Juno Direct in Libra ~ Relationship Matters Moving Forward

Asteroid Juno went Direct on May 26/27th at 5 degrees of relationship oriented Libra. The focus of Juno, named after the wife of Jupiter, is already on relationships, contracts and commitments. In the sign of Libra she seeks for balance and justice in partnership and on the political levels. During her station forward after being Retrograde since February 18th, many of themes relevant to archetypal Juno and her conflicts are coming to bear and closer toward resolution. The trine she just made to the Sun in Gemini helped to bring many hidden matters to light. Meanwhile, Libra’s ruling planet Venus is Retrograde in Gemini which highlights both releases and reunions between lovers, family members and friends.

Juno is making an opposition to Chiron now and throughout June. There may be intense challenges to relationships in some ways, but for different reasons. Then again it could be that the challenges recently experienced could finally dissolve. Overall this aspect signals a settling of affairs and healing related to:

*The feminine arts
* Marriage and committed relationships
*Social rituals
*Legal issues
*Environmental concerns
*Abuse victims

Venus Retrograde 2020

Many things will begin to lighten up this month of May as Gemini takes the stage. Being able to laugh and hang out with each other again is something that many of us can look forward to.

The North Node enters this sign on May 5th, Venus in Gemini turns Retrograde on the 13th, Mercury (Gemini’s ruling planet) enters Gemini on the 11th and the Sun enters on the 20th leading into a Gem New Moon on the 22nd.

Venus entered Gemini on April 3rd and will be in this sign until August 7th, making for an exceptionally long transit due to her Retrograde motion. This Retrograde period begins with Venus stationed at 21 degrees of Gemini on May 13th and ends at 5 degrees on June 25th.

Venus appearing to move backward causes her to seem a bit less feminine and a lot more aggressive regarding relationships and values. Because Venus is in Gemini, the methods of investing time and energy and of expressing affection will be multi-faceted and quite playful. Conversation and variety are favored over settling down or keeping thoughts to ourselves. This could be beneficial in the sense that people will no longer be silenced by politically correct cyborgs, the “thought police” and tattletales who complain about things like their neighbors having a family party in the yard when they were supposed to be staying inside to “save lives”. And who knows, single people out there might actually have the balls to start flirting again.

Since this Retrograde coincides with the North Node’s entry into Gemini, vast communities of people may be pushing back a lot more against draconian laws. They are fed up with the lies of their leaders and protesting like mad. The only danger with this is that these acts, often highly focused on taking political sides, have already been anticipated by the evil elite, who continuously monitor and manipulate human behavior from a distance. They always paint those who oppose their soul-squashing rules as being insane and dangerous. That’s what psychopaths do – project all of their own filthy, scum-sucking qualities onto others. They use false news to scare people into engaging in very strange behaviors. But maybe we’ve all given them waaaaaay too much power.

Gemini is a freedom-loving sign and hardly anyone who is both sane and mobile will agree to being pinned down right now, especially those in lovely warm climates. Just imagine what could happen if millions and millions of people that span the globe refuse compliance with the new poisonous traps being laid out for them. This wouldn’t even require a street protest. It would simply mean that people are globally saying No to tyranny, No to mandatory vaccines and microchip implants, No to geo-engineering, No to GMO laden foods and No to immune-suppressing 5G along with constant surveillance. Here’s a clue about what would happen ~ these new traps would FAIL to enslave us all and destroy the planet. Another possibility is that small business begin to re-open on a massive scale.

The planet of love will be involved in a triple square to Neptune, planet of illusions (first on May 3rd, then again while Retrograde on May 20th, lastly on July 27th after direct again), delusions and dreams. There are both positive and negative aspects to squares but they undoubtedly signal tension of some kind. With Neptune it is of an emo/psychic/spiritual nature. Venus squaring Neptune raises ideals and brings creative inspiration. It can also cause inner restlessness and a tendency to be deceived, distracted or taken advantage of. It would be wise to make sure the ol’ bullshit detector is up to par because this transit is going to seriously require it. Venus not only represents beauty and romance but finances. For the next few weeks it can be all too easy for some to be led astray or seduced by false Utopian promises with socialist overtones. Optimal manifestations of this combination of planetary energies include musical expression, spiritual work, and artistic endeavors that are ethereal and uplifting in nature.

