Full Moon in Scorpio – Psychic Currents

The Full “Flower Moon” on May 10th is 20 degrees of Scorpio, bright and potent, full of possibilities both dangerous and positively transformative. There are very strong psychic currents leading up to this moon so it may be very important to protect oneself from energetic forces and influences that can be quite disruptive in a number of ways. In addition we are still exiting from the post-shadow of Mercury’s recent Retrograde through Aries and this planet will be separating from explosive Uranus and enter an exact degree trine with Saturn by the time of the full moon.

It is also a deeply sensitive time as the nodal axis shifts from Virgo/Pisces to Leo/Aquarius. The Mean North Node shift occurred on April 28th. The True Node shift occurs on May 9th and the North Node will be transiting the sign of Leo until November 6, 2018.

Some resonate more with the mean versus the true method of calculating the moon, and in Vedic astrology the North Node has en entirely different meaning than it does in Western perspective and has also been in Leo since January of 2016. Whatever perspective one chooses, there is some relief in knowing there are patterns that can be measured, signs that help us to better understand our place in the Universe. Currently, I see that we are exiting a phase of intense purification, reliving the past, hypercritical behavior and perspectives, OCD, restructuring of the body, career, relationships and more (represented by the N. Node in Virgo) to a new phase of creative exploration, power struggles, love and romance, childlike wonder, a highlight on all of the performing arts in general, and hopefully more fun in general (represented by the N. Node in Leo).

Related imageThe asteroid Minerva is conjunct the Full Moon, indicating where some of the potential for strength and healing is to be found at this time of the waxing moon. Minerva, sometimes considered the Roman version of of Athena – goddess of wisdom and the arts, is a feminine emanation of divine wisdom. She is also a warrior, ever ready for battle and equipped for self-defense. Social justice is important to her. With the asteroid Pallas Athene in Aries exact opposition to Jupiter in Libra now it is fair to say that the goddess of wisdom is alive and afoot any way you look at her. She is ready to kick ass and take names!

Themes of legitimate anger and righteous rage are erupting from the hidden depths. Although caution must be taken in not doing harm to oneself in the process of confronting and taking on such inner motivating factors, they should not, and in many cases cannot even be ignored without severe repercussions.

Remember that one of the challenging aspects of 2017 is Saturn’s square to Chiron in Pisces. Wounds and toxins of the past, present and future are magnified and each person who is an awake witness to this has a choice. The choice is in whether and how to release or heal such wounds and whether and how to avoid the worsening of existing wounds or the manifestation of yet more harm and pain on a massive scale. It is no easy task. It is not for the faint-hearted and there are many who are feeling overwhelmed.

Below are just a few tips, tools, and suggestions for managing to maintain psychic integrity during the next several days.

  • essential oils from trees and resins (such as Pine, Spruce, Frankincense)
  • crystals that deflect harmful energies and psychic attack (such as Amethyst and Black Tourmaline)
  • flower essence of Black Cohosh by FES
  • clearing of one’s living or work space with the use of bells, chimes, or sage smoke
  • carrying of a personal talisman for protection – could be worn as jewelry
  • physical immunity can often be aided with supplements such Vitamin C, Zinc and lots of pure drinking water (best if it has been filtered and not contained in plastic)
  • keeping a salt lamp on in the evening
  • saying an affirmation of gratitude in the morning and a prayer for protection at night
  • whatever works best for you but remember to do it

New Moon in Taurus

The New Moon at 6 degrees of Taurus on April 26th comes as a breath of fresh air, making no major aspects to the planets. Taurus’s ruling planet Venus is in the last degree of Pisces, stimulating the review of all that has transpired in this highly sensitive sign since January 3rd. It has been a year of nonstop action so far, with so much going on it has been difficult to see the forest for the trees or tell the difference between what is coming and what is going. Some may wonder, despite their busyness if they have accomplished anything at all. Things may seem weird, uncertain, and indecipherable. The goddess planet of love at at 29 degrees of the sign of the fishes puts us in touch with other realms and states of consciousness to the nth degree.

