Jupiter in Capricorn 2019-2020

Jupiter in the late degrees of Sagittarius is drawing closer to the Galactic Center, which will become even more powerful in its influence by mid-November. On December 2nd it will ingress into the sign of Capricorn where it will be transiting for just over a year until December 21st 2020, coinciding with the Solstice.

This long article/short eBook describes in depth the social and political implications of this transit of Jupiter in relation to the South Node, Saturn, Pluto, asteroids Ceres and Pallas, dwarf planet Eris, upcoming eclipses and much more. It also includes major aspects to Jupiter, suggested crystals and flower essences to use during this transit and some fun Jupiter-focused horoscopes through the signs and houses (where your good fortune is found!)

Due to its potent interactions with other planets and celestial bodies, this upcoming transit of Jupiter through Capricorn emphasizes the End of an Epoch and Turning Point to a New Life.

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Full Moon in Gemini: Just breathe

As Chiron stations for direct motion, the moon is close to being full at 19 degrees of Gemini on December 11th. Energy is moving very quickly and it’s going in all directions. There is so much to see, do and hear that it might seem dizzying.

This time around, the fullness of the moon is reflecting the results of accumulated thoughts and actions involving close kin. That is to say, it is bringing about a massive amplification of interpersonal relationship dynamics. The good, the bad and the ugly are all coming “home to roost”, as the saying goes. This is of course a loose interpretation of what different folks may be experiencing. The positive effects and rewards for past efforts may also be coming into view but if that is the case they are probably not quite accessible yet…

A square with Neptune spells ideas that can’t be contained or pinned down and this might indicate a break in some of the best laid plans that were scheduled for the past few days and the week ahead. It is best to go with the flow, remaining open to new ways of doing and being. It’s easier for some of us than others to let go of preconceived notions and mental attachments in order to experience a breakthrough, discover the solution to an annoying problem or simply to enjoy an adventure. It’s not necessarily instinctive to let go and allow ourselves to savor the wildness of the moment and the last thing anybody wants to do is give up the urge to control. But the thing is, right now that might be necessary. A quincunx to Saturn, Venus and Pluto in Capricorn could indicate some missing steps and pieces that are required to bring something to completion. These are likely related in some way to family affairs.

Meanwhile with Chiron shifting gears at 1 degrees of Aries (December 13th), there is a resurgence of old pain, old triggers and even old ghosts from the past that seem to be begging for attention. There may be physical ailments to address or emotional ones that are ready at least be acknowledged but preferably healed. The healing might take some significant length time or involve several steps but the process itself will become easier and more effective than it has been since Chiron went Retrograde on July 8th.

It could be that one of the most important things to remember at this time is to just breathe. This Full Moon in Gemini brings us into contact with many interesting things and environments that ask us to take inventory of a situation/s without trying to force anything into place. An eclipse season is drawing near and increasing the collective anticipation around the holidays and new year. If you decide to wish upon a star or two, watch closely what manifests within the next few weeks. The steps for actualizing them may be unraveling right at your very feet.

2020 #4 Year of the Emperor

2020 rounds off to a Four year in numerology, bringing stability and strength to various aspects of life including health, relationships and significant endeavors. Four is an even number and therefore brings a certain degree of predictability along with peace of mind. This may come as great relief after the frenetic Three year coming to a close.

The Three year of 2019 has brought many opportunities, options and ideas to mull over but frequently too much going on all at once to process. It was exciting but also over the top. There was a lot of movement and inspiration along with extreme anxiety and uncertainty about the environment, which path to choose and about the future overall. Three corresponds with the Empress card of the Major Arcana and during the year there have been many themes both positive and negative revolving around maternal figures, relationships or issues with women, fertility, creativity, romance, sexuality, and the feminine. The Empress card’s ruling planet Venus made powerful alignments with Mars, the planet associated with the number Three vibration.

Four corresponds to the Emperor card of the Major Arcana, which is influenced by the sign of Aries and the planet Mars. The presence of the Emperor signifies a shift of focus toward paternal figures, politicians, men, masculinity, masonry, order, architecture, the building of structure, tradition, ambitions, security and protection.

Whereas life may have moved too fast, at a hectic pace that seemed uncontrollable during 2019, the Four vibration of 2020 will slow things down and so that movement itself is more carefully thought out and deliberate. Three is wild and won’t be contained while Four seeks for organization and fits things neatly into boxes. Insecurity, doubts and fears will be replaced with increased confidence, practicality and a warrior-like sense of courage. It will become easier to set down some roots, grow in stamina, create or nurture something of lasting value, gain steady income, become more focused and to achieve what previously could not be due to distractions or impatience.