Venus Retrograde is notorious for bringing past lovers back into the picture, whether they are seeking for a second chance or to make amends. Because Gemini’s influence is so strong these next few months, the chances are high that those who reappear in our lives in some way are family members, old neighbors or friends.

Venus Retrograde can also indicate that good deeds or goods given to others are now coming back to the sender, or that those owed money to are collecting their dues or showing up as a reminder. In Gemini these returns would relate to matters pertaining to education, travel, shopping, foreign affairs, and home environments. Sudden strokes of good or not-so-good luck are not an uncommon feature of Venus in reverse, but it’s probably good a idea to be non-attached either way. 

Here are a few key Venus-focused dates to look out for in addition to May 13th and June 25th:

May 22nd: New Moon at 2 degrees of Gemini, Mercury conjunct Venus at 20 degrees Gemini. Vesta and North Node are fairly close by. This New Moon brings a burst of creative energy and can be an aid to those who are in the midst of significant life transitions.

June 3rd: Sun conjunct Venus and asteroid Aphrodite (double Venus/Aphrodite energy!) Inspiration, socializing and beauty are highlighted.

June 5th: Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius opposite of Venus Retrograde, in a T-square with Mars and Neptune. This is more of a challenging influence that may be somewhat of a test of mettle and an indicator of what must be cleared away and resolved before the desired progress can be made. Mercury is also the pre-shadow phase getting ready to turn Retrograde on the 17th.

Venus Retrograde transiting the Houses

Venus is “slowing down” to go Retrograde at 10 degrees Scorpio on October 5. It will affect each person differently according to the house or houses being transited. Often it will begin turning Retrograde in one house and then move back into the prior house, indicating a review of the themes related to both houses, as well as themes related to any planets in these houses and the aspects they make. By the time Venus returns to the same spot it was when it turned Retrograde there is usually a completion or resolution of some troubling matter. Venus is again 10 degrees of Scorpio on December 17th.

Venus Retrograde transiting the Houses

Venus Retrograde transiting the 1st house: Redefining your personal image. You may spend a few weeks making adjustments to your overall presentation or appearance, in order to maximize your effectiveness. Ridding yourself of certain objects or habits that inhibit personal expression or don’t reflect your true values.

Venus  Retrograde transiting the 2nd house. Reevaluation of your desires and personal values. Return of finances – to or from others (money coming in unexpectedly or going out by necessity). Resourcefulness is far better than overspending during this time. You could be fortunate in money by the time Venus goes Direct.

Venus Retrograde transiting the the 3rd house: Clarification of ideas and information that is especially important to you. Establishing boundaries with others. Reconnect with or release ties to family members. Getting to know more of your community. Laughter is medicine.

Venus Retrograde transiting the 4th house: Spending more time at home with family, or visiting family members. Pull back from draining activities. Making money from home. Possibly remodeling the home. It is a time of inner reflections about what is working or not. By the end of it many improvements will be made.

Venus Retrograde transiting 5th house: Return of creative inspiration, passion and love. Working less, playing more. This period is especially fun if life has been overly serious or stressful prior to this. Make up for lost time with a child. Reconnect with your Inner Child. A long held wish might come true.

Venus Retrograde transiting the 6th house: Desire to create harmony in work environments. Service given or received. Avoid being overly critical – seek solutions instead of just getting lost in problems. Possible favors from women. Making dietary and health improvements.

Venus Retrograde transiting the 7th house: Restoring relationship harmony. Return of partners, collaborations or affections. It can mean breaking up a fight, bringing peace to an existing social conflict. Personal renewal and empowerment. In some cases indicates a divorce.

Venus Retrograde transiting 8th house: Heightened emotions and reflection in general. Discovering where less is more. Possible loss or gain through legacies, inheritance of money or objects. Resuming a certain line of work. Reawakening of sexual energy or drive. Reclaiming power where it was lost.

Venus Retrograde transiting 9th house: Breaking out of monotony, claustrophobia or limited circumstances. Change of your daily routine as the desire for adventure increases. Possibly reunite with a loved one from another region or return to a beloved location. Possible re-appearance of a spiritual teacher.

