Happy Solstice 2015!

Wishing you a happy turn of the year, wherever you may happen to be (it is Winter over here)! The Solstice season highlights the connection we have with our roots, as well as the beauty, wisdom, and restorative qualities of nature…

I saw these trees on a hike yesterday, naturally forming the runic symbol of love and gifting. Winter Solstice is a time for exchanging gifts, whether they are of material or spiritual value. It also encourages us to express appreciation, honoring the divine in nature and each other.


I have found that the best Christmas trees are still growing freely in the soil, in the wild, without human interference. These young trees are worthy of celebration!

baby trees

baby trees

I am in love with this planet, despite everything that has happened to it

stairways to heaven can be found on the earth

stairways to heaven can be found on the earth

The New Galactic Assignment

1103182318551sacred_geometry_36_Winter Solstice is one of the most powerful times of the year, and as a dear Pleiadian friend used to say it is when we receive our new “galactic assignments” for the year ahead. If you haven’t already this would be a great time to list those new year resolutions or simply an an outline of what you most desire to both release and bring in to your life at this time. It may not be the most physically energized time but spiritually this is the the moment to commit to positive change rather than just let things happen!

This Solstice is a potent one. Uranus as the planet of sudden reversals, change and ingenuity goes Direct just prior to the New Moon on Solstice on December 21st, having been Retrograde in Aries since July 21st. Its exact square to Pluto amplifies whatever thoughts, emotions and actions that have been suppressed and repressed since then that are about ready to explode. We are definitely in for a few surprises, whether they seem pleasant, unpleasant, or some of both.  Time to “check yourself before you wreck yourself” as Uranus won’t encourage anybody to hold back on what needs to be said and done. On the other hand, there may be grand revelations that liberate us from clouded perspectives and conditions.

The New Moon is 0 degrees of Capricorn on this day, clustered together with Mercury, Vesta, Pluto, and Venus. Responsibility and resourcefulness are the highlights as well as being as connected to and considerate of the earth as possible. Another huge highlight is Capricorn’s ruling planet Saturn will soon transit out of Scorpio into Sagittarius on the 23rd.  We are adjusting on multiple levels.

The exchanging of gifts and lighting of candles during the Winter Solstice is a fairly universal one… whatever culture or religion you observe if any, may your celebrations of the Return of Light be filled with joy!