There is a general tiredness and irritability that has been affecting people on all levels over the past several days. Often times what we most need or desire is not handed to us on a golden platter, does not come with ease and must be worked for or simply claimed as rightfully ours. Right now one must claim their own right to slow down, take inventory of what is working and what is not, and to address a vast accumulation of unmet needs and things-in-need-of-repair. If not now, when?

Retrograde Saturn is re-forming a square to Chiron for the second time since December 28th 2016. It will be exact on April 30th and revisit this aspect for a third time on November 2nd 2017. This can be a very raw and painful transit in many respects, both for the collective and for the individual. It is bringing up deep wounds of the distant past, many of which have played themselves out over and over again like a broken record. The profound opportunity available now is to finally break free from such painful patterns, by acknowledging them as just that instead of continuing to identify with them as part of who we are. Since Saturn is in Sagittarius and Chiron in Pisces, we are faced with the most limiting of belief systems in ourselves and others and now clearly see how they have affected our emotional lives, health, and intimate relationships. Tendencies toward addiction and escapism are also being brought up for release.

Mercury is joined with Uranus in Aries and Retrograde for one more week, direct on May 3rd. So much to do, so little time, so little energy, or so the story goes. This could be one of those beliefs that must be looked square in the face and conquered. For now, it is suitable to pace oneself, take it easy, and get closer to terra firma in some way. The sea would also be fine. The point is that Nature and not all the electronic gadgets constantly being sold to us  and shoved in our faces is our first and foremost resource for restoration on all levels.

Full Moon in Libra with some words about Equality

The Full Moon at 21 degrees of Libra, April 10th/11th opens up a can of whoopass in that iron-fist-under-velvet glove style that could have rippling effects throughout the week. Libra is a sign that is as much about payback as it is peace and harmony. It is a masculine air sign ruled by a feminine planet, which is another reason why it has come to symbolize balance. Right now the scales are tipping like mad and things need to be dealt with, measured out, distributed and organized ASAP.

Jupiter, the planet that heightens whatever it happens to  contact is just a few degrees behind the Full Moon which opposes Uranus, planet of reversals. All relationships, past, present and future are taking on heightened levels of importance. With Libra’s ruling planet Venus is in a square with Retrograde Saturn there is a bit of serious business to attend, which may or may not be enjoyable depending on personality types.

With the Moon in Libra opposing the Sun in Aries opposites can attract or clash. Emotions are running high in general, injustices keenly felt and observed. One of the biggest issues coming up now and until mid-October when Jupiter exits Libra is that of equality and equanimity within relationships.

Feminism & “Equal” Rights

Due to the recent craze of isms in America, I’ve thought a lot for several months about the roles we each play in our various relationships in both small and large ways. Issues of race, gender, religious and political ideologies continue to be subjects that cause more arguments and elicit more rage than most other things. As a Libran woman I’ve been especially intrigued with the subject of feminism, having seen this subject cropping up all over the place lately from people who both support and criticize it. So typical to my Sun sign, I’ve listened equally to angry women defending their rights and beliefs and to men and women who oppose feminism, offering their myriad reasons why. The time has come to spill out some of my thoughts about this.

First, let’s define feminism, at least as it appears on a Google search – “the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes.”  Equality typically indicates a state of equality in value, status, rights and opportunities. This often seems like a brilliant idea until push comes to shove. It always involves a process and not an instant fix.

What about straight up respect though? Where does that come into play in all of this, because what it looks like is that generation after generation the respect between the sexes and races and even among the same sexes and races has become so diminished that humanity seems to be on the verge of losing itself. This is ultimately due to a loss of self and self-respect.

Time has revealed to me that certain things pertaining to the so-called rights of men and women are not what they appear to be on the surface. It has become apparent that men suffer just as much as women do in society and relationships but in different ways. Thanks to religion and other factors, there is and has long been a massive suppression on the sexuality of humans period, and once people grasp this the most effective methods of approaching the problems that erupt as a result become more clear.

Although I seemed to have come out of the womb a sort of feminist, with a certain wariness toward men, they eventually began to show up for me in ways that helped me to significantly shift my views about them. I now truly appreciate men in a broad sense. There are instances where their strengths make up for my weaknesses, and vice versa.