Venus Retrograde transiting the 10th house: Restlessness in work or career. Possible power struggle in a relationship. The feeling of overexposure or not being able to hide. Great time to rewrite a resume but don’t submit it yet. Taking a bold stand in the world for what you truly value. Ambitions related to beauty, love or women increase.

Venus Retrograde transiting the 11th house: Reassess the company you keep. Redefine goals for the future. Reconnection with kindred spirits or groups. An old friend may return. Becoming less emotional and more intellectual. Resurfacing of hopes, dreams and wishes.

Venus Retrograde transiting the 12th house: Simplifying what has become overly complicated. Karmic returns for past actions in the realm of the affections, whether positive or negative (most likely positive). May indicate charity or selfless acts given or received. Less outgoing, more introverted and meditative.

Venus Retrograde and the Authentic Life

“You cannot stand fully in the truth of your being as long as you continue to demand acceptance, approval and validation from people outside of yourself. Be willing to piss people off if it means standing up for the truth of who you are.” 

– Iyanala Vanzant

This weekend is strongly influenced by the shadow side of Venus, moving retrograde, unseen and combust the Leo Sun. The third phase of Leo is ruled by Mars, indicating a high degree of will power, with the drive to confront and outshine all that stands in the way of authenticity. The catchy phrase “follow your heart” takes on a whole new meaning at this point. It broadens in its scope to include saying NO to other people, things and die-hard habits that drain our time and energy. It means putting an end to egoic people-pleasing and pointless pursuits that don’t do a thing to enhance the joy in life. A reorientation in our closest relationships, including the one we have to ourselves does away with what no longer holds truth for us and brings us in touch with the deepest desires in our souls.

Meanwhile Jupiter’s recent entrance into Virgo on the 11th turns our energy toward self-improvement and cleaning up after a year-long “party” in Leo. We would do well to make the best of the next eight days of the Sun’s transit in this creative fire sign as we can. Some of us are willing and ready to surrender to the inner life,  but others fight against it with all sorts of methods to avoid facing their shadows. Clearing house physically and mentally is not always easy work, but it is well worth the effort. Even one small step a day, or a series of them will  begin to remove even the biggest blocks, making them less formidable, as the road opens and our options in life expand.

Major goddess asteroid Ceres in Capricorn forms an earth trine with the Black Moon Lilith in Virgo as both are sextile to Saturn in Scorpio now. This serves to help strengthen the bonds that are nurturing and supportive in our lives and challenges us to let go of those that are not. It is the perfect time to de-cord, disconnect, and walk away from situations that do not honor who we truly are. Finding wholesome ways to physically feed ourselves and rejuvenate the piece of Earth that we inhabit are equally important.

Mercury in Virgo is easing out of an opposition with Neptune in Pisces while forming a trine with Pluto in Capricorn. This combined with Mars and the New Moon conjunct Retrograde Venus in Leo bring up some rather disconcerting emotions related to what we see versus what we get, what people say versus what they do, what we know versus how we actually allow ourselves to be.

There are times, such as those we are in now that it can be tricky to discern whether to act on something untoward seen or to remain a silent witness. I like using a method of Ho’oponopono, a Hawaiian practice which assumes an inner responsibility for all ugliness and distress that is witnessed and transmuting it with love. I have also learned (the hard way) that is quite proper at times to allow other people to fall flat on their faces in order to figure something out by themselves. I used to try so hard to be polite about it, but the most challenging moments were when people who were acting in a condescending  manner had no clue that I could see right through them, as though their hidden motivations were as visible if not more so than seen through an x-ray.

“I am thankful for all of those who said NO to me. It’s because of them I’m doing it myself.” – Albert Einstein

Let’s remember to check in with ourselves over the next few days and ask if it’s some lofty idea of compassion or a deeply embedded fear that holds us back in life. There is often a fine line between being “nice” and being authentic.

I give great thanks to all of you who keep it real.

New Moon in Leo 8-14-15

Lion-cubs-image-lion-cubs-36139610-1920-1200Love is the flavor of the week and of the New Moon 21 degrees of Leo on August 14th. Whether falling in or out of love, there is an expansiveness of heart and soul that moves us to the next level. And whether a love affair with another or a love affair with life, there is so much passion and energy behind each action and sensation that everything may seem brighter, more inspiring, and more worthwhile than ever before.