Four is a number that relates to many things that give structure such as:

Four directions, Four seasons, Four elements, and Four limbs

These things help us to navigate, tell what time it is, and to better understand our place in the Universe. Four gets us in touch with good old terra firma, reminding us of our feet and the way that gravity holds us, keeping all of our parts intact and upright. 2020 is a favorable year for building a home, launching a career, providing for family, planting a garden or working to restore natural resources, and to strengthen our boundaries which means different things to different folks. This is a number of conventional views and with its influence, frivolities fall away in the pursuit of lasting satisfaction and success through dedication and consistency. It can also indicate public recognition for efforts and achievements.

The number Four is one of endurance and is an appropriate match for the heightened focus around Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all transiting the highly industrious sign of Capricorn in 2020. The planet Mercury which represents mental faculties and communications has been linked with this number. Mercury relates also to merchandise and money. Four is a lucky number for not just making money or achieving stability but increasing prosperity through sales, hard work or even through knowledge.

Fatherhood, patriarchy, relationships or issues with men and male activities will be the highlights throughout the entire year. During the Sun’s transit through Aries, from March 20th to April 19th the Emperor’s influence will be strongly experienced. This may be especially noticeable in April, the fourth month of the year.  

The Emperor gets all of us in touch with the Sacred Masculine in some way, shape or form. It addresses all of the imbalances and injustices that have been done both to and by men, through the ages. It zeros in on what men are going through or what women are experiencing regarding the men or males in their life. Many of the young men who are called “Millenials” are becoming aware of a need for emotional recovery and empowerment. They have suffered the burdens of those before them who offered no real support or validation of their masculinity. They may have had poor role models and now seek for enlightened methods of living, parenting, and relating to others and themselves.

The planet Mars which corresponds to the Emperor will be in Aries, first sign of its rulership, for an extended duration (over half of the year 2020) due to its Retrograde motion September 9th to November 13th. This transit beginning in late June and carried into the New Year of 2021 may entail a great deal of reworking and recovery of the male self-image, sexuality, and ambitions.

There are four recognized Cardinal Virtues and four Cardinal signs of the Zodiac. Those born under the signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn those or having a predominance of planets in them in their charts will likely be experiencing profound shifts, endings and new beginnings throughout 2020. Part of this is due to the focus of planets in Capricorn which also deals with paternity and masculine authority, as well as the Nodal Axis continuing its focus between Cancer and Capricorn until May. In addition to the awaited transit of Mars through Aries, the comet Chiron is transiting Aries, emphasizing areas in need of healing, particularly for those with personal planets or placements in any of the four Cardinal signs.

The downside of a Four year is that for some people it could seem too monotonous, boring, predictable or stale. It could also indicate stagnancy in the political scene. Negatively, the Four vibration imposes rules that are limiting instead of supportive. Depending on where the focus has been largely placed in the past and where it’s going in 2020, people may seem trapped and immobile or they could become more grounded. Effects are going to be unique to each and every individual because of their innate value system and set of circumstances.

The Four year supports activities that bring greater strength and stability, such as working muscles through various weight-resistance exercises or starting a savings account. Paradoxically, as an even number the Four also supports non-action. This is the year to become a lot more careful about expenditures of energy, making sure to get adequate rest instead of working oneself into the ground.

The number Four is all for what’s practical and not glamorous. It highlights work that may be humble but that definitely pays off in the long run. This is especially true of the kind of work that ensures that our basic needs are met. It’s about not being afraid to get our hands dirty as we slowly but surely build the life of our dreams.

During 2020, the structure that Four represents is an aid to discipline and self-mastery. It will become easier to provide life’s essentials for ourselves and loved ones so that from a position of strength we may venture into the world with greater confidence and resilience than before.

Suggested reading for the #4 year of the Emperor:

Iron John, A Book about Men by Robert Bly.

Neptune Stations Direct 2019 – Water Sword of Purification and Truth

Neptune went Retrograde on June 21st and is slowing down for a Direct station on November 27th at 15 degrees of Pisces. It makes a conjunction to the fixed star Achernar, also known as the Mouth of the River. This signals a surge of previously unrecognized or unvoiced emotions and truths rising to the surface of consciousness.

Neptune is the planet of dreams and the realms of imagination. Often Neptune’s influence can lead to denial, obsession, or addiction but when Retrograde it tends to reveal many things that are not pleasant to look at or hear. As it stations Direct the impact of what is understood, seen, or experienced may be amplified. As it goes forward again, so are myriad buried, stifled and confused ideas emerging from their murky depths to be aired out, voiced, reconciled, and reckoned with.

The qualities and influences of the star Achernar resemble those of Jupiter and are known to bestow great benevolence and success, as well as to heighten inspiration. Combined with Neptune however there can be difficulty in maintaining physical equilibrium. The energy coursing throughout our bodies or the environment can lead to feelings of spaciness, nausea or otherwise mean suffering from some kind of virus is possible during this time. It could be that what has been realized during Neptune’s Retrograde period has been overwhelming to assimilate and the time has come to process and take action on what was learned.