Shared Values and Respect

There have been many great heroines, women doctors, inventors, poets and warriors throughout the ages, but this post is not specifically about them. Women’s rights and achievements are just as important as are those of men but they have not always been honored as such. Women were not allowed to vote until the year 1920, when Pluto was making its way through Cancer, the most feminine sign of the Zodiac. But is voting truly the privilege that we make of it today? Electoral fraud in a primarily male-driven system of dominance has affected millions through the centuries. Now that Pluto is in Cancer’s opposite sign of Capricorn we are seeing some of the results of what was brought forth in that time with the feminist movement, and not all of it is pretty.

One of the greatest ironies I’ve noticed is that in their attempts to gain equal rights as women, many neo-feminists have sacrificed their own femininity in the process. Rather than helping to empower women they sometimes seem to subdue them further by focusing so much of their attention on “fighting the system” that they abandon their true gifts and kinship with each other. In some cases women are basically trying to be like men, right down to the business suits. A few are quite good at this, but why should this be the norm? Also, there can be so much back-stabbing among young women that aggressive feminism seems like just another cover-up for deep-seated insecurities.

Again, a question to ponder here is – where is the Respect? Some people demand it from another before they give their own false version of it. Groups often demand it from other groups. Women complain they don’t get it from men and men get angry when they don’t receive it from women. Many adults demand respect of children in condescending ways.

Let’s face it – sexism, rape, and misogyny are real. All around the world people, especially girls and women, struggle with these issues, in some areas more than others. I have had experiences of being ridiculed, targeted and verbally attacked by men throughout my life. This is partially because of having a petite appearance, but being able to turn into a mean pistol when crossed, more so the older I get. Men in general don’t like it when they objectify a woman and then get caught and slammed in their attempts to get their hands on her. Mistreatment by men happens to many women on many different levels. But so does self-sabotage, male-bashing, exploitation of male sexuality and many forms of emasculation. All of it needs to be addressed in mature, fair ways for there to be actual resolution and healing between the sexes, and this includes those of the LGBTQ community.

Generalizations vs Real Problem-Solving

Women can be very powerful and although their power has been increasingly acknowledged in today’s world there is still so much shadow around it. Womens’ power is feared rather than admired by many men and these are the men who seek to tear women down rather than help build them up. Even women tear each other down due to jealousy. Each gender has strengths and abilities that the other doesn’t, and these vary from individual to individual. One of the biggest differences between the two is obviously the birth-giving capacity of the woman. If both men and women truly honored each others’ differences and supported one another rather than competed for rights they could form amazing teams and collaborations. They could raise outstanding families. There is nothing they could not do together! The phenomenon is called cooperation.

Men who undermine, belittle and attack women need to be “put in check” immediately, according to the situation at hand and not merely through laborious social movements. This may seem like a crude analogy but if a dog misbehaves and you try to discipline it days later, will your efforts be effective? Not likely. These problems go around in a loop because men like this often got it from their early environment, and if they were able to get away with it repeatedly they will continue to find ways to get away with exerting their dominance in this way. If they can sway an entire crowd, it feeds their ego even more. These men will usually go after females who are easy prey, and if they choose someone who is more of a challenge it’s a game to them. Women who fall for this either lack adequate self-esteem or are simply naive.

Surely this may seem like preaching to the choir to some, but it needs to be said anyway: Putting all men into the categories of “predator”, “jerk”, “misogynist” and “control freak” just because as women we have had to deal with several of them is not fair to the male species. We don’t like it when we’re called bitches for being assertive or defending ourselves so let’s not assume to know the motives of every single man.

Perhaps for the very reason that I feared men so much as a child, there were many men who eventually appeared to me as very nurturing teachers, allies, friends and benefactors. They were not the types of men to think of themselves as “better” than women, yet were quite masculine and not afraid to exhibit those qualities.