The New Moon is conjunct Venus as well as Eros, the asteroid named after Venus Aphrodite’s son. This fiery stellium signals an exaltation of all forms of love, affection, and sensuality and it heightens them to the nth degree. Just to make sure we got the drift, Jupiter paired up with Cupido – another of the 4 great Love Asteroids during his entrance into Virgo on the 11th.

This is the peak phase of Venus’s Retrograde through Leo, bringing many happy returns in love, creativity, money, and all the good stuff that makes the world go around. Certain things we thought were lost are now showing up in better condition than we left them. Other things we gave up on as pointless are now proving to have been either great learning experiences or things of value in ways he hadn’t previously considered.

Mercury in Virgo opposite of Neptune in Pisces leading up to this New Moon might be making it hard to see the forest for the ocean, the trees for the seaweed. There’s a lot going on and at times like these it can get tricky to tell the difference between what’s coming and going, what’s wrong or right, who’s for or against us. A few moments turned inward can help bring clarity. Remember to breathe!

Asteroid Vesta approaching Uranus in Aries and squaring Pluto in Capricorn indicates a great deal of conflict or fear around internal power and outward aggression, and particularly sexual power that must somehow be expressed, released or transformed so that harmful implosions or explosions do not occur. Plutonian power can destroy or heal from the inside out. If we’re consciously tuned into the currently heightened Venusian frequencies of love, we are driven not by lust and self-concern but by altruism and appreciation, automatically infusing powerful acts with love.

The New Moon forms a trine with Uranus so a few surprises are inevitable throughout the weekend…

Venus Retrograde July-September 2015

Venus slows down midway through Leo next month, entering a pre-shadow period on the Summer Solstice of June 21st and actually turning Retrograde at 0 degrees of Virgo on July 25th until September 6th, stationing Direct at 14 degrees Leo.

Venus as a planet rules love, beauty, money, and feminine matters, but esoterically she is about so much than mere aesthetics and affection. She is about what truly makes us tick on some very fundamental levels. Venus represents our internal value system and how we relate to and project it outwardly into the world.

Be very careful about expensive purchases during this time which will weigh on the side of needing a return or exchange. If you get some new hairdo or wardrobe with the intention of feeling better about yourself, you might wind up with the opposite results. This would be an especially sore issue during the first week of this Retrograde (July 25th – 31st) with Venus in critical Virgo.

Although Venus starts off Retrograde in Virgo with frugality and reserve, she will be spending the majority of her review in Leo  – the sign associated with willpower, creativity and all expressions of the heart. Old flames and infatuations might resurface and need to either be fully released or given a chance for healing, forgiveness, and resolution. Unresolved emotional issues could flare up and necessitate a shift from familiar attitudes and actions. The old ways of doing certain things aren’t yielding the results we want anymore. Einstein said:

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results”.

What’s up now is the opportunity to approach very old problems, hang-ups, personal and relationship issues with the wisdom and experiences we have gained over time. If we can let go of the notion that our brains are responsible for most of our functionality and rather pay heed to the innate intelligence of our hearts, we may find ourselves amazed at where we land and what we manifest. Heart Math Institute has done some wonderful research on the intelligence, intuition, and restorative qualities of the heart.

Sekhmet Calls the Shots

Bast and Sekhmet

Sekhmet by Ellisa Hawke Mitchell

Named after a goddess of both love and war, when the planet Venus as a representative of this ultra feminine, archetypal energy moves in a backward fashion from our perspective on the Earth we see more of her aggressive side coming out.

Sekhmet, the fierce Egyptian Lioness calls the shots and has no qualms about making known her desires, decisions, and revisions when it comes to relationships, creative endeavors, investments, and for some, custody rights over children. You don’t want to mess with this mama, because it will backfire in ways that resemble your worst nightmare. Integrity is a life saver.

Venus in Leo (June 5th – October 8th 2015) is by nature playful, sweet, and sexy but when reversed in direction  (July 31st – September 6th) can be obsessed, quirky, addictive, insecure, impatient, or take feelings so seriously that it becomes very difficult to view and respond to experiences objectively. A more positive expression of Retrograde Venus could come through deep emotional renewal and bonding. Use caution in brand new relationships during this time and don’t “play with fire” unless you are ready to get burned. Passions are running high and need outlets. The best way in this sign is through music, dance, and anything expressed with creativity or genuinely from the heart.