Mercury in Scorpio forms an exact trine to Jupiter, further assisting in the access of information from the subconscious mind as well as from external yet hidden sources. What comes up now may come to some as a relief. Yet for others there are a lot of icky vibes and a desire to expel toxicity from the mind, body and/or relationships with others. The truth involving communications will no longer be suppressed. It’s said that the truth hurts but it also liberates. Some of the things that people need to say to another or others may be shocking or even hurtful for the other to hear. The time has come for truth to prevail. By speaking truth with authority, a dam of stuck, nearly rotten energy is finally released. The knowledge attained over time and hardships must eventually be put into action and transformed into wisdom.

The New Moon in Sagittarius on November 26th is the launching pad for new and freer expressions of the truth. The Moon in Sagittarius squares Neptune at the moment of its direct motion on the 27th, indicating the friction between intuition and habitual responses. There could be some degree of “diving board fear” here, meaning a hesitation to truly heed the call of intuition, to make necessary changes or take the dive into something that seems so formidable and is yet simultaneously is the key to success.

With Neptune’s extra strong presence we are drawn to various forms of Neptunian outlets such as music, poetry, painting or meditation. Dreams may be extra vivid and seek to be interpreted by the dreamer, to effect powerful changes in waking life. Finally Neptune is no longer being squared by Jupiter this year. Jupiter has been conjunct the Galactic Center since mid-November, also heightening dreams, aspirations and synchronistic encounters. Both Jupiter and Neptune are now in positions to do anything but confuse and befuddle. Both are showing and telling it like it is.

This Neptune Direct is like a fierce Sword of Water penetrating into the most muddy crack of our lives to rid us of parasites, germs and a host of invisible adversaries. One by one, it is piercing through the metaphorical rivers, lakes and oceans of erroneous ideas, pseudo-spiritual bullshit and insidious psychic garbage that we have been saturated by for months, years, or even our entire lives. It is bringing clarity to the so-called Big Picture and allowing for a greater sense of appreciation for it all without getting lost in petty details. The Piscean element of compassion may also grow stronger as a result of seeing things more clearly.

New Moon in Sagittarius – Magic Happens!

The New Moon on November 26th is 4 degrees of Sagittarius, bringing bright new beginnings and expanded visions of the future. Sag’s ruling planet Jupiter will have been closely aligned with the Galactic Center over the past few days, drawing forth profound shifts and insights regarding what have become buried truths.

By now many of our problems appear so utterly ridiculous the only thing left to do is laugh at them. Perhaps it’s just that a bit of comic relief is in order after taking things so damn seriously lately. This Moon gives us the opportunity to stand back and gain a totally new perspective on some very old stuff, so that it becomes easier to figure what to do with it (like maybe lighting it on fire and burning it if it’s not too toxic…).

The New Moon is also conjunct the asteroid Pallas Athene which heightens the intuitive, creative and energizing qualities of the Archer. The goddess Athene is a representation of the female warrior and sage. Her wisdom crosses the barriers of age, sex and creed. This suggests strong female energy and personalities as prominent forces to be reckoned with, or that the dynamics between the inner anima/animus in those of both genders are seeking for new expression.

A trine is formed to Chiron in Aries, hugely amplifying the healing potentials of this celestial configuration. Hygeia, the goddess of health and purification is also associated with Pallas Athene and this makes the contact to Chiron even more potent. Wounds both emotional and physical that have been troubling for many months could be met with miraculous results. The harmoniously combined and equine archetypes of Sagittarius and Chiron indicate that both physical and spiritual transformation is underway. There are specific actions to be taken in order to restore wholeness and harmony and thanks to the New Moon in Sagittarius we may suddenly know exactly what they are.

Horse medicine also relates to sexuality so there could be a lot of passions being stirred around this time. Travel, whether physical or mental is indicated and if not undertaken then travel plans for the future or visitors of some kind are likely.

Mercury will be in a post-shadow phase having gone direct in Scorpio since November 20th. Neptune, having been squared by Jupiter throughout 2019 is stationing to go Direct on the 27th. A growing sense of clarification in matters that have been obscure all year is finally here. When this month is over, several confusing issues will become so obvious in their nature that help in deciphering their meaning will no longer be needed.

The New Moon is inconjunct Uranus so wild change and surprises are really inevitable at this point. They are not necessarily bad surprises but the keynote is that not much if anything can be fully contained or controlled. The more we try to keep things going a certain way the less they seem to cooperate. Amazing things can happen when that false grip of control is released. That control is linked it the left brain and the functions of logic.

