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Mercury entered Virgo on July 30th, entered the Retrograde pre-shadow on August 10th, intensified in effects on the 24th and will station Retrograde on the 30th, in backward apparent motion until September 21st. Mercury exits the Retrograde post-shadow on October 6th.

Mercury is dignified in Virgo and strives for purification, organization, and perfection. When Retrograde in this sign it can cause redundant speech, mental overstimulation, nervous exhaustion and an urge to perfect any given thing or project to the point of undoing it. Please please please, let’s not and say we did.

Gulls (Laridae) and earthmover on landfill

Gulls (Laridae) and earthmover on landfill

Putrefaction that has either been occurring on the physical plane or in emotions will become unbearable. The surrounding environment could be perceived as a creative mess or a sea of garbage where one or many drown in its foul odors and course textures. Conversely those with the inclination toward resourcefulness may be flooded with great ideas – possibly too many to keep track of.

A Solar Eclipse in Virgo occurs on September 1st and a Lunar Eclipse in Virgo’s opposite sign Pisces on the 16th. Mercury in Virgo is prominently featured on both occasions but in different ways. Let’s face it – with all of the eclipse action life is pretty busy and fast-paced right now…so busy that breakfast might be skipped, socks mismatched and panties inside out. The ordinarily well-put-together guy or gal might turn into a hot slop or an undesirable slob. To a fastidious Virgoan type, nothing could be more unholy.

To the degree that any of us are attached to things looking or being a certain way is the degree that determines how upsetting this Mercury Retrograde transit will be.This statement must be underlined.

Health will be important to maintain or improve. Quite likely the health issues that arise will relate to a need for some form of detoxification. Mercury rules the nervous system and Virgo rules the intestines. If ever there was a great time for some sort of cleanse it would be now and over the next five weeks. Just be sure not to cleanse yourself into dehydration or nonexistence.

In the spirit of the Aquarian Lunar Eclipse (August 18th) which highlights creativity, technology, and breaking free, I present to you my first humble speech video:

  • Breaking out of the “Comfort Zone”
  • What triggers a healing crisis or crisis in consciousness
  • How to start living before it’s too late

This is my very first self-captured video as well as my first time figuring out how to edit a video of this kind. Friends, clients, and and allies have been nudging me to do this for awhile, but I had to really push myself to get this far. I’ve attempted it a handful of times over the past couple of years and wound up chickening out and deleting everything. You’ll see me briefly ~ going out on a limb, but mostly this is for the audio: 

“To cast off the rotten rags of Memory by Inspiration…to take off his filthy garments and clothe him with Imagination; to cast aside from Poetry all that is not Inspiration, that it no longer shall dare to mock with the aspersion of Madness…”                       – William Blake, from Milton

An almost Lunar Eclipse occurs at 26 degrees of Aquarius on August 18th. This mysterious Full Moon event is not quite visible as an eclipse yet just as keenly felt by many, stirring the cosmic cauldron and kicking up stardust. The party is just getting started, as two more eclipses in a Mercury Retrograde cycle await us in September.

The essence of this lunar passing is one of deliverance, release, and enlightenment. It is here to usher those of who are ready through the veil of illusions that have held us captives to our lowest vibrations. It may be experienced as excruciating and/or exhilarating. What rotten old rag of a belief are you ready to cast off and burn in the pyre of things-no-longer-relevant?

In the sign of the Water Bearer, the well of inspiration flows as do tears and ideas and dreams and visions. The air is electric and untamable. Inhibitions cut loose, censors dropped or pierced. There could be a waves of sadness followed by ecstasy. This could be the chance to mourn the loss of what could not be mourned before when emotions were backed up by suppression or mental reasoning, or when conditions would not allow the very crucial process of grief to unravel.

Reinier Van Persijn

Reinier Van Persijn

The Moon just passes fixed star Sadar and lights the front wing of the Swan in the constellation Cygnus. Swan energy is about transformation, poetry, music, and the inner child. Creativity in all of its forms has highly renewing qualities at this time. As synchronicity would have it, the Swan has mythical ties to Jupiter which becomes activated in a Finger of God formation by the Full Moon’s sextile to Uranus and their almost opposition to this ginormous planet that represents all that is grandeur. This “finger” aspect could produce some FOG alright, but the way through will also be brightly lit. Chiron in Pisces opposite of Jupiter has been serving as a reminder this year of wounds inherited, learned, and acquired throughout many lifetimes that have the potential to crush souls or finally liberate them from bondage. Uranus thrives on chaos and the Unexpected and just might be our savior in this situation. Take a bold step where your heart guides you and see where it leads.