I realize how controversial this topic is and no matter what is said about it some people are bound to be upset by it. Different points of view on difficult matters should be able to be shared whether people like them or not. There is a lot more to be said on the subject of equality, so much more than could fill this entire blog site. As for now, just getting through this Full Moon with Mercury just having stationed Retrograde is enough to work on 🙂

April Retrogrades 2017

“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance”.- Alan Watts

Mercury is stationing Retrograde at 4 degrees Taurus, signaling a period of intense review from April 9th until May 4th. This is a heavy-hitting Mercury station for many reasons, one of them being that Taurus’s ruling planet Venus and other planets are also Retrograde at this time. The other is that as political gimmicks continue to escalate the world is increasingly gripped by terror and uncertainty. At this juncture, we realize that utmost trust and faith cannot be placed into any one person, system or organization. The construct of duality that we live in necessitates cyclic destruction and retraumatization as a way of coming to terms with earthly and egoic limitations. It tricks us into a mindset of relying on others for salvation, be they politicians, gurus, doctors, priests, parents or just about anyone who asserts a role of authority.

Investments of time, energy, and money as well as all personal values and assets are areas being reviewed. On April 21st Mercury will move back into Aries and the focus may turn more toward personal aims and ambitions. Blunt, aggressive or careless speech could be disastrous so it is wise to avoid conflicts if possible. Venus will also be Direct by then so expression and manifestation may become easier in some ways (Direct by the 15th). Currently, this planet of love is stationed at 27 degrees of Pisces in a touchy square with Saturn so emotions may seem somber or in some cases frozen. It is a time for introspection and reflection upon close personal interactions from this life and possibly from past lives.

The Sun is separating from an opposition just made to Jupiter but the effects of Jupiter’s opposition to Uranus is far from over this year. It began in December 2016, triggered a second rude awakening in March and will bring a third round of uproar in September. Beneficial possibilities include new inventions, potent collaborations and wild creative flow. In Libra, Jupiter seeks justice, mediation and law enforcement on a grand scale. Libra is about relationships and relationship contracts, whether they pertain to romance, business, or social movements. There have recently been and will be more explosions, power struggles,  projections, significant shifts and negotiations in these areas for many. The influence of Uranus resists laws and eventually breaks free of any type of constraint, especially in “do-it-myself” Aries. Controlled opposition forces on both sides of the governing establishment ensure that confusion and discomfort reign above all. History seems to repeat itself every time we think we’ve come so far, evolved so high.

Interesting to note that the Sabian symbol for Jupiter Retrograde at 18/19 degrees Libra is “A Gang Of Robbers In Hiding”. World bankers sequester themselves in the shadows with their grotesque grins while the attention for wrong-doings is continuously diverted onto less reserved creatures.

Saturn has just turned Retrograde at 27 degrees Sagittarius as of April 6th. This area, being aligned with the Galactic Center is a very potent spot and indicates a massive exchange of energy with cosmic forces that seem both familiar and unfamiliar to us. In these late degrees of truth-seeking Sagittarius, Saturn as Karmic Overlord and Taskmaster is shedding light on what got left behind or undone in the name of progress. There will be many opportunities between now and August 26th to make corrections and adjustments where necessary, to purify and heal, and to reroute energy into more productive avenues than before.

In about a week or so the preshadow of Pluto will begin to be experienced as it stations to Retrograde on April 21st, the same day that Mercury slips back into Aries. Can’t say that 2017 is any less intense and aggravating than 2016 but one of the major differences is that whether or not it seems apparent on the surface, there is much more movement there was one year ago. The transformation taking place is very deep and will significantly deepen in the months to come.

This month the North Node is nearing the end of its transit through Virgo, but for many there seems more of a mess than ever to clean up and simplify, more work to be done and more issues brought to our attention that need to be healed. These are not new issues but very old ones.

If you’re feeling these energies operating in full force, hang in there. Some treasure or insight that has long been buried may rise to the surface to be rediscovered and reclaimed. The empowerment this brings may be the real salvation, rather than some outside force or person that gives you permission to be who and what you already are.