This New Moon seems to be saying to stop fussing about and celebrate something, even if it seems small or silly. A playful approach to life is something that many of us can learn from those who are young and innocent. It is also to become more conscious of being a magician on default mode. Upon deciding what to create, a self-aware magician does not sit around and fret, wondering if his or her spell or magical undertaking will be brought to fruition. The magic just happens. That’s the right approach, right about now.

The Full Moon conjunct Vesta in Taurus

temple of Vesta in Rome

The Full Moon at 19 degrees of Taurus on November 12th forms a trine to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, bringing unfinished works closer to fruition. The pressure is on as these various cthonic forces seem to intermingle and collide. The opposition of the moon to Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio heightens mental faculties and stimulates intriguing conversations.

Uranus in Taurus is not close enough to the Moon to form a conjunction but it has definitely been making its presence known on the earth lately. There have been multiple raging fires in California, recent tornados in Texas, flooding in England, earthquakes and extreme weather in various parts of the globe. Mars in the late degrees of Libra is slowly forming an opposition to Uranus, exact by November 24th. There is a sense of urgency that this aspect entails, which may be become increasingly noticeable when Mars enters Scorpio on the 18th. Conflicts may be arising between groups involving their finances, corporate business affairs or legacies. Tension is ready to erupt in ways that were inevitable given the way things have been going for so long.

The good news is that Venus, ruling planet of Taurus is happily transiting Sagittarius and when she makes a conjunction to Jupiter and the Galactic Center will likely be the saving grace to weaken the severity of what appear to be ominous prospects for later this month (on the 24th).

The Full Moon forms a sextile with Neptune while Venus forms a square to it. Some things are just too difficult to either see or accept as they are, and so embellishing, camouflaging or taking an overly idealistic stance are possible dangers. On the other hand, these combined energies make a rather potent recipe for unlimited creative abundance. If you’re an artist, have at it! The moment is ripe for expressing what normally cannot be expressed or made manifest in a particular way.

Vesta, the asteroid goddess associated with devotion, focus and sacred sexuality is Retrograde forming an exact degree conjunction to this Full Moon. Vesta is a fire goddess currently transiting an earth sign. There are such incredible amounts of energy arising from within the earth and within our physical vehicles that may seem difficult to channel properly or to contain. For some this may have recently led to feelings of nausea and in others ecstatic sensations. Vesta in Taurus is very “hands-on”. Massage and stretching the body with yoga or other methods could help to better circulate the energy. Ginger tea can also be helpful for this. Emotional responsiveness is greatly increased right now so it may be easier to work through emotional or sexual tensions, frustrations and wounds. Self-worth and preservation are also themes being highlighted.

Overall this Full Moon highlights the capacity to ground, nurture and sustain ourselves despite what may be going on in the world and in our lives. It is also a reminder of our humble place in the Universe, simultaneously showing us the impact that we each have on the environment with the things that we choose to wear, buy, grow, eat, the vehicles that we drive, the products we use, etc. Discovering your power spot in nature, designing an altar or spending time in a garden would be appropriate methods of tuning in to Vesta during this Full Moon.

The Taurean theme also points toward what we have vs what we think we have or wish we had. In truth, whatever physical things that we have will all return to the earth, just as our bodies will. It may be useful to contemplate what kinds of things we have or may develop that are timeless in nature. This is not meant to be a morbid or depressing thought but one that stimulates an awareness of values higher in nature than those that many of us are accustomed to. It is these higher values that may assist in propelling us forward in the months to come.

Mercury Transit 11/11: A Change of Perspective

Today Mercury has begun transiting across the Sun, making its closest passage to the Sun since 1973 and before the year 2190, according to astronomical sources.

Due to Mercury’s Retrograde motion in Scorpio the impact of this transit is extra profound. This event is also occurring just a day before the Full Moon in Taurus, and amplifies all thoughts, emotions and endeavors over the next few hours leading up to it.

The transit of Mercury to the Sun could be said in effect to be a sort of eclipse by Mercury, bringing about radical changes in perspective, deep insights, messages from beyond, and life-altering “AHA” moments.

This could mean that:

  • long held views on certain topics are changing
  • hidden agendas are surfacing
  • solutions to old problems are appearing
  • warnings and guideposts make themselves known
  • important messages are being conveyed
  • inspiration lights up your heart and life

Don’t shrug off those nagging hunches as insignificant…it is becoming loud and clear that some things cannot be ignored any longer.

Jupiter is also nearing the Galactic Center which raises the chances of receiving highly important information at this time. This information, whatever it is, is unique to each person, family, country, group or region being registered by them in their respective ways. It is likely to be a combination of helpful and disconcerting at the same time.

Meditation, mantras, prayers and other forms of introspection may be helpful in being able to more clearly decipher the messages and insights coming through this week.