Saturn Direct 2016

Saturn, “School Teacher of the Cosmos” has been Retrograde in Sagittarius since March 25th and goes Direct at 9 degrees Sagittarius on August 13th. Karmic lessons have been kicking some of us in the arse or rewarding us for good deeds in the past. Saturn’s year-long square to Neptune has been adding much vivid confusion to the overall experience. Information has been processed, analyzed, filtered, jumbled, and rearranged so many times these past few months it has been quite a trick to stay on target with anything and everything.

Venus in Virgo moves into opposition with Neptune and squares Saturn as he stations direct, bringing raw feelings to the surface and certain relationship issues up for review. Financial organization is another key focus. Laughter is some of the best medicine available for both body and mind and it would be especially helpful now. Nitpicking never saved a person or couple from conflicts that threatened its security in any form. Different techniques – specifically those less critical more practical in nature must be employed in order to learn from past mistakes or mishaps and to progress as individuals, students, partners and group members.

Hogworts School (Harry Potter)

Hogworts School
(Harry Potter)

Gravity and levity are both doing strange things, perhaps functioning in reverse. Longstanding puzzles are on their way to finally being solved, but patience and steadiness are still required. The building energy of the Aquarius Lunar Eclipse (August 18th) is erratic and wildly unpredictable.

Maybe you’re the one in the classroom who is raising his/her hand exclaiming, “I know! I have the answer! Finally, I get it now – I really get it!!!”

Maybe you had it all along, and you knew what you were in for even that though that doesn’t make things any easier. If you’re juggling objects or situations that resemble hot potatoes right now, just keep doing it – don’t look down! Don’t turn back! Just keep juggling like your life depends on it. The rush will subside. The confusion will eventually clear up. The work will eventually pay off. The potatoes will land, and your hands (more importantly your head) will be able to rest😀

New Moon in Leo 2016

“All gods are homemade, as it is we who pull their strings, and so, give them the power to pull ours” – Aldous Huxley

Whether one agrees with the above quote or not, it offers some interesting food for thought that is relevant to this month’s astrological mash-up. The sign of Leo in particular is concerned with a certain kind of power, and at times power for its own sake. To whom do we assign authority? Who assumes it without question or intervention? Who grants power and who takes it away? Who embodies it? Who crumbles beneath it?

leo1The New Moon is 10 degrees of Leo, highlighting all passions and affairs of the heart, as well as personal power. This, along with the building energy of a lunar eclipse on the 18th is stirring up both mischief and creative inspiration, pushing buttons and briskly grabbing people’s attention – here, there, everywhere! It launches a fiery summer month that is bound to be anything but boring.

The onset of August and its lunar activity is associated with Lughnassadh, a pagan holiday honoring the Sun god Lugh, the waning of the solar god, and waxing of the moon goddess. This day also marks and celebrates the beginning of harvest season. At this juncture, energy begins to draw ever so slightly inward, in preparation for the dark half of the year. The actions that have been taken or not taken in previous months are reevaluated.

The Sun and Moon’s trine to Saturn and quincunx with Neptune indicates a possible strong theme of immoral manipulations and obfuscations, or conversely, the uncovering of deceit. As if most minds are not already filled to the brim with it, there will be more dirt on political candidates, more scandals, and more rage. Fortunately, the brief yet stabilizing influence of Saturn has actually been lending a sense of poise and objectivity to those in need during recent stressful jolts.

Mercury having entered one of its own signs, Virgo on July 30th moves out of a square with Mars which will have entered Sagittarius (sigh of relief!) just hours before the New Moon. The number of times (by date) the planet of communication has clashed/will clash with the planet of raw energy and action this year:

  • January 5th
  • March 5th
  • July 29th
  • September 12th
  • October 13th

Here we have a bit of the good, the bad, the ugly…and lo and behold, the funny. If you’re not laughing yet at the absolute absurdity of things lately, God help you. While it’s true that our knowing hearts may effectively guide us through life’s challenges, the faculties of the intellect should not be neglected in the attempted solving of complex problems. Also, courage, guts, and Will itself will also get us farther along than mere faith in a projected outcome.

With the planets only occupying earth, water, and fire signs now and throughout the month most of us are strongly feeling and doing rather than a ton of thinking and planning. Instinct rules over reason, which could work for or against in any given situation. Big thanks to Mars in Sagittarius, many prior plans are finally being put into action. Stifled energy and things affected by Mars’s transit through Scorpio since the year began (extra long due to Mars’s Retrograde) are being set back into motion again. With Mercury slowing down during the fourth week of August to station Retrograde on the 30th until the Autumn Equinox in September, don’t expect everything to automatically just fall into place.