New Moon in Aries

The New Moon 7 degrees of Aries on March 27th marks major new beginnings in what has already passed through several cycles of existence and is now ready to go to the next level. This is a thought in and of itself that can be quite maddening, if not exhilarating! There is a sort of urgency to relationship matters and endeavors in that they seem to be mightily ass-kicking and propelling at the same time. With Mercury having just entered the pre-shadow phase of a coming Retrograde (April 9th – May 4th) working its way into a trine with Saturn, persistence and patience are both required to get through what seems to be heaps of pressure and resistance. There are plenty of distractions, offers and invitations here, there and everywhere, all at once. The way forward, toward the goal seems like a trek up Mt. Everest. However, this is just an illusion. Because of this and the continued aftermath of Saturn’s separated square to Neptune in 2016, a spiritual or expanded view on both personal and world events would be more useful than mere mundane attempts to make corrections and improvements.

Jupiter Retrograde is opposite of Mercury and Uranus, moving into a square with Pluto. The tension of this configuration is so immense for some that a complete overhaul of what no longer fits or functions is absolutely imminent. When Retrograde, Jupiter’s generosity and strength is directed more inward than on outer success. Whatever is envisioned or worked toward may be achieved but not without questioning and testing.

The New Moon in a separating conjunction to Venus Retrograde also trines the Black Moon Lilith. A backlog of unfulfilled desires and wishes from the distant past are suddenly springing up from the murky well of a collective subconscious. This is allowing each person in each particular situation to reevaluate the worth and importance of these desires – are they still worth pursuing? If so, now it is time to approach them but in a different way with the skills and knowledge that has been gained over time.

The good news, at least from certain perspectives, is that with this New Moon the stuck is becoming unstuck. Not that this is comfortable for all, but many hidden intentions are becoming transparent and much that was covered up and distorted is being clarified. In politics and media this argument and exposure of “fake news” and actual events mixed in with propaganda has been causing a ruckus across the globe all year. Well, the fun has just begun! We’re not off the hook with the need for brutal honesty and getting the facts straight until Saturn exits Sagittarius at the end of the year.

Of course global elite criminals don’t want the average person to know what’s really going on so they muddy up the truth as much as possible to make it unbelievable and silly. Gullible people then take it and run – doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad. Without in depth research and some degree of academic background in history it is easy for people to be led astray in what has come to be called the Truth Movement. Many people take what they get from anonymous, sometimes well-meaning sources as quickly as they do in the Mainstream and they pass it around and around till it grows in epic proportions. Maybe this is what has to happen though for a greater “awakening” to occur. The awakening, as always, begins with the individual who takes the time to seek, allow and nurture it. It is easier said than done.

My stance on current events in a nutshell is that although what is going on behind the scenes is even more horrible than most people have imagined, there are many ancient barbaric practices that are on their way out. Those in corrupt positions are feeling extremely threatened so their tactics are becoming more forceful and bizarre. The battle of the Soul is full-on. There is as much a spiritual war taking place on Earth as there is a political and physical one. The real enemy of the people is not who most people think it is. The enemy is the ignorance of the masses preyed upon by a vast army of darkness. The outer reflects the inner. This is inescapable Universal Law.

Sorry this was not as upbeat as many of my previous posts. Just wanted to keep it real. There is always hope and life is not only what we make of it but how we see it at any given time. It is time for an expansion of perception that liberates instead of elicits fear. It is time to make something out of the pain, the mess and the cards of chaos that we have been dealt. It is time to recognize that anything is possible that you are a spark of divinity who has occasionally forgotten your gifts and abilities. What will you create next?

