature of the affections and personal value system. Mars represents our most primal self and the archetype of the masculine warrior, lover and hero. His placement in a chart shows where one is fired up, motivated and the nature of the sexual drive and desires in general. Their union is like the ultimate merging of the cosmic Masculine and Feminine.

Close behind in this conjunction are the Sun and asteroid Juno, goddess of committed relationships. In the sign of Virgo there is a focus on purification and improvement overall, in body, mind and spirit. On the negative side, Juno’s presence can heighten sensations of jealousy, possessiveness and codependency. Positively she would support responsible relating and in this sign would be ever willing to serve another and to make right with the environment. It would certainly make sense for those who have recently had the urge to clear house, size down on belongings or make a clean sweep in some aspect of life.

A trine is formed from the Venus and Mars conjunction to Uranus in Taurus, which signifies that the new relationship dynamics are fully supported and may show up in many unexpected ways. There is a desire to break away from old patterns relating to friends, groups and associations or to closely align with those who truly reflect one’s value system.

Due to the focus in earth signs people might be wondering what do they spend their money on and why. Coming into clear view are the reasons for why we have been drawn to certain things or them to us. With this there is also growing clarity about what we truly want in life and in relationship. There may be new plans and investments taking place to upgrade the conditions of home life, partnerships and work. Since the conjunction is taking place in Virgo, it is also a time for healing and repair of the physical vehicle, and to reignite the passions, life force energy or libido.

Virgos or those with planets in or prominent placements of this sign have been experiencing a strong reevaluation taking place for the past 4 years, since the last couple of conjunctions have taken place in this sign. They may be reconsidering the things that they have invested in, the beliefs they have adhered to and their manner of relating with others.

An inconjunct of to Chiron in Aries indicates that currently there are some frustrations with being able to accurately express the affections or that there are obstacles around relating that may seem insurmountable. It could help to take a step back and stop jumping to conclusions or acting in haste. Just let things play themselves out and see what they’re made of later on.

The square to asteroid Pallas Athena in Sagittarius suggests mental tension around individuality that must find outlets for release. Although the combination of Venus and Mars may indicate love and passionate union their meeting can manifest in various ways. In a tense relation to the goddess of both wisdom and warfare, there is more than a hint of agitation taking place when it comes to finding adequate mediums for expression. In this case philosophy and the arts are desirable modes of operation. Planets in Virgo seek to analyze but can get lost in details. Pallas Athena in Sagittarius points the way to higher knowledge with clear objectivity.

The new cycle of relationships and investments underway that is indicated by Venus conjunct Mars is showing us new dimensions of life, ourselves and our loved ones. Some form of prayer or ritual during this time, especially using herbs or natural healing substances may help to usher in the budding new forms of expression with ease and joy.