Venus, in late Leo begins edging into a square with Mars that will take place on the 6th. Whether an intensity of emotion plays out constructively or destructively, helpful or harmful, will depend upon where personal values have been placed during the past few months. The use of force to affect change, especially against the wishes of others can backfire. However, a position of passivity taken in the midst of outright attack may manifest in far worse ways.

One of the ways that frustrated aspects between Venus and Mars plays out is in sexual conduct. Abuse and misuse of sexual energy and assertion tends to ripple out and affect entire communities and civilizations. We may hear or read about the horrors of child molestation and sex trafficking in the news, but none of these types of things are new. Today, we are looking at the many outcomes that this kind of abuse has had on humanity throughout the ages. To say that sexual abuse is natural human behavior is a gross misstatement, but it has apparently become the “norm” in many cultures. Where, or more specifically how did it all begin? It almost always begins with tension.

All this heaviness aside, Leo is about the playful and colorful sides of life, love, and sexuality, as well as putting one’s unique stamp in the world through children or other expressions of creativity. There is much creative fire lighting up even the darkest corners and back alleys. Those who have been down on their luck with nothing left to give might find that suddenly they feel great, and even generous. During this New Moon’s influence, the objects or recipients of love and devotion are powerfully reflecting back what is being offered.

“And still, after all this time, the Sun has never said to the Earth, “You owe me”. Look what happens with love like that. It lights up the sky.” – Rumi

Hello flower enthusiasts, energy healers, and folk in search of unique healing methods! Here is something that I have been working on since Spring. It is my very first ebook (about how to use and produce your own unique vibrational flower remedies!)

This is a guidebook for those wishing to learn the art of attuning to nature spirits, how to make their own flower essences, and it  is a great reference book containing essences for various troubling issues. Included is a chapter on flower essences as they relate to astrology.

A print version will be available for purchase in October 2016.

“Whatever an education is, it should make you a unique individual, not a conformist; it should furnish you with an original spirit with which to tackle the big challenges; it should allow you to find values which will be your roadmap through life; it should make you spiritually rich, a person who loves whatever you are doing, wherever you are, whomever you are with; it should teach you what is important, how to live and how to die.”
― John Taylor Gatto, Dumbing us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling

The Holographic Universe by thinkingupwards

The Holographic Universe by thinkingupwards

The Full Moon at 27 degrees of Capricorn on July 19th is showing us just how far we have come toward the attainment of our goals. It is both congratulating us for our efforts and kicking us in the rear end to keep working hard. It is questioning our priorities, and asking us to cut down on excess. It is revealing glimmers of the fruits of our labor.

We will be in the midst of a separating Grand Water Trine, with Mars and Chiron both in sextiles to the Full Moon. Our emotions are our teachers, especially now. Capricorn’s ruling planet Saturn is in trine aspect to Mercury and Venus. We are gaining clarity about our values and seeing the results of where and how we have placed our focus during the past few months.

This Full Moon is about shedding some serious baggage and reclaiming the Power that we lost – that was stolen from us – that we gave away unwittingly – that we ran away from – that we feared. Because of this, things could get a little bit “confrontational”, as we take care of unfinished business that has followed us home or has been festering there for quite a while.

The Full Moon squares Uranus in Aries, which may give a boost to just about anything but our tolerance levels. Who, or what has crossed the line – one time too many? How many times do we need to go through this same scenario, tell this same story, hear this same lie, trip over this same trap, before we’ve had enough? In America (in my humble opinion) we need a massive dose of Chestnut Bud flower essence, “for people who fail to learn the lessons of life”.

The point being made is that whatever we haven’t quite got down yet is something we’re afraid of getting, and whatever we’re holding onto in order to avoid our pain is getting very – well, OLD.

The Moon’s sesquiquadrate to the North Node shows us that we badly want to move on and to advance, but we just might not have allowed ourselves to yet. Some of us believed we didn’t know how. We forgot some of our most important resources, our allies, and even our own abilities. This is all changing. We are in a state of remembering.

The late degrees of Capricorn are influenced by Mercury, so with this area highlighted we are interested in knowledge and the power it has to make or break us. The Full Moon’s inconjunct aspect to asteroid Vesta in Gemini furthers this influence. Many of us learned a lot of negative habits and absorbed information that proved useless to us outside of the classroom. It’s time to unlearn what is not useful and to seek for true wisdom. All of us have kernels of wisdom, sometimes buried deep inside of us. We all have an inner compass that guides us when we ask it to. We all have an inner self. That inner self is crying for our attention now.

We will step up and simply Be who we are truly meant to be, without the traps, the masks, the cords tugging at us from all directions, the layers of imposition, the guilt, the many sorrows of the Not-Self? Yes, the clock is ticking. We’re all on borrowed time in this dimension. Time waits for no one. It is now time to shed that old rotten baggage we’ve been carrying… before it consumes us.


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