Grief and checking in with a Chiron transit

Sun sGrief is one of the most difficult and painful emotions that any of us must move through at some point in life. It can be caused by a death, divorce, loss or betrayal so deep that it stuns the soul. The sensation of grief can feel heavy and dark or be shocking and short-lived. It can last for weeks, months, years or even a lifetime, with only brief intervals of relief.
Grief is something that many people appear to be experiencing at this time, each for different reasons although there is a collective theme of grieving for all that has been destroyed and lost in recent weeks. There is no one person or thing to blame for all of it. It is what it is, and it is better to acknowledge than to gloss over and suppress it. I have also been navigating through intense grief for quite some time for reasons that I have not been ready to articulate. There have been many moments of respite, gratitude and joy that remind me of the miracle of life, no matter how bittersweet or even awful it may sometimes seem to be. As for the lack of recent blog posts, I have been on a bit of a hiatus due to the need to tend to my life’s many recent (positive and progressive) transitions.
With the Sun moving into conjunction with the comet Chiron, now through the 15th many memories of loss, abandonment, sadness and humiliation may be rising to the surface. There is nothing wrong with reflecting on these types of memories or allowing the emotions to pass through as they may. There is the possibility to understand more clearly the mistakes of the past and to access the deeper wisdom and compassion that the sign of Pisces represents. The conjunction occurs at 24 degrees of Pisces, including the goddess asteroid Pallas Athene who represents wisdom, artistic expression, political awareness and activism. A square to Saturn in Sagittarius on the 17th is pushing buttons further and pointing out areas that still need clarification, healing and improvement.
The season of spring brings with it a certain vibrancy, energy and many revelations to ponder and integrate well into the later part of the year. If during this process, the grief becomes too overwhelming, a dosage bottle of the Bach flower essence Star of Bethlehem could be calming and aid in the ability to cope. This is one of the five flower essences included in the well known formula “Rescue Remedy”, and it specifically addresses the emotions of sadness, grief and trauma whether they are recent or distant with lingering effects.
I am working on some major life upgrades but more astro & other info from me is soon to come. Thanks for staying tuned!

Lunar Eclipse in Leo

“Resistance to the organized mass can be effected only by the man who is as well organized in his individuality as the mass itself” – Carl Jung

Gold Galaxy

The penumbral lunar eclipse is 22 degrees of Leo on February 10th, visible from several parts of the globe. Eclipses are much more intense than ordinary full moons and they pack a punch when it comes to “change”. This one provides the opportunity to clear out the burdens, baggage, and obligations from the past 6 months and even from the past few years.

The Sun in Aquarius highlights group mind and activity while its opposite sign Leo represents self-expression and fierce individuality. This super-charged full moon is an in-your-face, catalytic event bringing waves of shift and change in full force, making sure that everyone is aware of its presence.

A grand fire trine including Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius spurs creative actualization while the kite aligned with the Sun cuts away at obstacles that stand in the way of achieving goals. If something long-delayed must be said or done, right about now would be good – this is not the time to hold back or stall. To do attempt to do so would probably cause serious implosions.

Everyone has a unique blueprint, history and plethora of reasons for why they think, look and act the way they do. Such uniqueness is particularly distinguishable under a Leo Full Moon. Whoever someone may happen to be, feelings and impressions seem very urgent now, and for valid reasons. Whether you’ve been dying to tell someone “I love you!”, or your hair is so out-of-control you look like Cousin It and need a haircut, or your dog needs medicine…you know what this means. It’s time. It cannot wait another day. Period.

Various forms of energy is bursting at the seams of perceived reality, just waiting to be fully released. Different possibilities for the explosive energy at our disposal include power struggles, emotional outbursts, massive destruction, major purging,  physical empowerment, spiritual revelation, genius and creative breakthroughs.

Uranus, the planetary ruler of Aquarius has been opposite of Jupiter in Libra since December 26th of 2016 and will be until September 28th of 2017. This intense aspect has been pushing for breaks from the norm and changes of climate, scenery and role-playing within relationships of all kinds, including familial, social and political ones, not to mention the relationships between the Earth and her inhabitants. The weather is not doing what is expected. The oceans, rocks, animals, and trees may be doing things differently that most have not paid attention to.

We need others just as much as we need some time alone. We have things in common as humans and we have our differences. Many are being called toward new kinds of relationships, new methods and environments in which to relate. The Full Moon’s sextile to Jupiter in Libra brings a bit of grace and temperance to help move through difficulties with others in our lives.

2016 was a #9 year in numerology and one of its central themes was loss and endings. Whatever broke last year, whatever fell apart that has served its purpose yet one is still holding on to must be released now. Then, the road will open wide for 2017 and a new life will open up…