Venus’s square to Saturn in Scorpio during August will be the influence that makes or breaks many existing projects and relationships. Either way, work and responsibility will be required. And either way, whatever makes or breaks we experience are likely to be for the better, setting us on course with what truly resonates in our hearts.

While Retrograde Venus will pair up twice with the “Greater Benefic” of the zodiac – Jupiter. Then she will pair up with him a third time post-Retrograde, after both planets have entered the sign of Virgo.

  • Venus conjunct Jupiter ( 21 degrees Leo) – July 1st
  • Venus conjunct Jupiter ( 28 degrees Leo) – August 4th
  • Venus conjunct Jupiter (15 degrees Virgo) – October 25th

This lucky pair could shower us with blessings or a seeming curse, all depending upon where we have placed our values. Surely some of our long seeking and working for improvements will be rewarded during this time. When our actions are aligned with our souls and our innermost wishes we frequently find ourselves in the right place at the right time. Then we have access to unlimited sensuality, healing, creativity, and joy filled abundance.

Venus Retrograde in Capricorn

Solstices are always powerful because they are one of the great midpoints of the year, but this coming Winter Solstice on the 21st has an extra edgy energy to it that is already building. This is due to Venus turning Retrograde in the sign of Capricorn, as the Sun enters this very sign. The Morning Star will go Retrograde at barely 29 degrees, and continue turning backward until Direct at 14 degrees on January 31st 2014.

Titian Venus_MirrorA Venus transit is like “Venus with a Mirror”. It occurs every 18 months, and rather than affecting electronic appliances and communications in general the way a Mercury Retrograde does, relationships and emotions are especially susceptible to her influences, which become internalized, introspective, and very intense. The area under reevaluation are the affections, self-worth, values, creativity, finances, and all that pertains to this very “personal” planet. The sub-areas under reevaluation would be not only the energy symbolized by the sign she occupies at the time, but any houses and planets being aspected within anyone’s birth chart.

Capricorn is about hard work and discipline. It represents how we relate to our fathers and any authority figures. It is a cardinal and feminine earth sign ruled by Saturn, showing us where we’re weak as well as where we’re strong, and how we can make positive changes by focusing our energies in a certain – usually physical way. Venus’s brush with Pluto and tension with Mars during this Retrograde indicates that power trips, obsessions, and deep romance or lust could easily pull people in directions they never thought they would go into – and that they might regret later. The cardinal signs in particular (Aries/Libra, Cancer/Capricorn) have not had it easy this past year, and there are a few more kicks in the rear they might experience before things seem like smooth sailing. Then again, it is possible that what they experience within the new year is the final breakthrough to a long-standing problem in an area pertaining to Venus’s Retrogradation.

Taking special care of the health and pampering the body are great activities while Venus is Retrograde, because at this time we can become more aware of the obstacles we have unwittingly created for ourselves. With our heightened sensitivities we have the opportunity to take better care, nurture, and to grow in our compassion for ourselves and all sentient beings. Since Venus is in Capricorn it would be therapeutic to get our hands in the soil as well, whether wet or dry and whether to simply connect with the Earth or with the intent to co-create or restructure with her in some way.

I’ve already posted a blog about the subject of Venus Retrograde, last year when Venus went Retrograde in Gemini. Here are a few of the things that may be the subject of introspection and focus in general over the next couple of months:

Venus influences:

  • Art
  • Love
  • Money
  • Beauty
  • Gardening
  • Pleasure
  • Attraction
  • Romance
  • Kindness
  • Physical touch & affection
  • Music
  • Collectible objects (particularly those with aesthetic appeal)
  • Investments
  • Fashion, accessories, and makeup
  • Luxury
  • Personal values
  • Ovaries, kidneys, throat, and veins

The Love Games of Venus in Gemini 4/3/12 to 8/8/12

On April 3rd, Venus entered Gemini for a prolonged 4 month transit, due to its upcoming Retrograde motion beginning on May 15th. In Gemini Venus brings us love gifts, messages or even love partners in pairs that either bless us or confuse us, or both. One of its positive highlights may be pleasant relationships and exchanges with siblings. People often find that they have two significant relationships central to their lives during such transits, that they must either choose from or learn to balance with integrity. Mischievous cupids are in the air, causing people to fall in love or lust as quickly as they disappear in a trail of dust. If you’re thinking of saying “I do” to someone special this Summer, your luck will be better if you wait until Venus goes Direct after the 27th of June.

Venus in Gemini is friendly, witty, and outgoing in nature, generally light and carefree in the manner of expressing love and affection. Venus inhabiting this Mercury-ruled air sign makes the love nature a little cooler and more detached than it would be in some signs. In Gemini, she hesitates to get too serious or committed, especially when things get passionate, preferring rather casual flirtations, playful exchanges of energy, and the company of family and friends.  If you were to get down on bended knee (with a shimmering ring), she may back away with a childlike giggle and then reach forward to tickle your chin. Perhaps she’ll call you up the next day for a stroll on the beach, and tell you how wonderful and amazing you are, seemingly unaware of her terrible teasing traits.

Surviving Venus Retrograde

Venus in Gemini transits can be slightly annoying or they can be cute, fun, and funny. Venus Retrograde on the other hand often brings a different level of intensity of the magnetic charm that this planet usually has. It attracts to us former lovers or other significant companions or relatives from the past, often to work out or resolve some difficult karma or business with. Many people are already aware of a phenomenon called “Mercury Retrograde” when the planet appears to be moving backward from our perspective on Earth. Despite this illusion of motion, the multitude of slipups and other effects it can have upon life on Earth seem quite real. All of our planets go retrograde with the exceptions being our satellite, the Moon, and our central star, the Sun. While Mercury goes Retrograde every 3 months, for about a month at a time, Venus goes Retrograde about every year and a half, for about a month and a half.

As with all retrograding planets, Venus in this phase shows us issues from the past that we need to realize, release, or repair. The issues particular to Venus, named after the Goddess of Love, are those pertaining to finances, love relationships, romance, affection, desire, beauty, fashion, creative expression, wealth, and personal values. Although Venus is feminine in nature, when retrograde she takes on a nearly Martian effect.

When Venus is Retrograde, many relationships may either deepen or come to an end. In either case, there may be adjustments and certain difficulties to be worked through, or things that need special attention. New commitments often fall through, and the influence of Gemini doesn’t help in such matters. Older commitments however may finally be fulfilled. An elder person involved often brings great insight about whatever is going on or how it can be improved in some way. Financial investments during this time may bring disappointment. It is best to wait until Venus is direct to spend or invest big money, get a new hair-do, wardrobe, makeover or anything brand new that affects your self image. If it’s something you’re already familiar with, then it may decide to blossom during this time. Old lovers may return, and long forgotten dreams about your life may resurface.

Many of the things on the list below may be working differently than one is accustomed to when Venus is Retrograde. This is not good or bad and will depend on what one’s personal values are and the quality of their existing relationships or emotional equilibrium, not to mention any of the personal planetary alignments that Venus may be transiting. Health can sometimes be affected if there is already an underlying weakness, particularly with the glands and body parts mentioned at the bottom. There is generally more irritability and emotional sensitivity during this time, so it becomes extra important to tend personal needs and relationships, and to aim for balance in work, rest, and play.

What Venus rules and represents in astrology:

  • Love
  • Money
  • Beauty
  • Artistic expression
  • Pleasure
  • Attraction
  • Romance
  • Kindness
  • Physical touch & affection
  • Music
  • Collectible objects (particularly those with aesthetic appeal)
  • Investments
  • Fashion, accessories, and makeup
  • Luxury
  • Personal values
  • Ovaries, kidneys, throat, and veins

Since knowing is half the battle, it would be wise to use this information and time period to cultivate greater self-awareness. Venus is after all, very personal in nature and among other external and obvious things she represents a part of our essence, that part of us that expresses, gives, and receives love. In many ways, the sign that your own natal Venus occupies shows what you truly hold near and dear to your heart, and why. It shows what you personally get out of the love situations you’re in, because it reveals what, how, where, and with whom you place the greatest value in.

Venus Retrograde will last from May 15th until June 27th of 2012